Today I’m very excited to announce that we will be releasing version 3.0 for all customers of MoneyWiz Premium. This update will include major new functionality to support crypto currencies, coins and tokens. We are aiming to release this update late March, early April 2018. I will also make some notes regarding what to expect in this update.
Here is how a forex/crypto account looks like.
We are currently finishing up with bug fixes and online banking integrations on iOS and Mac and we will start porting to Android and Windows next week. There are a few things to note.
  •  The Forex account looks a lot like an investment account, although there are a few exceptions. There are 3 custom components – chart, portfolio and trades.
  • MoneyWiz automatically downloads the latest prices once per hour, but you can also manually refresh those. We get prices for crypto currencies, coins and tokens from coin market cap, which supports over 1300 of them. Since you can have positions in fiat currencies, those prices are downloaded from open exchange rates – this is the same source we use for regular multi-currency transactions.
  • Similar to investment accounts, you can set prices manually for positions that are not supported by any of our sources. For example, pre-ICO prices or coins not yet listed on coinmarketcap.com
  • This update will add 5 major exchanges for automatic bank sync via SaltEdge. SaltEdge has committed to adding new exchanges as quickly as possible, so if your exchange is not yet supported, let us know. It will be a matter of just a few weeks.
  • There will be a new type of transaction – “Exchange” which you can use to convert any currency to any other currency within the same account. For example, convert USD to ETH, then ETH to XRP.
The functionality of our new Forex account is not limited to crypto trading. Here are some use cases that are perfectly covert by this new functionality.

Forex trading

The Forex account doesn’t have limits on what currencies you can trade with. If you’d rather invest in fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY), that is perfectly OK. MoneyWiz will plot your positions on a chart and calculate your gains and losses for each one of them.

Crypto trading

With the addition of 1300+ new currencies and support for unknown currencies, MoneyWiz can keep track of all of your wallets, including exchanges, private online wallets and hardware wallets. This will help you keep track of what you have and help you make sure it stays yours.

Using crypto for regular expenses

Last year the crypto world saw a huge development in regards to what people can use crypto for – you can buy airplane tickets, pay taxes or purchase software licenses. All of that are regular expenses that you can make in a Forex account. Those expenses can be monitored by your budgets.

Traveler’s account

The forex account allows you to have one account for travel purposes and store all of your cash in foreign currency in that account. You can of course make transfer to and from that account, as well as regular expenses. You can even record exchange between one foreign currency and another. This feature is a must have for frequent international travelers.
Any feedback and questions are appreciated!

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  • A little off topic but… No new UI for MW3 🙁

    • Hey Sousa,

      The new design will come after the crypto update. More info here:

      But I can confirm – there will be new design coming this year 🙂

      • That’s great to hear. Will the reports get a special attention on the new UI? I find the current reports lacking a bit. Thanks!

        • Hi Gus,

          Re-designing and re-thinking the reports is one of the things on our todo list for MW3. As it currently stands, MoneyWiz has a lot of power when it comes to reports but graphics are somewhat lacking and also we’ve found that the reports have gotten too complicated for some people. So we will figure out how to make them more understandable without compromising on their power & versatility.
          Also initially when crypto functionality is released, there will be no separate/dedicated reports for it, but we’ll build on that as the time goes.

          • Hi Iliya, that’s great to hear. I think the reports (at least for me) is the main reason for entering, categorising and keeping all the accounts in check. After entering all the info it’s nice to be able to see where our money went. But, I’m sure you already know that. I completely agree with you, the power of the reports lies in their simplicity. If it helps, my main use of the reports if to see how much money I spent per category and compare with previous months (very basic, but still not so easy to accomplish on MoneyWiz2). Looking forward to the next updates!

  • I’ve never trusted crypto currencies, so I’ve never ventured into them. However, I will follow MoneyWiz wherever you go. I’m a true fan and I want to make sure you stay around forever! You’re a part of my day, every day. I can’t imagine managing my accounts without MoneyWiz. You keep my financial world in order. I look forward to V3. I don’t mind paying for the upgrade. You certainly deserve it. You’re worth far more than what you charge. I don’t want you to ever go away.

    • Thank you very much Tim for your very kind words! 🙂 It’s really heartwarming to read. Don’t worry – even if cryptocurrencies are not your thing, MoneyWiz 3 will bring many new improvements we hope you’ll enjoy! Cryptocurrencies support is just the first thing to ship but MoneyWiz 3 will feature much more changes!

  • What about proper forecasting? You guys have been promising that for a long time, but have yet to deliver.

    • Hi Shawn. As you can read in Iliya’s comment below, we are very careful with changes as we need to consider both power users as well as customers that are new to finance management. That’s why changes we promise take time. However, can you please clarify exactly what do you mean by “proper forecasting”, just to make sure? Is this about budgets being included in forecast? Or automatic estimation of your balance based on historical performance? I just want to make sure that I log your +1 on the features you need.

      • I do agree with Shawn that forecasting is not generating an accurate estimation of future spending habits. The issue with the current forecasting feature, in my case, is that it only includes the transactions that are scheduled under “Scheduled” tab only. Where at least one of the way to generate an accurate forecasting is by considering all actual expenses incurred, whether included in scheduled transactions tab or not, and estimate my future spending habits based on them. This can also apply to income sources that are not fixed, such as salaries, which will increase the overall accuracy of forecasting and make it a helpful feature.

        I hope this clarifies the issue a bit. I am open to provide more clarification if needed.


  • how soon will release the first 3.0 version? really expect it 🙂

    • Hi Roger! We are aiming to release this update late March, early April 2018. 🙂

      • Hi,
        I have the Premium version.
        For when an update? It’s already the end of May.

        • Hello Eduardo. I’m very sorry for the delay in releasing the update. It was rejected by Apple’s review team a couple of times. We’ve now fixed all the issues Apple complained about and re-submitted. We hope it’ll be approved in a couple of days.

  • Excellent work! looking forward to trying out this feature. One question though, will it automatically sync users exchanges wallets through API or do we have to log every single trade into the app manually?


    • Hello Mohammad! We are working with our Online Banking partners to introduce automatic syncing of trades as well. We can’t yet say which institutions we’ll support on day one but whatever the list on the release day will be, we’ll be pushing for wider support of more institutions. 🙂

      • Thanks Pawel,

        The functionality you are sharing here is amazing. Thank you again MoneyWiz team for such a world class product.

        The question that Mohammad was (in my opinion) asking is the same as my question.

        As Crypto is an extremely volatile market, we are entering and exiting positions more frequently then blue chip stock even if we are not high frequency traders.

        Have you considered the functionality of programmed and regular API calls from Crypto Exchanges to mimic the regular data calls from the banking aggregators (salt edge / Yodlee etc) ?

        • Hello! Yes, I believe you are referring to the same thing as Mohammad. 🙂 While we do not currently plan to integrate with said APIs ourselves, we are working closely with Salt Edge team to ensure that they can start integrating with crypto exchanges just like they integrate with banks at the moment. So if Salt Edge introduces a support for your crypto exchange, MoneyWiz will be able to download the movements just like with regular banking accounts!

  • Great job guys! Really cool to see you neatly implementing this kind of complex feature. Any news on whether you’ll do a cheaper “Plus” Membership for those who don’t need Online Banking but do want the updates with new features as they come?

  • Great program, with some nice features, but…
    missing one of the basic features you’d expect from “the world’s most advanced financial software”!!
    What I need is a forecast across all accounts, with running balance per transaction. The Accounts / Net Worth report has what I need, except no running balance per transaction. The Other / Custom Report has a running balance, but only per account, same as Accounts / Balance Over Time.
    I’ve read all the documentation, tried all the reports even the custom one, but can’t generate what I want without a dozen clicks generating CSVs and then massaging the resulting XL sheet. Unacceptable.
    Pretty basic!!
    I’ve requested this through support, so when’s it coming?
    This should be available with one click from the front page!

    • Andre, as noted in e-mail, we will take your feedback into consideration, our reports will be redesigned in further MoneyWz 3 updates.
      to generate CSV you just need to press File-> Export -> CSV and it will contain running balance which you need.

  • Crypto currency is not the most necessary. You need to change the work with budgets (income budgets, individual budgets for a month etc). And the new user interface … =))))

    • Kirill, Budgets will be redesigned for one of future updates in MoneyWiz 3. also new interface will be introduced. as for cryptos, we have got lots of requests for it.

  • Tiger Sampson.
    March 19, 2018 8:15 pm

    Are you able to share what new UI design looks like? I really don’t want to wait until Q2. (And based on the time you guys spend on Crypto Feature, I assume we will get new UI no early than end of 2018)

    I am thinking about switch to a better looking UI app

    • Hi Tiger,

      We’ll share once we have some prototypes done by a designer. At this point we only have internally sketched prototypes. I can tell you a few things that we know so far:
      1. With MW 3’s new design, we’re going for native look (platform dependent) instead of the currently overly customized look & feel. We’ll be using predominantly native controls and following native UI/UX concepts which would achieve a few things:
      a) Provide a more native experience for each platform
      b) Faster UI interactions (simply because native controls are faster and better optimized than custom ones)
      c) More UI differences within different platforms (with MW 2 we wanted it to look pretty much the same on all platforms, with MW 3 as I said – it will be native per platform)
      d) Much faster development time (currently the custom controls are one of the things taking a lot of time both in development & later in maintenance)
      2. For the above reasons I don’t expect MW 3’s new UI to be ready end of 2018. As a matter of fact our plan/schedule is: Start with mobile (iOS, Android) and as soon as it’s ready – release. Then do desktop and when it’s ready release that too. That would allow us to provide the new UI faster to everyone but it would also mean that for some period of time it will be new UI on mobile, old UI on desktop (I hope not for too long though).
      3. We will probably have a prototype UI preview (i.e. non functioning, just for preview and development/testing purposes) within mid to late April, and at that point we’ll release the preview via our blog so we can collect some opinions before starting to actually implement it all (although work on replacing custom controls with native will start as soon as the crypto update is released in a few weeks).

  • Hello MoneyWiz team,

    I just would like to give you a heads-up about my (February 23, 2018 10:34 pm) comment above in relation to the forecasting feature. I think it requires more improvements and intelligence in order to provide more accurate forecasting reports.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you regarding this.

    • Hello Mohammad,

      Thank you very much! We take note of each suggestion, feature request and comment about MoneyWiz’s features and we try to include them as much as we can into our MoneyWiz design. 🙂

  • Does MoneyWiz 3 support Setapp?

    • Hello! Yes, because Setapp is a subscription service, you will receive the MoneyWiz 3 updates alongside MoneyWiz Premium customers. 🙂

      • Setapp can only synchronize the Mac version. What about the iOS version?

        • Eric, if you got MoneyWiz via SETAPP, you can only use MoneyWiz on Mac within your SETAPP subscription. If you want MoneyWiz on other platforms you will either have to buy it on these other platforms or buy the Premium subscription.

  • Danilo Mejia
    April 2, 2018 10:18 am

    Guys! Please… Better graphics! Please!

    • Danilo, in MoneyWiz 3 we will redesign UI. once it is ready by designer, we will post it in our blog to see preliminary feedback.

    • Carlo Laitano
      April 19, 2018 1:54 am

      Yes, please! I love the functionality in Moneywiz 2 but the UI could use a lot of work. I’m not saying it’s a horrible design, it’s not. I just think it can be improved upon and brought up to 2018 standards and beauty <3

  • Any update on what date mw 3 will be released?

    • We plan to release it in spring 2018. The update is ready on Mac & iOS, but we have to finish its development and testing on Windows & Android to release it simultaneously.

  • How about adding functions of recording reimbursements and reports for summarizing transfers (neither expenses nor income) by tags

    • Ray, you can add Tags to transfers as well. if you have some project (i.e. renting a flat to someone) and have both incomes (rent) as well as expenses (renovating the flat, providing furniture) and want to see whether you’re making money or losing it on this project, you should tag all transactions with that tag, then generate Profit and Loss report with tag filter.

      • Hi Marina. Since reimbursement is not actual expense, I use transfer for recording such transactions (transfer from credit card to an account named “to be reimbursed” rather than recording them as expenses) and they were all tagged “to be reimbursed”. The problem is there does not exist a report for summary of tagged transfer transactions.

        • Ray, you can generate a report filtering just these Tagged transactions (section of Tags reports, f.e.).

          • Marina, section of tags reports can only generate income and expenses transactions, it does not help to generate transfer transactions…

  • Albino Vila
    May 6, 2018 10:35 am

    What about MW3. Date of update this month?

  • It seems like delaying over and over. First feature is committed on spring but change to summer somehow. A new design? or more feature. I am afraid to enjoy the whole new MoneyWiz 3 on late 2019.

  • Still confuse about setapp.

    I am a user of setapp and moneywiz 2 standalone version (actually I buy the Mac version of moneywiz 2 too). Since the moneywiz 3 will only deliver to premium people first. And the database of moneywiz 3 is not compatible with moneywiz 2, and the standalone version of moneywiz 3 will be delayed. So is the only way to use Moneywiz 3 on both devices is the premium subscription?

  • Past May 28. Is there any update on the revised date for MoneyWiz 3 for Mac and iOS?

    • Hi there! Sorry for the delay. Our update was once again cancelled by Apple. We’ve resubmitted and the Mac version is approved already (not yet live for customers) so we hope iOS version will be approved soon as well. Once the iOS version is also approved, we’ll hit the release button on all platforms: iOS, Mac, Android and Windows!

      • Was the iOS version rejected again, or are you still waiting for an answer from Apple?

        • Hi Joel,

          It’s been “In Review” for 3 days now, with no feedback from Apple. Not sure what’s happening but if they don’t approve or reject by end of this week then we will reject and resubmit. This has happened multiple times in the past when they put it In Review and forget about it (perhaps reviewer went on vacation?). I hope it doesn’t happen this time, I hope they approve it today finally so we can release. We have everything ready & prepared for release on all platforms, just waiting for this iOS approval.

  • Sebastian Aliaga
    June 6, 2018 8:48 pm

    Need to know if you are planning to improve credit cards managment. Close date, Payment date, etc…

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Those features are on our todo, but I don’t expect to see them this year in MW3, due to higher priority features we have planned for this year.

  • You know what feature would be great? Archiving.

    Don’t you have one or a few accounts your already stop using but you want to keep record?

  • Has anymore thought been given to merging payees in Moneywiz 3?

  • Do you also implement a multiaccount? (I use two separate management for my expenses and for those of the family and, currently, I can only do this by logging in with two different emails)

    • Hi Mauro,

      We will implement that when we release a web version of MoneyWiz. Announcements will come in a month or so.

  • Jeferson Luiz Nichele
    June 28, 2018 6:47 pm

    Não sei o que aconteceu , devo ser muito azarado, depois que atualizou para o MW3, só tenho tido problemas, essa conta Crypto, acabou com a minha base de dados. Minha conta de investimento alterou todos os dados no App Windows e no App Android trava todo momento, não sincroniza mais nada …
    Iliya, não venha me dizer para mandar e-mail para o suporte [email protected]. Porque já enviei uns 40 e-mails e ninguém resolve o meu problema.

    Muito insatisfeito

    • Olá e desculpe por usar o Google Tradutor! Nós vemos sua última resposta confirmando que a correção não funcionou. Minha colega Marina já está investigando e ela estará de volta para você com uma solução alternativa. Sentimos muito pelo inconveniente contínuo – você não precisa enviar e-mails adicionais, entraremos em contato com você.


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