Even with features like Online Banking and import of OFX, QIF and CSV files the cash we spend everyday is something one need to account for by manually adding transactions. With MoneyWiz we have put a lot of effort to make creating a transaction as brief as possible. There is a great deal of features involved in making transaction entry quick and easy.

Here’s a list of all the features that impact transaction entry: 

  • Transaction layout
  • Auto-completers
  • Pull to save Transaction
  • Add Widget to the iOS 8 Notification Center
  • Use URL Schemes Shortcut in Safari & Launchers
  • Shortcuts on Menu Bar
  • Shortcuts on Account List
  • Duplicate a transaction from the Transaction List

In this article we will cover all of them. Whatever the method you use to start entering a Transaction if you want to register a Transfer, say an ATM Withdrawal rather than Expense or Income,  just tap the Transfer tab in the Transaction form. The next step will be handled by the Transaction Layout and the Auto-completers.


Transaction Layout


You can adjust how the layout of the Transaction Form from Settings > Transaction Layout.  For demonstrating purposes we will use the layout from the video below.

We chose to place the Amount in the first place, so that the numpad automatically shows when you open the form for adding Expense/Income/Transfer.

Configure Transaction Layout

Note that the Transaction layout affects not only how the fields in the Register a transaction window are ordered, but also how the transactions will be displayed in the Transactions List.

End result, List of transactions:



Auto-completers are combinations of Payee, Description and/or Category. For example, when you manually create one transaction, the next time you enter the Payee in a new transaction, this will automatically fill in the Description and Category with the last ones used for this Payee, on the selected account.

Here’s how the auto-completers work after you have created a transaction with Payee, Category and Description: 


Pull to save Transaction


Every time you are entering a transaction, instead of saving via the √ in the upper right, you can simply pull down from within the empty space of the Transaction form as you would refresh your mail inbox in the Mail app.

Enter the transaction details with or without auto-complete and then from the empty space tap, and while holding your finger, pull down:

Note that Auto-completers are Account specific, so given set of Payee, Category and Description that is available on one account, will not be available on another.


Add Widget to the iOS 8 Notification Center

On iPhone running at least iOS 8, you are able to add a widget to your Notification Center and make a transaction from there.

 Adding the widget to Notification Center

Adding a Transaction from the Notification Center widget

Use URL Schemes


If you are using an  iOS launcher app  such as Launch Center Pro for instance, you can also execute them from the Safari web-browser on iOS  too.

MoneyWiz has the following URLs:


moneywiz:// to launch the app
moneywiz://expense to launch expense dialog
moneywiz://income to launch income dialog


*If you have MoneyWiz 1 and MoneyWiz 2 simultaneously installed on your device, note that the URL schemes will work for MoneyWiz 1. To have the URL schemes work with MoneyWiz 2 you will need to uninstall MoneyWiz 1.

When you are already in MoneyWiz

Shortcuts on the Menu Bar


Whatever screen in MoneyWiz you are in, you can open the Menu Bar with gesture from the left edge of the screen and tap Expense or Income . Transfer is just one more tap away.

Shortcuts from the Accounts List


In the Accounts List you can swipe left the name of an account to reveal + and – buttons to enter an Expense or Income on the account you swiped on.

In this case, the transaction form will have the account pre-selected. 


Duplicate a transaction from the Transaction List


If you have just completed entering a transaction and you just want to another one that is something regular, say Coffee and Lunch or a bus/metro/tram ticket, you can simply select the transaction from Yesterday, or the day before and Duplicate it.

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  • Referring to the “Duplicate a transaction from the Transaction List” feature…
    I find that this behaves very strangely. Sometimes, if I duplicate a transaction, the “original” date and time is kept. Other times, it defaults to “now”.

    It seems that this is related to the age of the transaction – and also to the type of the transaction.
    Duplicating a “recent” expense seem to default to “now” – but an old one keeps the original date.
    However, for Transfers, it seems it is reversed – duplicating a “recent” transfer keeps the original date, but an older one defaults to now.

    Can you please document exactly what rules you use for whether to duplicate the transaction with the original date or “now”?

    • That’s a great question Nick. Let me explain the logic…

      We assume there are 2 types of people who enter transactions manually…
      Type A: People who do it on daily basis
      Type B1: People who do it once a month or so
      Type B2: People who are manually imputing old transactions when setting up MoneyWiz for the first time

      For type A, we can assume that if you enter transactions every day, then your transactions are recent and when you duplicate you probably duplicate because you just made a new transaction similar to the old one. Hence, we assume that this is a current event and set the date to today.

      For type B1/B2 users though, the assumption is quite different. If you enter transactions rarely, or are entering old transactions then we assume that you are entering the transactions in order, looking at a bank statement for example etc. In this case, these transactions do not reflect current events, but old ones, so when duplicating such transaction we assume that its date is close to the date of the original transaction, not to today, and MoneyWiz sets the old date by default.

      On a more technical level, MoneyWiz determines Type A and Type B1/B2 this way:
      If the most recent transaction in your account is no more than 14 days old, then when duplicating the date is set to today. Otherwise the date is copied from the original transaction.

      I hope that makes sense and demystifies the process 🙂

      • Well, it certainly demystifies the process – but it doesn’t make any sense.

        I’m very definitely a Type A – I enter transactions every day. However, I don’t use every account every day!
        So what I get is inconsistent behavior:
        * If I duplicate a transaction in my “current account” – last transaction, yesterday – it uses the current date
        * If I duplicate a transaction in my “savings account” – typically, one or two transactions a month – it uses the original date, and I have to update it

        How about, instead of trying to be smarter than the user, you just offer a setting – “Default Date on Duplicated Transaction” with options “Automatic, Original Date or Current Date”?

        • Hi Nick,

          And where would we put those options that people would see them and use them?
          It doesn’t make a whole lot sense to be honest… and the current system seems to be working for the majority of people. What you can do is to submit this as a feature request on our forums and if a lot of people upvote it, then OK, we’ll do it.

  • Hi.

    Thanks for the tips, but all fails, when one, like me, insert the category as last entry only to find out I need a new one!!!

    Cancel the entry, go to setting, enter the new category and start over… Why is not possible to enter a new category within the entry form?


    • Sandro, you don’t have to cancel the entry go to settings etc…
      You can enter the category on the spot, and if it doesn’t exist, MoneyWiz will automatically create it. Just give it a try.

  • Hi,

    Just wondering why the swipe left functionality is not working when an account is under a group.

    • The swipe left functionality will come in MoneyWiz 2.0.4 which is pending Apple’s approval. So it will work for accounts under groups, as soon as 2.0.4 is approved 🙂

  • I’m trying to add a quick transaction widget. When I open the widget it shows up with the icon from wiz2 but defaults to wiz1, which I’m not ready to delete yet.

    • Ronr, unless you delete MoneyWiz 1, the quick transaction widget will open MoneyWiz 1. The reason is that the widget uses URL schemes and they are the same for MoneyWiz 1 and 2.

  • Hello Wizteam and good work !

    But, please improve moneywiz 2 for intel Core 2 Duo – MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) – Running MW2 2.0.3 on mac os x Yosemite 10.10.2.
    it’s very very hard to record transactions due to the great slowness of the software (compared to MoneyWiz 1).

    Great thanks in advance.

    • Hi Loyd,

      It shouldn’t be slow…could you please e-mail our support so they can investigate what could be causing this. Please describe what exactly is slow…

      • Hi iliya and thanks for your reply,

        It’s simple to describe : Each time I try to encode any manuel transaction, it takes “forever”.
        I changed the filter to 7 days, but sadly no significant improvement !
        Could you please tell your developper to take into account Macs with intel Core 2 Duo in the future updates (Hoping for an improvement during 2.0.4 update).

        • Hi Loyd,

          Would it be possible to record a video or be more specific what takes forever…is it the input of specific field, is it the opening of the new transaction screen, is it the saving etc…

          • Hi iliya,

            The input to all fields and the opening of the transaction screen is relatively fast. It is the record of the transaction which takes a very very long time compared to a MoneyWiz in the same intel core 2 duo with the same OS X Yosemite (be it an income, an expense or a transaction between accounts). This long duration is variable, but let’s say not less than 45s to 1:30 min by record)

          • 1 min? Wow, there is something wrong on your end for sure. I thought we were speaking of 1-2 seconds delay here, not in the range of 1 min. Saving a transaction takes around 1 sec on average with the animation and everything. 2 seconds I would consider slow. 40sec-1min you can go for a coffee break… please e-mail our support to investigate this. There is something wrong on your end. They will find it and fix it for you.
            I am sorry for the inconvenience you’ve had.

  • Neil Atkins
    April 3, 2015 8:03 am

    I posted a comment here about slow/clunky input data – I’m running on iPad 2 latest versions of iOS and MW2. You said that it had been passed to your technical people.
    Do you have any update on this?

    • Hi Neil,

      We’ve discovered a few things that can be improved and we’ll be improving them in MoneyWiz 2.0.5 and 2.0.6. Once 2.0.4 is approved by Apple (hopefully within a few days) we’ll continue releasing updates every 2 weeks.

  • Bill Imeson
    April 5, 2015 4:05 pm

    I often have the same problem as Sandro above, i.e. I only discover during transaction input that I need a new category. I always have to cancel the input, set up the category, and start the transaction again. I can’t see how to set up a new category during transaction input; there’s no keyboard available. Am I missing something?

    Like everyone else, I’m desperate for the new release – and the subsequent fortnightly ones you mention – to correct loads of errors and get reconciliation working properly…

    • You don’t need to cancel the input to create new category. Just type the new category name and MoneyWiz will auto-create it for you.

  • What am I doing wrong? This is exactly what I want to do, but I can’t see how to ‘just type in the new category name’. There’s no keyboard available when I’m entering the category of a transaction…. only categories I don’t want! Appreciate your clarification.

  • What to do with the following scenario: 5 people having dinner, each pay his/her food, but since there is only one tab, I paid via credit card the whole cost and others pay me cash their portion. Right now I expense the whole expense under my Credit card account but I have income from the people, but I will blow my monthly dinner budget since I paid for 5. Is there a way to put negative amount to expense categories so my budget will still work?

    • Hi Dion,

      The way I find proper in terms of reports (this is how I handle it personally) is this:
      1. Enter the full amount you paid
      2. For anyone who pays you cash, go to the original expense, tap Options then Refund. And enter a refund transaction into your cash account for the amount you are given. You can enter unlimited number of refunds as long as the total amount doesn’t exceed the original amount.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  • wow this is feature i didn’t know about. great. thanks

  • Gregory Wright
    August 30, 2015 3:21 am

    Do you have a timeline on when image syncing between devices might be implemented? On the old version of MoneyWiz (1.6) I believe, one could drag and drop an image on the Mac version. Now, one has to import the image from finder on a Mac. Any chance on bringing the drag and drop functionally back?

    • Hi Gregory,

      About image sync – I would say next year, based on the delays we’ve had so far and the priorities. Our top priorities are releasing Windows and then investment accounts, tags, goals. Then we can see about image sync. It’ something everybody on the team wants to see, so it’s only a matter of time.

      As for drag&drop -hm, it should work actually…we didn’t disable it. Maybe it’s a bug, please e-mail our support at [email protected] so they can investigate.

  • Does url scheme works in Android M? Or any homescreen-widget is under development to help android users get into the expense/income/transfer dialog directly?

    • Hi,

      They should work.
      As for widgets – we do have some, but we’ll be making lots of improvements in this area soon.

  • For example, if you have multiple transactions from the same payee and you change the category on one transaction, Banktivity will ask you if you want to change it for the other transactions as well.

    • To be honest I can see how that can inconvenience people more often that it would be convenient. MoneyWiz offers great tools for bulk editing of transactions if someone needs to change historical data. But let me give you one simple example where that particular behavior will drive me crazy: Amazon. Every time I purchase from this payee, it’s something different. I can’t imagine being asked if I want to change all previous transactions, every time I make a purchase.
      MoneyWiz acts this way – it assumes the last combination of payee/category/description, so if that changes, next time it will show you the latest one and so on until you change it again. It’s much more convenient.

  • For example, when you manually create one transaction, the next time you enter the Payee in a new transaction, this will automatically fill in the Description and Category with the last ones used for this Payee, on the selected account.

  • Is it possible to pass parameters for a transaction using the URL scheme?

  • Добрый день. Подскажите, как я могу добавить дополнительные поля в транзакцию? Очень нужно ещё 2 поля.

    • Привет и извинения за использование Google Translate. Перейдите в Настройки MoneyWiz -> Схема транзакций и включите там больше полей.

  • Is there a way to remove unused categories from ‘Compare expense categories’ report in Moneywiz 2.8? How to save and export a favorite report to excel or pdf?

    • Hello! Currently there is no button to automatically remove empty categories from a report, sorry. As for the save and export – it is available on all platforms (except from Windows at this time) by going to Save report -> Export -> PDF.

  • Me gustaria saber como puedo hacer para que cuando ingrese una transaccion la haga efectiva y no la deje en pendiente. De lo contrario tengo que liquidar cada transaccion y es un castigo.

    • Hola Tomas! por favor abra la cuenta para editar y marque el campo “Transacciones de compensación automática”, luego todas las transacciones nuevas se guardarán como autorizadas de forma predeterminada, a menos que se agreguen con fecha futura.

  • ПРивет!
    А как в программе учитывать долги? Не мои, а если я дал в долг.

    • Вы можете использовать тег “Мне должны”. Вот как это можно реализовать:
      1. Создаете Контрагента Васю.
      2. Когда одалживаете Васе, в поле Контрагент вписываете его имя, в поле Тег “Мне должны”.
      3. Позже строите отчет Анализ Контрагентов по Тегам, и выбираете нужный тег “Мне должны” или “Я должен” и Контрагента Васю.


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