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MoneyWiz – Personal Finance for Fiat & Crypto

Accounts – Fiat & Crypto

  • Account Types: MoneyWiz supports Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, Loan/Mortgage, Investment/Brokerage, Forex/Crypto and Cash/Wallet account types. You can create unlimited number of accounts.
  • Credit Cards: Add all of your credit card accounts to monitor your total liabilities, credit limit and more. See how much credit you have left for each account.
  • Loan/Mortgage Accounts: Setup loans accounts. Set amount, period and APR and MoneyWiz will calculate an equal payments plan. You can also create a completely custom payment plan and MoneyWiz will remind you of all future payments and will take them into account when giving you a financial forecast.
  • Investment/Brokerage Accounts: Setup and monitor your investment accounts in MoneyWiz. You an enter new trades manually or connect to online banking for automatic downloads. MoneyWiz will retrieve your holdings values automatically (both current & historical). Support for most stock exchanges in the world as well as all types of securities and all types of trading positions.
  • Forex/Crypto Accounts: Setup and monitor your Forex and/or Crypto-currencies in MoneyWiz. You an enter new trades manually or connect to online banking for automatic downloads from popular exchanges. MoneyWiz will retrieve your holdings values automatically (both current & historical). Support for all altcoins and automatic updating of their current price. You can also transfer holdings between accounts and you can exchange holdings (like USD/EUR, or BTC/ETH etc).
  • Online Banking: Ability to connect MoneyWiz to your online banking for automatic sync of transactions (See Online Banking section below. Online banking requires a paid subscription).
  • Multiple Currencies: Create accounts in any world currency. MoneyWiz even supports virtual currencies and altcoinssuch as Bitcoin. Currencies exchange rates are automatically downloaded and updated.
  • Account Settings: Set account icon, name, opening balance, additional notes and more. You can also re-order accounts in any order you want.
  • Groups: Group multiple accounts to organize them the way you want. Expand & Collapse groups of accounts. See Group balance. For groups containing accounts in multiple currencies you can define in what currency you’d like to see the group balance. You can also see all transactions or holdings (depending on account type) that are part of a group.
  • Checkbooks: Enable checkbook register per account. MoneyWiz automatically monitors your checkbook numbers for each account and can suggest the next check #. You can even track checkbook numbers on income checks.
  • Net Worth: See your total Net Worth in the accounts register. Optionally exclude accounts from Net Worth calculations (per account). You can also specify in what currency you want to see your Net Worth in case you have accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Advanced Reconciliation: Advanced accounts reconciliation: set opening/closing balance & dates and MoneyWiz will filter the transactions. MoneyWiz will monitor if your balances add up and warn you if they don’t. (Desktop only feature)
  • Simple Reconciliation: for quick reconciliation, just mark the reconciled transactions.
  • Account Balance: See cleared & pending account balance. For credit cards select whether you want to see available credit or account balance.
  • Running Balance: Ability to enable/disable the displaying of running balance after each transaction.
  • Notifications: Automatic notifications when an account overdrafts or a credit card is about to reach its limit.
  • Adjust Balance: Easily adjust an account balance when needed.
  • Export: Export one or multiple accounts and all of their transactions in PDF or CSV.

Online Banking

  • Bank Sync: Securely connect MoneyWiz to your bank for automatic transactions sync.
  • Supported Banks: Support for over 16,000 banks in over 51 countries and new banks are being added every day.
  • Open Banking / PSD2: As of version 3.6.2 MoneyWiz supports Open Banking / PSD2 banks as well.
  • Find Banks: Find supported banks within MoneyWiz itself. Search by name, country code or website address.
  • Fully Automatic: Automatic sync once per hour. Your transactions will always be up to date.
  • Historic Transactions: Automatic import of old transactions (may vary per bank).
  • Auto-categorization: MoneyWiz automatically categorizes your transactions upon sync.
  • Machine Learning: MoneyWiz learns how you edit your transactions and learns so that the next time new transactions come, it knows how you want them to be categorized based on your previous edits.
  • Connect & Disconnect Anytime: Convert existing non-online banking account to an online banking account by linking it to your bank. You can also disconnect existing online banking accounts and continue to use them by manually entering transactions or importing bank statement files.
  • No Limits: Sync unlimited number of accounts and banks
  • New Transactions: Newly downloaded transactions are clearly marked with label ‘New’
  • Auto-Reconciliation: If you want to manually enter your expenses & incomes in an account connected to a bank, then the online banking feature will save you time by auto-reconciling the manually entered transactions when they actually clear in your bank account.
  • Security: Military grade security via 3rd party data aggregation providers (Yodlee and SaltEdge).
  • Multiple Data Providers: MoneyWiz is the only finance software that integrates with multiple data providers, meaning that MoneyWiz supports more banks than any other software.
  • Add Your Bank: Ability to request new banks to be added.


  • Transaction Types: Create incomes, expenses and transfers. With the ability to split transactions in multiple accounts and/or in multiple categories. Additionally you can create exchange transactions in Forex/Crypto accounts, where you can exchange one asset for another (like USD/EUR, BTC/ETH etc).
  • Transaction Fields: MoneyWiz supports the following transaction fields – account, amount, currency, payee, description, category, date & time, memo, images, check #.
  • Configurable Fields: Configure what fields you want to see and in what order, when creating transactions. For example if you want to start with amount, then payee, then category and then date – that’s fine. Or if you want to start with the category and then only enter the amount and nothing else – that’s fine too. It’s entirely up to you! MoneyWiz allows you not only yo reorder the fields but also specify which ones you want to fill in and which ones to hide. Additionally you can divide the fields in Basic and Additional so that you can always access the additional fields with a single tap while the basic fields are always shown.
  • Refund Transaction: Select an existing expense and refund it. MoneyWiz will make sure it is all calculated properly in your account balance, Net Worth and reports.
  • VOID Check: You can void checks (transaction with a check number) with a single tap. They will still show up in your account register but their amount will not be taken into any calculations for balance, reports or Net Worth.
  • Multi-Currency Transfer Transactions:MoneyWiz can handle transfers between accounts in different currencies. If it detects such a transfer it allows you to set separate sending and receiving amount (or exchange rate). It also allows you to set separate send & receive date since international transfers often take days to arrive.
  • List of Transactions: Configure what data and in what order will show in the list of transactions. Whether you want to see the payee, category or description in the list of transactions, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Spreadsheet View: MoneyWiz for Mac and Windows also support spreadsheet view where you see your transactions in a spreadsheet. You can easily switch between list view and spreadsheet view. You can also re-order the columns, hide them or resize them. For spreadsheet view you can also configure MoneyWiz to show credit and debit in separate columns.
  • Sort & Filter: Sort transactions or filter them by date (this month, last 3 months etc), type (expense, income, transfer) or status (cleared, pending).
  • Smart Suggestions: MoneyWiz automatically suggests what to enter, based on previous data. This makes transaction entry extremely fast!
  • Smart Auto-fill: MoneyWiz will also auto-fill fields based on previous data. For example if MoneyWiz detects that every time you spend money at Shell it’s for Gas, then the next time you select Shell as a payee it will automatically fill in the description and select the category for the transaction, so you don’t have to waste time with it.
  • Quick Actions: Quickly duplicate, edit, delete, set as cleared or pending.
  • Convert To Scheduled: Convert a transaction to a scheduled (recurring) transaction with a single click.
  • Split Transactions: You can split transactions by multiple categories and enter the amount that goes into each category. You can also split them by multiple accounts or by multiple accounts and categories at the same time.
  • Custom Currency: Set custom currency of transaction (for example when you are spending money abroad). MoneyWiz will calculate it into your account’s native currency automatically. For example if you are paying in EUR from your USD account, you can enter the EUR amount and MoneyWiz will calculate the USD amount as it will appear on your statement.
  • Automatic Decimal Separator: Configure whether you want MoneyWiz to automatically enter the decimal point for you, when you enter amounts.
  • Calculator: Swipe left/right when entering an amount to switch between regular number keyboard and a calculator keyboard.
  • Move Transactions: Move transactions between accounts. On desktop platforms you can even do it with drag & drop.
  • Recent & All Transactions: See a list of all and recent transactions in all accounts for a quick overview of your recent cashflow.
  • Smart Search: Search transactions in the currently selected account or all accounts. MoneyWiz also supports smart search where you can enter an approximate amount (for example: ~100) and it will show all transactions of similar amount.
  • Receipts: Attach receipts to transactions. Select between existing photos or take one with your camera (on a mobile device only). Optionally you can sync receipts between all your devices via a SYNCbits & Dropbox integration.
  • Tags: Tag transactions for additional versatility in filtering, search, reporting and budgeting.
  • Export: Export all or some transactions from an account into a PDF or a CSV file.

SYNCbits Cloud Sync

  • Cloud Sync: SYNCbits is a cloud sync service that allows you to keep unlimited number of devices in sync: securely and automatically.
  • Quick Setup: Quick and easy registration from within MoneyWiz.
  • Multiple Accounts: Support for multiple SYNCbits accounts.
  • Fully Automatic: SYNCbits syncs between any device where MoneyWiz is installed and signed into the same SYNCbits account. It’s near instant and fully automatic.
  • Works Offline: Access your data even without internet. SYNCbits will automatically upload & download changes once you have internet connection. This is possible because your data is always stored on your device and SYNCbits makes sure to properly sync it to the cloud so that all of your devices have the same data at all times.
  • Conflicts Resolution: Automatic data conflicts resolution when you work from multiple devices at the same time.
  • Security: SYNCbits employs military grade security. All data is encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted connection. SYNCbits will also alert you if it detects attempts for unauthorized use and it will automatically block access to potential intruders. For more information refer to the SYNCbits Privacy Policy.
  • Change Password: You can change your SYNCbits password from within MoneyWiz or the SYNCbits portal (at https://my.syncbits.com)

Scheduled Transactions

  • Bills Planning: Plan future bills and payments in the Scheduled section of MoneyWiz.
  • One Time or Recurring: Create one time or recurring scheduled transactions. MoneyWiz supports daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly and custom recurrence.
  • Transaction Types: Create scheduled expenses (bills), incomes or transfers
  • Notifications: MoneyWiz will notify you when a transaction is due so you never miss a payment.
  • Calendar: See scheduled transactions on a calendar. You can swipe to navigate months or go to a specific date.
  • Pay or Skip: Pay or Skip a scheduled transaction with a single click. When you pay it, it shows in the account register. When you skip it, it will become due at the next recurrence period.
  • Auto-Pay and Auto-Skip: You can set transactions to pay automatically or if they are in an online banking account where they download automatically you can set them to auto-skip to prevent duplication.
  • Instant Forecast: Tap & hold for a second on any future day in the calendar for an instant forecast based on your scheduled transactions. MoneyWiz will show you what your account balances and Net Worth would look like on that date. It will also show you your total expenses and incomes by that date.
  • Scheduled Balance: Configure the balance box to show total scheduled amount for today, this week, this month, this year, next week, next month, next 3 months, next year or just the balance of overdue transactions.
  • Installments: Set up installment payments by setting how many times a transaction will repeat.
  • Search: Search scheduled transactions.


  • Automatic Budgets: Budgets automatically monitor accounts and categories of your choice, so when you create a transaction from within an account, the relevant budgets automatically detect it and include it.
  • Budget Settings: Set budget name, amount, recurrence period, icon, rollover balance, accounts and categories to monitor for transactions.
  • One Time & Recurring: Support for one time and recurring budgets. Recurring budgets can be configured with or without rollover of the previous period balance.
  • Currencies: Create budgets in any world currency.
  • Envelope Budgeting: Transfer money between budgets (envelope budgeting style).
  • Budgets List: See all budgets in one place. You can also re-order them and see budgets totals at the bottom of the list of budgets.
  • Smart Progress: Each budget comes with a smart progress bar that includes several components – budgeted amount, used amount and time passed. The time passed is indicated with a small vertical line on the budget progress indicator making it easier to tell if you are overspending or not – when the used budget progress bar surpasses the time indicator it means you are overspending.
  • Transactions: You can see your transactions either from the accounts they are in or from the budgets they are in. You can create transactions directly from within a budget.
  • Notifications: Automatic notifications when a budget is low or exhausted.
  • Balance: See used budget balance, total remaining allowance or allowance per day, days left before the budget ends or restarts. Easily switch between these balance modes by tapping the balance box at the bottom.


  • Variety of Reports: MoneyWiz comes with 29 predefined configurable reports and one special type of report – custom report, where you can configure exactly what you want to see.
  • Custom Report: Have the power of a spreadsheet in an easy to configure report. You select what type of data will report analyze, for what period, filter out specific data (like accounts, categories, payees etc) and select period in the past or in the future (for a forecast). Then select on what type of graphic you want to see it – pie, graph or bar chart and MoneyWiz will show you everything exactly the way you want it.
  • Groups: Reports are separated in groups for easier navigation: Accounts, Budgets, Categories, Payees, Tags, Spreadsheets and Other.
  • Accounts Reports: Net Worth, Account(s) Balance Over Time, Cashflow.
  • Budgets Reports: Compare Budgets, Budget Balance Over Time.
  • Categories Reports: Compare Expense/Income Categories, Categories Breakdown Over Time.
  • Payees Reports: Compare Expense/Income Payees, Payees Breakdown Over Time.
  • Tags Reports: Compare Expense/Income Tags, Tags Breakdown Over Time.
  • Spreadsheet Reports: Breakdown Payees Over Categories, Breakdown Categories Over Tags, Breakdown Payees Over Tags.
  • Other Reports: Statistics, Profit & Loss, Spreadsheet, Custom Report.
  • Configure: All reports can be configured based on period and other data relevant to each specific report.
  • Historical or Forecasted: All reports support both historical data and forecast mode. The forecast is based on your scheduled transactions.
  • Interactive Charts: Browse reports in interactive bar charts, pie charts and graphs. Tap anywhere on the chart for additional information.
  • Zoom & Pin: Zoom reports graphs to full screen. Portrait & Landscape support. Optionally you can pin charts so that they don’t scroll away when you scroll through the list of transactions.
  • Transactions: Browse & edit the transactions that make up a report. You can even duplicate and delete transactions directly from reports.
  • Export: Export a report to PDF or CSV. For PDF you can choose whether to include transaction receipts. The CSV export supports custom encoding, separator and date format.
  • Save: Save reports locally for quick access. Next time you want to generate this report just access it from Saved Reports so you don’t have to configure it again.
  • Predefined Reports: Quickly browse pre-defined reports (Cashflow, Net Worth and Compare Budgets). They show up on the top of the Reports section (Tablet & Desktop only).


  • Supported Files: MoneyWiz supports QIF, QFX, OFX, MT940 and CSV.
  • Bank Statements & Other Software: Whether you want to import a bank statement or you are coming to MoneyWiz from another finance software, as long as you have your data in any of the above formats you can import it into MoneyWiz.
  • Link Data: When importing a file MoneyWiz will detect the accounts, categories and payees in it and allow you to link them to your MoneyWiz accounts, categories and payees. You can also select MoneyWiz to create new categories & payees instead of linking them to existing ones.
  • Auto Linking: MoneyWiz remembers how you link data and does it automatically for you the next time it detects the same data. This makes importing bank statements extremely fast after the first time you link all the data from the statement to MoneyWiz.
  • AI: MoneyWiz employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms that try to identify similar payees allowing you to merge them all in one. This is useful when you import bank statements where the payee name is surrounded by other data too.
  • Duplicates Recognition: MoneyWiz will automatically detect duplicate transactions and ask you what to do with them.
  • Import Options: You can import files from email, cloud drives, iTunes and even your clipboard.
  • Encodings: MoneyWiz can handle encodings of all types. If your files contain special characters, MoneyWiz can handle them.


  • Online Banking: Your bank login credentials are never stored in MoneyWiz. We use 3rd party data aggregation providers who are certified to work with sensitive data and we never see or store it on our end.
  • SYNCbits: All your cloud sync data is encrypted with your password and security answers. It’s also transmitted via a secure encrypted connection. Additionally SYNCbits will notify you via email if it detects unauthorized access or someone entering the wrong password for your SYNCbits account. It will also automatically lock access to your account if it believes that it may be compromised, to prevent any data leaks.
  • Backdoor-free Encryption: Data on the SYNCbits servers is stored using backdoor-free encryption. That means that there is no way to decrypt the data without proper user credentials.
  • PIN Entry: You can set a 4 digit PIN code that will be required when you start MoneyWiz. You can also set timeout (in minutes) after which it will be required.
  • TouchID: MoneyWiz supports TouchID for devices that support it.
  • Auto-Erase Data: You can configure MoneyWiz to automatically erase your local data if the PIN is entered wrong 10 times.
  • Privacy Screen: MoneyWiz uses a privacy screen displaying the MoneyWiz logo, when MoneyWiz is in the background (mobile only) so that your data is hidden immediately after MoneyWiz goes into the background.


  • Categories: MoneyWiz comes with a predefined set of categories which you can edit and delete. You can also create your own  categories. MoneyWiz supports unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. You can set icons for each category. You can also re-arrange categories in any order you wish. You can add new categories either via Settings / Categories or directly from within the transaction entry screen.
  • Merge Categories: If you attempt to delete a category that already contains transactions, MoneyWiz will allow you to assign a new category to these transactions.
  • Payees: Create, edit and delete payees. You can create payees via Settings / Payees or directly from within the transaction entry screen.
  • Tags: Create, edit and delete tags. You can create tags via Settings / Tags or directly from within the transaction entry screen.
  • PIN Protection: Protect MoneyWiz with a 4 digit PIN code. You can also enable TouchID (fingerprint entry) or FaceID if your device supports it. Optionally you can set MoneyWiz to erase all data if the PIN is mistaken for 10 consecutive times.
  • Running Balance: Configure whether you want to see the running balance in the list of transacitons.
  • +/- Signs: Configure whether you want transactions to have a +/- sign in front of their amount or not. Either way they are colored in red/green depending on the type of transaction.
  • Notifications: Configure whether MoneyWiz should combine notifications about due bills or send you a separate notification for each scheduled transaction that becomes due.
  • Languages: MoneyWiz is fully translated into more than 20 languages. It will automatically detect your language but if you wish to manually change it, you can do so. The supported languages are: Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Deutsch, English, Spanish Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • Currencies: Enable/Disable the currencies you want to use. MoneyWiz supports all world currencies including virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. It automatically downloads the exchange rates and always keeps them up to date. You can search currencies by name or currency code. Additionally you can configure MoneyWiz to show either the currency sign (such as $) or currency name (such as USD) where appropriate (in list of accounts, budgets, transactions etc).
  • Transaction Layout: Configure what transaction fields you want to use. You can also re-order them. Some fields have additional settings, such as: whether to show icons, how many lines of text should the Note field have, and should MoneyWiz enter the decimal separator in amount fields automatically.
  • Automatic Local Backups: Configure MoneyWiz (desktop platforms only) to automatically make local backups of your database.You can configure how often it should back it up.
  • Database Export: Export of the database file for local backup purposes (available on all platforms)

iOS & Mac Only

  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Works with Touch ID on both iOS and macOS
  • Works with FaceID on iOS
  • Dark mode support for iOS
  • 3D Touch support for 3D Touch enabled iOS devices
  • Touch Bar integration on macOS allows for navigating MoneyWiz, bulk editing of transactions and field suggestions during transaction entry
  • Hardware keyboard shortcuts for iPad
  • Split screen support for iPad (iOS 9 and higher)
  • Apple Watch app for expense/income entry and account balances
  • Pull down gesture to save a transaction on iOS
  • Optimized for both portrait & landscape on both iPhone and iPad
  • Export reports directly to other apps such as Dropbox
  • Retina optimized
  • Optimized for all screen sizes of iPhones and iPads
  • Today widget for fast access of quick transaction entry
  • Supports local notifications for due bills
  • Drag & Drop support on Mac
  • Shortcuts support on Mac

Android Only

  • Fingerprint unlock
  • Desktop Widget for Net Worth
  • Material design
  • Export reports directly to other apps such as Dropbox

Windows Only

  • Support for custom proxy configuration so that all MoneyWiz web traffic will be rerouted through a proxy
  • Optimized for touch screen enabled Windows PC computers and laptops
  • Automatic updates when we release a new version
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