Today we’re happy to announce a new addition to the MoneyWiz family. Meet “MoneyWiz – Gangsta Edition”.

If you engage in financial transactions that your government may frown upon, then read on, as “MoneyWiz – Gangsta Edition” is just for you!

This new version of MoneyWiz will have all the functionality of the MoneyWiz 2 you know, with some improvements aiming to ease everyday business transactions.


  • “Black Accounts” – those are accounts that will not show up in the regular list of accounts, but only show up if you know a secret combination. We’ll offer two ways to see the “Black Accounts” – by entering a special unlocking PIN when starting MoneyWiz (yes, you will have the option to define 2 separate PIN codes – one for regular accounts only and one that will also show the “Black Accounts”). The other option would be to draw a custom defined gesture on the screen which will immediately show the “Black Accounts”.
  • New set of categories – the “MoneyWiz – Gangsta Edition” will come with a new set of pre-defined categories (those are the categories you get when you make a clean install). Some of the new expense categories will include “Bribes”, “Racketeering”, “Crime scene cleanup” and others. Some of the new income categories that we’ll add for your convenience are “Money Laundering”, “Illegal Substances Sales” and “Commissions”.
  • “Location Based Payees” will be our killer feature! Wondering where you can find businesses eager to pay you commissions, without poking the interest of another user? The map will show you which payees are already contracted and which are not. Just imagine going to the store, getting your “business commission” and not even having to enter the payee on this income? It will be automatic, just like that!
  • “Location Based Reminders” – stop missing out on opportunities! MoneyWiz will send you notification when you’re close to businesses that haven’t been contracted by other users. That’s instant money in your pocket. This feature will work flawlessly with the “Location Based Payees”.
  • “Crowd Reports” – wondering if you are getting too little from your business? Or wondering if you’re paying too much in bribes? Let us introduce the “Crowd Reports”. It’s an anonymous database, based on the data of all users, so you can see how your incomes & expenses compare to others in your area.
  • “Double Booking” will work together with the “Black Accounts” feature and can be optionally enabled on per-account basis. This feature will allow you to have two separate lists of transactions for the same account. One fake and one real. That will surely fool anyone should they decide to inspect your finances.



  • Initial app purchase: $99.99 for iOS, and $999.99 for Mac.
  • “Location Based Payees” and “Location Based Reminders” – $499 per month. That pays off in a day!
  • “Crowd Reports” – see anonymous data for just $199 per month. Keep your data anonymous for another $799 per month.
  • Surprise In-App Purchases – we know your business requires you to be on the edge to be successful. To make sure you never let your guard down, “MoneyWiz – Gangsta Edition” will occasionally ask for a $99 surprise “Keep me Quiet” In-App Purchase and you will have 3 minutes to complete it. Upon failing to complete it all your data will be sent to the local authorities at no additional cost.


We hope you like it!

In the meantime, if you can’t wait for “MoneyWiz – Gangsta Edition”, why not get the classic “MoneyWiz – Personal Finance”?


Happy April’s Fool Day! 🙂
Disclaimer: This article is a prank for April’s Fool Day. We do not encourage any illegal practices or activities in any way, nor we plan to release a version of MoneyWiz that will encourage such activities.

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