When the 2.5 update became available, we experienced something that we haven’t experienced before, and therefore did not anticipate – around 20% of previously inactive users came back to MoneyWiz after the announcement. Since all that happened in a very short interval of time, SYNCbits experienced huge overload. We’ve just completed mitigating it and now I can gladly say that we’ve doubled the performance across ALL SYNCbits systems to handle the extra traffic.

If you had issues with SYNCbits earlier today (like something not syncing, being unable to login etc), please just try again and it must work as expected. The good news is that from now on, we expect SYNCbits to also work much much faster.

If you still have SYNCbits issues, please start MoneyWiz on all your devices and give it at least least 2 sync cycles (i.e. up to 1 minute). If that didn’t fix it, then email our support and they will help you right away. Don’t worry, no data is lost! We only had system overload, not system failure.


As for the 2.5 update, we’d first like to thank all of you for your feedback. Based on it, we’ve discovered several issues that we’ll address immediately. The most popular of them being:

  • Some users experience issues with Budgets and Reports showing weird values.
  • Fingerprint recognition on Android stopped working.

These two and other smaller issues that were reported will be fixed in update 2.5.1 which we aim to release within the next 36 hours. Please notice that Apple may take longer to approve it, so anyone who uses MoneyWiz downloaded from the AppStore may need to wait a little longer. MoneyWiz for Windows, Android and Mac via our website will be updated within 36 hours though.

In the meantime there is no need for you to do anything if you are experiencing the budgets or reports issue. Just install the 2.5.1 update when it arrives and everything will be back to normal.

If you have a different issue please report it to our support.
Thank you!

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  • If you edit an existing transaction with a currency conversion to add a tag for example, it will become a negative number and change all balances.

  • Hello, updated to the latest version for Mac and is asking for the license key.

    I’ll have to buy the application again? Hope not…


    • Hi Renan,

      No, just give it your existing license key. If it doesn’t work email our support and let them know what your key is and they will fix it.

  • Many of my expense transactions are appearing in green. No idea why.

  • My issue is different. At approximately 23.30 GMT I updated Apple iOS to latest version of 10.1 on my iPhone 6s. I now cannot login to syncbits because the app login screen will not accept the last character of my long password. It accepts every other character but the last just sits there “expanded” on the keyboard and the screen is frozen. I deleted the app, downloaded again, but the same issue repeats. My password is 20 characters and has always been accepted. I’m desperate to avoid changing password using forgot password as I will need to do this across my devices. Can you help please as right now the app is unusuable on my iPhone…..I can still access my iPad Pro version but I’m too scared to log off syncbits in case this issue repeats on the iPad Pro and I lose access to my data.

    • Hi Mark,

      Apparently this is an iOS 10.1 bug. It’s not MoneyWiz only…it’s any app that has a password field that is configured to auto-resize the text if it gets too long (this is a native feature). I can reproduce it in a dozen of other apps that require a login.
      Anyways, we released update 2.5.1 to workaround this iOS 10 bug, so it should be fine now.

      • No Iliya it really isn’t ok. I’ve re downloaded the app for my iPhone 6s and it’s 2.5.1 and yes, the password workaround is good….but the app refuses to sync after you login, each time connecting, downloading then committing data, then blank with no data loaded. Can you help please.

    • Yea, I got exactly the same issue (mine 18 alphanumeric), too.
      BUT iliya preferred to think and believe strongly but stubbornly I’ve input wrong password or user name!
      It never occurred to iliya that user wouldn’t just login once, failed and immediate complain to support.
      I’ve tried at least 10 times over my 2 devices (ipad and iphone) before I even think about contacting support.
      I cannot and definitely impossible to believe any whatever and whoever users with any level of computer expertise and knowledge would just try logging in once and confirm and conclude any results thereafter.
      iliya thought users couldn’t do basic troubleshoot on their ends before ultimately contact the creator of the app.
      I’ve indicated very clearly in my first email that like you, delete the app and re-download the app to try again on BOTH MY IPAD & IPHONE. I also indicated very clearly again that I went further to reboot BOTH my IPAD and iIPHONE, still she thought I’ve input wrong details?????
      Further worst, later in our emails conversations, iliya CAN STILL ASK me WHAT PLATFORM AM I USING moneywiz on??? I thought I’ve mentioned very clearly in my FIRST EMAIL “IPAD & IPHONE”!!! Can’t figure what sort of support iliya was providing.
      And iliya can say she’d confused RIGHT AFTERE me asking what platform iliya was talking about and asking iliya to rephrase her questions because I’ve already indicated early in my first email.

      moneywiz made in america, support outsourced to china, that’s what they are making me feel – unprofessional and time-waster.

  • The Traditional Chinese language translation is wrong. It now shows Simplified Chinese.

  • After the birth of 2.5 bugs:
    They are unable to follow email conversations, once they read the 2nd email they forget the first, after reading the next they forget the one before and to look good on themselves they’ll claim you confuse them. You provide them with 10 clear concise key points in logical order, they choose only to remember their choice 5 in random and skip the rest and again claim you confuse them or ask you for information that you already provided in the earlier emails. You show them your unhappiness in their incompetency, they stop responding. Just pray their app continues to work well without bugs, otherwise you curse the day you need support.

    • Hi,

      I am sorry for the delayed responses, but it’s weekend and we’re short staffed + our support queue is overwhelmed after the update + new traffic coming from the fact that Apple featured MoneyWiz.
      We will reply every single email though, you can be sure of that.

  • On android it says I have 2.5.1 but the budgets are still all over the place. Negative values in some budgets and totals that change seemingly randomly, last time by around 15,000, and have nothing in common with the actual figures. On Windows I am still on 2.5 (build 120) and the budget summary also makes no sense at all. I also agree with the comment above from R Clement re support at the moment.

    • Hi,

      Can you try version 2.5.2. If the issue remains try editing the budget and disabling the rollover feature, let me know if that did the trick.
      I believe what you see is correct numbers, but they are different from what they used to be. The reason is that in MoneyWiz 2.5 we started attributing past balances towards rollover budgets (which makes sense…it was a bug in previous versions that it didn’t happen).

  • Hi,
    I’ve tried to add tags to my transactions and it seams not to work.
    I just can’t see were to add the TAG. I’ve add some new tags on the Preferences menu, but when I add a new expense (for example) there is no box to add the tag… Ive version 2.5.2 on macOS and on iOS and tags just don’t show on either app. Both apps are working in Portuguese… I’ve tried to change to english but the problem does not vanish!

    Do I have to setup something in order to get TAGS to work?

    Let me inform that the TAG that was added on the setup just syncs between the devices and on the reports, it just does not shows the box to add it to the transaction.

    • Hi Antonio,

      You may want to go to MoneyWiz / Settings / Transaction Layout and make sure that Tags are enabled and also you may try moving them up a little bit so they show up above other fields. If you still have issues just e-mail our support at [email protected] and they will help you immediately! 🙂

  • I am having issues with receipt syncing in all devices using Dropbox. When I save a receipt in my phone then check my iPad or computer the receipt appears as black screen. Then few days latter all my devices have to be synced again in Dropbox. I don’t know what else to try.

    • Hi Frankie,

      I am sorry to hear about this issue. Is it possible that at the time you check the receipt is not yet downloaded? If you try again in a few minutes, does it show up properly? If not please e-mail our support at [email protected] and they will help you.


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