We’ve released MoneyWiz 2 in December 2014. Now, 3 years later, the MoneyWiz 2 features development is coming to its end and we’re already looking towards MoneyWiz 3.

Today I want to share with you our plans for Moneyiz 2 and 3. First off, let’s speak about MoneyWiz 2…

Retiring MoneyWiz 2

We’ve just released update 2.7 which marks the final major update in MoneyWiz 2.
We’ll continue selling and supporting MoneyWiz 2 Standard at discounted prices until end of 2018. We’ll also release bug fix updates occasionally, but no new features and major improvements will be introduced there, as basically we’re retiring MoneyWiz 2 and moving onto MoneyWiz 3.
Have in mind that MoneWiz 2 and all of its features will continue to be fully functional even though it’s retired. Its retirement only means that we won’t be actively developing it anymore.

Welcoming MoneyWiz 3

MoneyWiz 3 will bring a lot of exciting new features and improvements. Here are some of the most notable features we’ll be working on:

    • Full crypto-currencies support – MoneyWiz 3 will be the first personal finance software to have full support for all crypto-currencies and altcoins, including automatic download of trades from some of the largest exchanges and wallets
    • New design and user experience
    • Split transactions (where one transaction can have expense, income and transfer components within the same transaction)
    • Major performance improvements on all platforms
    • FOREX support
    • Background sync – online banking and SYNCbits will start supporting background sync so that when you launch MoneyWiz, everything will be synced and ready to use.
    • Envelope budgeting and income budgets (goals)
    • Advanced reconcile and bulk editing on mobile
    • Fast user switching for SYNCbits
    • Improved reports

Please have in mind this is not a complete list, and we’ll be implementing some other features too, as development progresses.

Development & release timeline

Once a new feature is developed on all platforms, we’ll immediately release it as an update for MoneyWiz Premium subscribers.
For example, we’re currently working on full crypto-currencies support. Once we’re done with this on all platforms (iOS, Mac, Android and Windows) we’ll release an update MoneyWiz 3.0 which will be immediately available for MoneyWiz Premium subscribers.
So, if you are using MoneyWiz Premium, you won’t have to wait very long to start getting all the new features in MoneyWiz 3, as MoneyWiz 3 is coming to you soon!

Once all the MoneyWiz 3 features are developed, we’ll release MoneyWiz 3 Standard (one time purchase) and continue working on MoneyWiz 4 which will be available for MoneyWiz Premium users immediately.

Put in different words – MoneyWiz Standard will follow MoneyWiz Premium by one major version behind.

Every time we release a new feature, we’ll announce it via social media, our blog and our newsletter.


What is the release date of MoneyWiz 3 Premium?
– While we don’t have an exact date yet, we’re aiming for February 2018.

What will be included in MoneyWiz 3.0 Premium?
– The first release (3.0) will be focused on crypto-currencies support.

When is MoneyWiz 3 Standard coming?
– Once we’re done with the development of new features for MoneyWiz 3, we’ll also release MoneyWiz 3 Standard. Until then, MoneyWiz 3 will only be available for MoneyWiz Premium users. We don’t know the date when MoneyWiz 3 Standard will be available but we hope it will be done before end of 2018.

Is there a MoneyWiz 3 beta testing program?
– Not yet. We might release one for MoneyWiz Premium users, and if we do we’ll announce it separately. There won’t be a beta testing program for MoneyWiz 3 Standard though.

If I purchase MoneyWiz 2 Standard now, will I have to pay for MoneyWiz 3 Standard?
– Yes, this is one of the main differences between Standard and Premium. For more information please check here: //wiz.money/buy/

Will you provide discount to existing customers who want to upgrade to MoneyWiz 3 Standard?
– Yes.

Will you provide discount for MoneyWiz 2 Standard customers who want to upgrade to MoneyWiz Premium?
– Yes., as soon as we release MoneyWiz 3 Premium we’ll also offer discounts for everyone who’s on MoneyWiz 2 Standard and wishes to upgrade. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when we have sales events.

Will MoneyWiz 3 Premium be a separate app?
– No. It will come as a regular update to MoneyWiz Premium. The version number will just change to 3 and it will have new awesome features 🙂

If I use MoneyWiz 3 Premium can I switch back to MoneyWiz 2 Standard?
– No, as MoneyWiz 3 will have a different data format than MoneyWiz 2, which is necessary due to the new features. To assure proper sync and data handling, it’s not possible to go to older data formats.

If I already have MoneyWiz 2 Standard with Online Banking subscription, can I migrate to Premium now?
– Yes! You can download MoneyWiz Premium right away, sign into your SYNCbits account and if you have active Online Banking subscription that would activate MoneyWiz Premium. We recommend that you stop the auto-renewal of your Online Banking subscription and when it expires simply re-subscribe to MoneyWiz Premium.

When will Setapp users get the updates?
Setapp users will receive the updates together with MoneyWiz Premium users, since Setapp is also a subscription service.

Can I get MoneyWiz Premium without the Online Banking and cheaper?
Right now we don’t offer such option. We’re considering to offer MoneyWiz Plus which will be the same as MoneyWiz Premium but without the Online Banking feature. If we decide to do so, we’ll announce it though. For the foreseeable future, only MoneyWiz Premium is available.

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  • I have no problem buying new versions of MoneyWiz. I have been a devout MoneyWiz user since December 2012. I purchased MoneyWiz 1.3.7 and happily upgraded to MoneyWiz 2 in January 2015. I am disappointed to learn customers who choose to purchase MoneyWiz Standard will remain a whole version behind and likely be stuck 10 months or more in the past based on your release estimates.

    For someone that only uses syncing and not the online banking features of MoneyWiz, it does not make financial sense for me to purchase the MoneyWiz Premium for $59.99 a year when MoneyWiz Standard is $24.99 on Mac and $4.99 on iPhone/iPad as a universal app totaling $24.98.

    I would rather you charge more money for MoneyWiz Standard and allow customers to purchase it the same time it is available MoneyWiz Premium customers. I would be willing to pay $50 for MoneyWiz on the Mac and $10 on iPhone and iPad.

    On the other hand, if you are not able to sustain development of MoneyWiz Standard and are trying to persuade customers to purchase MoneyWiz Premium, you may want to consider sun setting MoneyWiz Standard.

    • Hi David,

      Since the MW 3 features are not developed yet, there will be wait time anyway. Based on experience I personally believe that offering each feature to Premium is fair, and asking for paid upgrade for Standard on just a few new features is not fair…hence this rather unusual arrangement with version numbers.
      I hope that makes sense.

      • Thank you for the response. I didn’t realize that MoneyWiz 3 would be developed feature by feature, which is an interesting decision. To me, the original post doesn’t make this clear and you may want to post an update to really spell it out.

        Knowing MoneyWiz 3 will be rolled out one feature at a time will allow me to be a bit more patient as I see how things transpire. While supporting crypto currency is a big feature, I’m sure there are many smaller features that can be released all at once. It’ll be interesting to see how this strategy is implemented and how it may vary from the initial plan.

        • Hi David,

          Noted! Will adjust the post to make it more clear before we send it out as a newsletter, as it seems to be causing confusion indeed!

      • For existing customers I guess this makes sense. As someone looking to buy today though the delayed 3.0 release hurts as I’ll need to buy into a 2.X which by your own admission is end of support and getting updates only. Being able to get 3.0 early on would still get me something that largely has parity with 2.7 initially but will see another 12 months of development. Existing customers may not want to jump day one but could as they see fit.

        It’s going to feel odd buying into a standard release which by the time it ships is largely on life support as the subscribers are already in the next release.

        As you not the feature increment day one may not be massive but the alternative is a product labeled as end of life which to me looks worse.

        I do understand the thought process and it makes sense, but on the flip side as someone that doesn’t yet have 2 it’s a bit of a drag.

      • You can start selling MW3 standard after 1 or 2 initial features with the caveat that upgrades will be incremental. Push free updates for all new features till the time the entire product is complete?

        • Hi,

          This is of course an option and we’ll consider it further, but in my personal experience handling announcements etc, people usually skim through most of the text and react immediately without being fully informed. Which means that if we did that, most people would think we’re trying to scam them and just give them 1-2 features and ask for money for it, which will result in bad reviews and publicity. So we’re pretty cautious about that.

          • Tiger Sampson.
            March 19, 2018 8:51 pm

            IMO, re Richard’s post about new customer. It will make sense if you make a cut deal with new customer. For instance, new user who bought 2 before April 1, 2018 (or whenever release date) will need to pay when they willing to upgrade to 3, but whosever buy it after April 1, 2018 will get free upgrade for 3 etc.

          • Hi Tiger,

            That’s not technically possible within the current limitations of the App Store.

    • +1

      • I mean +1 to DAVID post.
        Delivering features first for Premium users was something that was never mentioned before.

        • Yes, and now we mentioned it. As I explained already – none of these features is done yet. Which means that we can either postpone all features for everyone or release them one by one for Premium and when ready relese them for Standard, which is what we’ll do. It doesn’t make much sense to postpone for everyone and it also doesn’t make much sense to ask anyone for a paid upgrade to MW 3 Standard with just 1 new feature and the promise of more.

  • David has summed this up fantastically and it is exactly the way I feel about this announcement. I was very excited to read about version 3 and I would be happy to purchase the update as soon as it is released. I do not need the premium features so I will have to wait a year for the product. I can not help but think I will be disappointed again in a year when I purchase version 3 and then it be out dated by version 4 within days.

    I get that you want to push as many people as you can onto the subscription model but I feel your standard users are getting penalised for not needing your subscription product.

    • Hi Tom,

      As I explained already – none of these features is done yet. Which means that we can either postpone all features for everyone or release them one by one for Premium and when ready with all – relese them for Standard, which is what we’ll do. It doesn’t make much sense to postpone for everyone and it also doesn’t make much sense to ask anyone for a paid upgrade to MW 3 Standard with just 1 new feature and the promise of more.

  • Nicholas Haskins
    Dec 13, 05:01 PST

    As a longtime Moneywiz user I have always bought the Mac and iOS versions.
    I am interested in moving to a subscription, particularly in light of your recent announcements about Moneywiz 3.
    However the prices quoted are quite expensive. £39.99 yearly in the app, and £46.60 on your website.
    I appreciate that these prices include online banking, which I know you have to pay for.
    However I am not interested in online banking (did trial and found little use for it), so wonder if there is likely to be a lower tier of subscription without it?
    I am happy to pay a subscription (Moneywiz is great!), but don’t wish to pay a premium for something that I don’t want to use.
    £20-30 yearly would seem reasonable
    I would have thought many people would feel the same way

    • Hi Nic,

      About the price discrepancy (website vs App Store) I will check why this happens, as it’s definitely not what I’d expect…my guess (but I will follow up with you here in this post, after I check) is that the App Store shows you the price before taxes and we (via our website) show you the final price with taxes included… anyways, will check.

      As for lower tier subscription – I will bring that to the team as we’ve now received multiple requests for that. My initial thought was that it will just confuse people even more (because it is confusing as it is now, let alone by adding one more subscription) but for the past 24hrs (since the announcement) we’ve seen many people who want to take all the benefits of Premium minus the Online Banking and are willing to go for a lower tier subscription… so, we’ll discuss internally and we’ll make an announcement if such an option becomes available. At this point though, MW Standard and MW Premium are absolutely the same. They will start differing after we release MW Premium 3.0 with crypto currencies support (we’ve been working on this for over a month now), but until then they are still the same in terms of functionality.

      • Cristóbal Torres-Vélez
        December 13, 2017 6:50 pm

        Count me in as someone who don’t use Online Banking and would prefer to pay a little less for Premium without it.

    • I am fully in agreement with you. I am ready to pay a subscription but I don’t use the online banking. So Moneywiz plus seems to be the solution. I am a moneywiz user for 3 years.

  • No online banking link required here either – I like being directly connected to my budget by entering manually. I would prefer a distinct and separate charge to those who need the online bank connection

  • I have MoneyWiz also, I have purchased IOS, windows, Mac and Android licenses. Yeah, pretty much everything except the online banking.

    Make the story short, I am on the other side of the world, and just don’t benefit from any online banking features. I would +1 to David’s comment above.

  • Hitesh Kotecha
    December 15, 2017 3:16 pm

    +1 to David’s comment. I also don’t need online bank synchronization – it doesn’t add that much value to me.
    Crypto currency is ok – not very important to me but just ok. I can see that jumping on bandwagon with crypto might get you more users, more kudos.
    So for now I still don’t see benefits for subscription.
    With the forum gone – we seem to have lost requested features and fixes. Looks like I will have to keep a personal list rather a shared list.
    So top of my list are:
    Issues with mortgages – doesn’t allow variable and changing interest rates. Doesn’t allow extra payments and automatically calculate remaining balance
    Issues with investments – each account should track how much you’ve invested rather than just the movement of stocks. Similar to cost basis but for whole account. This way you know whether you are in profit or loss overall.
    Shared database – family accounts. In fact, I would quite happily pay subscription just for this.
    Much better reports with income/expenses in same report etc. Also reports that show how your investments are doing, especially with property investments where you might have mortgages, initial down payments, bank accounts, rental income and cash expenses that need to be considered in the report.
    Some proper AI capabilities with budgets – where spending habits are properly analyzed.

    Finally my worry for you guys is from new online banks – a couple of them are going to integrate a lot of the features that are in MoneyWiz straight into their online bank app. Also in the UK sharing of basic account data with third parties is going to be possible soon. So different bank accounts and mortgages can easily be shown in a single app interface. Crypto and stockbroker accounts is already possible.

    • Hi Hitesh,

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s noted.
      As for banks making apps that provide more functionality – while this is technically possible, my experience with having used over 40 different banks worldwide, is that banks don’t generally provide that much functionality. Their primary business is not that, and most of them are clueless about new technologies, software design etc…what most of them do is that they outsource their websites/apps to some teams that are equally clueless. Time will tell, I am just saying that I don’t think banks are replacing PFM anytime soon. Look at the US – that has been possible since ever, and still – people use PFM software as it’s tailored for PFM, while banks’ apps are not.

      I have a few questions about your feedback:
      “Shared database – family accounts. In fact, I would quite happily pay subscription just for this.”
      – What do you mean? You can currently share the same SYNCbits account with family members… or you mean to share just particular account(s) and budgets?

      “Issues with investments – each account should track how much you’ve invested rather than just the movement of stocks. Similar to cost basis but for whole account. This way you know whether you are in profit or loss overall.”
      – That should be possible even now. If you set cost basis on your stocks (assuming you manage them manually), you would see total account G/L as well. Or I misunderstand what you mean?


      • Hi Pawel
        Shared databases – some accounts only. But it needs to cope with transfers properly. There are several use cases – e.g. you buy a house with someone (with 2 or more legal owners). This purchase in turn will have a shared mortgage account and possible 1 or more other shared accounts. Any money coming in to a shared account for this purpose would need to be marked as either a transfer or an income – external transfer in is currently not possible. In addition, the other party(parties) maybe using MoneyWiz or maybe not. If they are then this account would be shared in syncbits. Also for NetWorth purposes, you need to say what percentage should be included for you.

        Investments- as you say it is similar to cost basis but doesn’t work when within the account you make lots of changes. E.g. I transfer $20000 into account, I buy Apple and Intel stocks(50/50). After 2 months I sell 50% of Intel and buy IBM. After 1 month I sell 20% of Apple and keep it as cash (waiting for opportunity). The cost basis for each stock is ok (a bit cumbersome but manageable) but what about the cash part. Currently I create a separate Buy for Cash and when needed sell cash and then buy a new stock. All this is a lot of transactions just to get to a correct account profitability status. And if you are a trader (I’m not) then over time you could end up buying and selling a lot which may make it impossible to track cost basis for each stock. Having a safety net where you mark the transfer in as investment then the overall profitability is easier to calculate – remember also some people might not care about individual stock profitability.

        • Hi,

          Noted about the shared database.

          As for the investments – I still believe we have what you need 🙂 If you open the investment account on mobile, swipe horizontally on the chart and you will see statistics about the account, one of which is the account G/L. On Desktop (Mac & Windows) that information is just above the chart itself. I just checked and we call it “Change”… so you see:
          Market value
          Total value

          Change is the total account G/L.

          • Sorry to disagree. I wanted to upload pictures but doesn’t allow. Anyway I made a test account with exactly the scenario I described earlier in the blog. This is the result at the top of the investment account (today’s valuation):
            Cash : 2241.48
            Market Value : 21953.00
            Total Value : 24194.48
            Change : 19.71%
            I invested 20000 – my gain is 4194.48 (24194.48 – 20000) which is 20.97% not 19.71%. The reason is because there is no cost basis for the Cash unless I create a “false” cash trade which doesn’t make sense.

          • Hi,

            Can you email this to [email protected] and ask to have it assigned to Iliya, so we can have a look?


      • Hi Pawel
        On the other point about replacing PFMs- I think you are right about banks not caring enough. My home country is U.K. but I work in the Middle East- so for me this app is excellent and serves most of my purposes. I use it at least once or twice a week. Also for information, the examples I’ve given here and in the past are pretty close to how money management and investments are for expats like myself.
        Having said that I also keep an eye on progress in UK and Europe and what I’m seeing is “new” banks are entering the picture with big ideas. Most are new in name only as they partner with incumbents. Some however have it in their roadmaps for a one-stop shop marketplace for money management which includes functionality like this app.
        Anyway we will see what happens – for someone like me it want change much since I have more complicated requirements and I believe it is where apps like yours are perfectly placed to help.
        Keep up the good work

  • +1 for having a subscription without online banking support, although I would still prefer to buy the standard version in the beginning of the development even without having new features. I understand there is a development roadmap and new features announced that are coming later, so I have no problem to pay in the beginning once and wait for the new features.

    Regarding the new UI and design is it planned for February 2018 as well or later ? Will you maybe give us a sneakpeek before the official release ?

    Great work guys! Keep it up!

    • Hi Nick,

      The UI redesign will start as soon as we release the crypto currencies update. Actually the actual work will start earlier but the implementation will be after we release the crypto update. But the crypto update will be the first update of 3.0, so basically it’s the next big update we release and then – it’s UI time.

  • hi,
    is moneywiz 2 std already made for iPhone X? if not, is it going to be?

  • It could be implemented the function of showing parcels of transactions in installments (1/3, 2/3, 3/3 …).

    Poderia ser implementada a função de aparecer as parcelas de transações parceladas (1/3, 2/3, 3/3…).

  • Hey guys!

    +1 on having a cheaper annual subscription without online banking features. None of the banks in my country support online banking for financial apps… All I need is to be able to sync across devices, so there’s really no sense in getting the current really expensive subscription.
    Assuming you release a new major version every 3 years (like you did from MW2 to MW3, although on some other blog post it said it was planned to be released in Q1 2017, so that would’ve made it two years) the subscription price for the next three years should add up to somewhat the same as buying the apps separately, otherwise it’s still not gonna make any sense switching to the subscription based model…

  • Victor Arantes
    December 19, 2017 9:26 pm


    Sorry if this has already been answered, but is there a way for me to set a fix % on investments accounts? If I have an investment account that returns 1% over total invested amount every month, how do I set that up on MW so it updates automatically.

  • Hey guys, i’m glad to know moneywiz 3 is in development. I agree with most of the user up here, online banking wouldn’t be a obligatory feature. Personally it was totally useless in my experience. Actually i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and there is no support for local banks.
    I would like you try some fixed-term deposit features, an auto money converter calculator. And improve the translations.

    Best wishes…

  • I am currently a Quicken 2018 user and am interested in MoneyWiz. How hard will it be for me to export and import my data? Do I have to do it one account at a time? Thanks.

  • I too do not need or want online banking

  • I was quite happy with MoneyWiz1, I don’t need all the latest ‘bells and whistles” that can be dreamt up every year.

  • I agree with most of the users in this section which mention that Online Banking is not a necessary functionality that is needed. I personally use MoneyWiz to help me in recording my expenses and keeping them within my budgets. The addition of Investment Accounts is a great feature. However, there is an additional request that I have. I live in India and use the Investment accounts to track my Portfolio and my Mutual Funds. However, the Name displayed on the Portfolio is the Script Name which appears in Yahoo Finance instead of the actual company name. For e.g. I have shares for a company called Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) which has the script name as CDSL.NS. Now this is okay for Stocks but for Mutual Funds, the DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Reg Gr fund is displayed as F000000CBS.BO which is difficult to track since the user needs to go to Yahoo Finance to actually find out which fund the script belongs to.

    It would be great if you could address this issue as soon as possible. And I too would be interested in version 3 without Online Banking as a one time purchase option.


  • As a MoneyWiz user outside the U.S., online banking does little for me.
    Therefore, Premium’s bundling online banking policy does not make sense for me.

    I’m OK with the subscription model, willing to buy a less expensive Premium without online banking, if there’s such plan.
    If you release MoneyWiz 3 Standalone with a new UI (eg 3.1), I’ll buy it anyway and be excited about the upcoming features in 3.x.

    I understand Bitcoin support will be a big news. But I don’t buy these what-ever coins at all.
    Rather, I would like to see usability improvements. It worth a new paid release.
    Such as on Mac
    * Split transactions
    * Faster UI (it’s still slow, when opening and closing the transaction edit dialog)
    * Compact layout (I have about forty accounts. And the list is too long to find the account I want to use)
    * Merge payees. Prune payees without transactions
    * Search payees in preferences/payees. (Unlike English: always a,b,c,…, in my language, the character ordering does not make sense at all.)
    On iOS: in-place quick-entry widget


    • Thanks Daniel. All noted!
      PS Split transactions, faster UI, new UI which should fit more info (i.e. compact UI), search payees and merge payees are coming anyway 🙂

      • Great!!! Hope to see them soon

        Yet another small list of features I would like to have ‍♂️.

        1. Undo/redo feature. Sometimes I edit old transactions, but some fields are automatically changed (auto-complete rules) without awareness.
        When I found it’s changed, I had no hint the original one was.
        A undo/redo feature will be handy!

        2. Merge an expense transaction and an income into a transfer transaction.
        When it comes to Bank A CSV and Credit Card B CSV, with auto-pay from Bank A to Credit Card B,
        this will be useful!

        p.s. I recently found two useful features in the Mac version, thank you MoneyWiz folks!!!
        1. Drag and drop between accounts. It is useful when I was converting (banking+pseudo-stock accounts) into an investment account.
        2. Bulk-edit is fixed!!! It was once buggy that some fields were always overridden, and I dared not use bulk edit. But I found it is fixed now. Very useful bulk-edit!!

        • Well, in my previous reply, the person bowing emoji became the male emoji, and other emojis all disappeared…
          It’s strange o_O.

        • Hi Daniel,

          1 – we have it on our todo but right now it’s not with high priority.
          2 – I am not sure I understand the use case… can you explain in more details?
          3 – Drag & Drop should work if you are on desktop, using the spreadsheet view table…does it not?

          • Thanks Iliya!

            1. Got it.

            2. In a global view, we see a transfer, say pay the credit card bill of Credit Card B
            by the money in Bank A.

            For Bank A only, it is only an expense (to pay the credit card bill).
            For Credit Card B only, it is only an income (to get the bill paid).

            When transactions in both accounts are imported from CSVs separately,
            you’ll get these “transfers as expense-income-pair transactions”.
            The use case is to transform the expense and income pair into a transfer transaction.

            3. Well, it’s not a wish.
            I meant,.. Although I didn’t expect the feature, I just tried to drag-and-drop, and it worked. It’s great! Good job!

  • +1 with all users above. I am really excited for version 3 but I don’t care about online banking.
    A new UI is needed.
    “Forex support”? Really curious to see how 🙂

    • Hi Yannick,

      Just to clarify on the Forex – it won’t automatically download trades unless Yodlee supports a particular institution, but it will allow you to exchange holdings… for example exchange USD for GBP etc…right now there is no such functionality in investment accounts, so we’re adding it for the Forex and cryptos.

  • Albino Vila Perez
    December 24, 2017 5:11 pm

    I am working on MW 3 premium and I don’t use online Banking. I’m hapy.

  • I do not live in the United States, so online banking is not meaningful to me. I need more easy to use more beautiful design. Better translation, English is not a native language, moneywiz2 Chinese translation is not good

    • Hey,

      About that Chinese translation – would it be possible to email us at [email protected] and tell us what’s not good so we can improve it? We can also send you the entire Chinese localization text file if you find that an easier way to improve it.

      Thanks so much in advance.

  • Ilya, I understand from Marina in your support team that you are the owner of your yet, small company – best person to discuss improvements with.
    I am a very detailed person and I have been researching which PFM App to purchase and start using for as long as one year now.
    Yours was in my top 3. I am now in a position to decide which one to choose… but…

    1) I need some level of automation behind transaction capturing… I cannot do it all manually… not in this day and age.
    I live in a country where banks will be very slow in opening up with any integrator like SaltEdge.
    Even the one which is listed in SE does not come up when one searches in the App to link an online account with.

    So here’s my solution (which is simple and beautifully universal) and I have, in fact, suggested this a few times this year via emails to your support team:
    Most, if not all banks send and most banking customers accept SMS notifications for every credit/debit card transaction.
    You can develop your App (at least on Android, surely) to read/parse SMSs and, when they come from the bank (recognised by the sender, or the bank name in the text of the SMS) to automatically populate the App database with the entry.
    The amount of the transaction, the provider name, the date can all be extracted based on the pre-determined and fixed format of the SMS and can be coded to populate the expense database with structured data, and not just an unstructured text.
    Even auto-categorisation could be picked up from the text, if say a predetermined word is found “grocery”, for example.
    This should be an easy way to automate the recording of transactions even without any deep integration with the user’s bank, which seems to be rare, sensitive and, at best slow in some parts of the world.
    This SMS parsing is already implemented in some Apps (a small one I found, which is good, but not good enough yet from a UI perspective).
    And here’s one more reason – after months of chasing, the only bank in my country of residency which showed as integrated with MoneyWiz via SaltEdge, Emirates NBD, denied such integration exists for their bank. How do you tackle this? It sure must be investigated and cleared from your side, right?
    Lastly on this topic, you are US based, I guess… and so are the aggregators you work with. This means that there is little or no focus on the rest of the world and it will take a long time and a lot of resources to integrate more and more banks online.
    The SMS parsing will open all the doors to any country, any bank – if designed intelligently (the feature should, for ex. allow flexibility for the end user to define/correct what key words the parsing should use and what action to take).
    If you implement SMS parsing really soon and I will become your loyal, paying user.
    I am even ready to pay an amount (to be discussed) for you developing this feature integrated in your App.
    You refund me once you genuinely see how much more traffic and customers this would bring to you in a flash 🙂

    Can my wife also use the App/Access once I pay for one subscription? I hope the answer is yes, since I would need her to also track expenses on her own. And I hope she can have a different user, with access that I can define – read/write, and which areas of the App she can have access to.
    This is, for example, a feature that Wallet already incorporates. Please confirm.

    2) I asked the following question to your support:
    “One of your main competitors is “Wallet – Budget Tracker”.
    Your subscription cost is 220 Aed/year, while Wallet is 110 Aed/year (local currency in UAE). I hope you know them well as one of your main competitors and I need to know why I should spend exactly double the amount for your App.
    What is it that you have as unique selling points and they don’t. Kindly don’t point me to the 400 features list. I have gone through them and it is, I admit, impressive. But they also have a long list of features.
    If you don’t have the answer already, kindly take a look at Wallet and let me know – why should I chose your App, despite being double the price?”
    The answer was – you have Apps for all platforms (so do they, by the way) and that you integrate with more banks – not a selling point for me, as described.
    Let me know what you think of this exchange.

    3) User Levels, I think that ideally there should be an administrator who can define users and their level of access.
    I was asking about an Access/View Restrictions feature that a main MoneyWiz account holder/admin can setup for other users. I absolutely need to have a user for my son ONLY to Log Cash/CC payments and nothing else – no view of expense list, balance amounts on CC or Current/Saving Accounts… Just Add payments/costs and categorise the expense according to the type.
    Let’s think for a second – who is your audience? Individual people, yes? But most of these have families and most of the time the finances are common/shared.
    The father could need to allow even children, after a certain age, to log their expenses and all to be aggregated in one place/database for the family, logical?
    In which case, the father/administrator, for ex. would surely want to restrict some things/views/reports/access inside the App.
    The answer was – not yet, maybe in MW3, etc.

    Please let me know your thoughts overall.

    Cristian Sucu, M.Sc, MBA
    Director, Operations

    [From moderators: Signature redacted for privacy reasons]

    • Hi Christinan,

      Thank you for the feedback. Let me address it:
      1. SMS parsing – while we may do this one day, for now we’re not doing it because there is no common standard and too many countries and banks to handle. From your perspective it’s good if we can handle your bank, but if we announce we have SMS parsing then it will be 1 star ratings for every customer whos bank we don’t handle. So we’re avoiding this feature for now, due to lack of any form of standartization.
      2. Multi-person access – yes, as long as you and your spouse share the same SYNCbits account then one subsription is enoug.
      3. User levels – we want to do this one day too. We actually want to do a web version one day and user levels will be very appropriate when that happens, but for now we have limited resources and we’ve put our priorities on different features, so this particular feature is not coming soon.

  • I am a MoneyWiz user almost since its begging and these are Great news indeed! I am excited about the new features, particularly the support for income budgets and the new UI. I use the standard versions since the online banking is not supported in my country (and in most of the countries I think), and I think that there should be a more affordable subscription without this feature for users just like me.
    Nevertheless, I have to admit that recently I am trying out other solutions because MoneyWiz still is not able to truly act as a “net worth management” app. It is great for the daily expense tracking and it syncs beautifully across the devices, but it is not ideal for goal setting (at least until now) and to manage different assets. And for me it is imperative to have more kinds of assets (namely real estate), with possibility to buy/sell totally or partially and to register some expenses relative to an asset. The amount of reports that could be generated from here, for example ROI reports and stuff like that, would make this the most complete app of its genre out there. Do you guys plan to support of kinds of assets in the near future?

    • The UI update that you announced is also great. I have no complaints about the speed, but the readability of everything should be improved. I mean, a more elegant menu, with more space for useful content I think would be great. I would also like to see a major improvement over the budget/goals interface. For example, I think that MoneyPro app handles this beautifully… Regarding the reports, my suggestion would be to have better color schemes and, if possible, more interactive graphs (for example, PowerBI style).
      Thanks for your work guys! Keep earring our suggestions and improving the app and that’s the way for the success!

    • Hi Rafael,

      For now we don’t plan assets handling actually… but one workaround I can suggest is to put assets’ value in a Cash acccount dedicated just for assets (i.e. for example cash account named Assets). In this account you can put the Assets’ value as either incomes or adjust balances. Would that workaround work for you?

      • Hi iliya, thank you for the answer!
        I already tried that approach, and of course it is possible, although tricky, to handle assets that way. But an asset is not an account. Money is not transferred to and from there the same way as a checking account. A transaction related with an asset should be linked with that asset and a checking account.
        Regarding the income goals, when do you plan to release that feature?

        • Hi Rafael,

          Income goals will come in MW 3.x but in which exactly version I am not sure yet. For now the priorities are:
          1. Crypto
          2. Background sync
          3. New UI
          And then we’ll take it from there and decide on which will be fastest to implement…

          • +1 for Income Goals / Envelope Budgeting. Coming from MoneyWell, YNAB, Mint (no envelope), and Every Dollar this is an amazing way to budget. Currently I am using MoneyWiz along with a spreadsheet to manage envelope budgeting, but would love to test or have this feature at #4 or sooner.

    • Hi iliya and thanks for your prompt response.
      I think you are missing one important point in my suggestion – the SMS parsing module/feature needs to be user-configurable…. so you will not hold any responsibility for wrong captures of SMSs. It is very easy to do and I will share with you some existing Apps and even free codes that you could probably use with very little modifications/effort.
      So the issue of “bank-compatibility” is really not an issue. Banks send SMSs with some text. It is then up to the user to define which Banks/phone number/contacts the SMSs should be parsed from, which text bits to interpret and how to process those. It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t.

      Here are the resources I was talking about:

      Some of these codes are already ready for what I said above – they let the user define how the feature is to be used – sender, text interpretation, etc.

      Worse case scenario, if users don’t want/like this feature they can always ignore it, thus no 1-star ratings should come up because of it. Your App can handle manual inputs and bank integrations (for those lucky ones).

      ilia, let me know what you think with this added perspective and links… I was very serious when I asked how much money do you want to add this feature…. with the option, entirely to your discretion, to refund it to me if it proves to be a great success – which I have no doubt it will.
      Just look at all the inputs in this forum – most are stating that they can’t use the bank integration feature… and then they ask for the additional/cheaper type of subscription without that feature… what if all these people can have a different channel to automate their transaction capturing?

      I also second Rafael’s requirement as well.

      • Hi Christian,

        Thanks for posting these links! To be honest I haven’t researched about that due to the lack of standardization as a showstopper but indeed the idea to allow the user to define the format based on their specific bank in an easy to use UI is appealing. Given that, there are high chances we’ll squeeze this into a future MW 3 update as it is indeed very good feature to have for people who’s bank is not supported otherwise!

        • Сергей
          May 7, 2019 7:12 am

          “Учитывая, что есть большие шансы, мы сможем сжать это в будущем обновлении MW 3”
          – Здравствуйте! Вы смогли реализовать это (функция синтаксического анализа SMS) в MW3?

  • Hi,
    I’m also long time user and never needed online banks sync and really do not like subscription mode. I like the standard version where it was arround 10eur and I’m using it few years now. I would not pay 50eur/year for premium, that is just too much.

  • I can understand the kudos of supporting crypto currencies before anyone else but it is an incredibly minority feature to place ahead of things like proper budgeting. I was very serious about adopting Moneywiz back in September – so serious that I spent a month getting it set up, import ing 5 year’s transactions etc. Then the turn of the month came and I adjusted my budget for increased expenses – only to find that my change was retrospective for the previous month as well – which I most definitely did not want! I just struggle with crypto support being priority over something as very fundamental as that – as it appears to mean a wait to Q3 to get budgeting sorted. I would love to commit 100% to Moneywiz- if only budgeting could be sorted!

    • Hi Paul,

      Noted. We’re focused on crypto right now as we see growing number of customers requesting it and it would give us great market advantage to be the first to fully support it. Budgets will come too though, we’re already working on the new budgeting logic but the actual implementation will have to wait for until after crypto & new UI.

  • I love MW2 but I am not a premium user because u don’t need Premium’s Features, I think it is not fair wait One year for MW3 just because the developers wants to change standards users to premium users , I feel like they want to earn more money with their fidelity customers , to me it is a bad strategy I am already trying to find new alternatives to MW2 in the apple store.

    • Hi Fernando,

      I am sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately the software industry has developed in such a way in recent years that it makes it almost impossible for a small development studio to support itself and grow without subscriptions, hence the industry wide focus on subscriptions. For that reason software developers everywhere (us included) feel more inclined to incentivize their customers to migrate to subscription.
      Subscriptions allow for predictable income, which in its hand allows for better company budgeting and forecasting which allows for better execution. Also the subscription model puts proper incentive for the developers to improve the product long term so they can keep their subscribers on board and happy, so it’s actually a win-win. I understand that subscription is not suitable for everyone yet, and we’re still trying to make MW accessible to people who don’t want to subscribe, but the ones who do subscribe will just get it faster. One of the perks of being a subscriber – shows a commitment from the customer to the company and the company has to return the same to the customer – commitment and superior experience.

      I hope that makes sense.

    December 29, 2017 10:21 am

    good morning, I would like to know the list of Italian banks

    • Hi Matteo,

      You can download MoneyWiz Free (trial), go to create an account and then select Online Banking as an account type and then search for your banks to see if they show up. If they do show up then they are supported. You don’t need to pay anything to search for banks in the free/trial version of MoneyWiz.

  • Hi, my MoneyWiz subscription doesn’t finish finish until June 2018, I’m guessing that there is no way that I can benefit from any offers being made now?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Unfortunately yes. The offerings are only valid for new customers signing up during the set time frame. But we have deals rather often so when your subscription is soon to expire just check out our website for current deals.

  • Susan Anderson
    December 29, 2017 3:59 pm

    I am a subscription premium user already. I just want to be clear in my mind—will I need to purchase the Money 3 before Jan 3 or will I receive it automatically and my card be charged?

    • Hi Susan,

      If you are already a Premium subscriber you will receive MoneyWiz 3 automatically without any further charges (other than your existing subscription).

  • Hi iliya,
    First and foremost, thank you and your team for your great support. Nevertheless, I also have some eagerly awaited fixes and/or feature requests. I started using MW about four years ago and I still haven’t seen any improvements in handling transfers between accounts (online-to-online as well as online-to-offline). This is a major pitfall in MW2. The online-banking feature for Austria is still a pretty mixed bag. While it saves me quite some time, it still does not work flawlessly and I am still experiencing duplicate transactions. In the end, I still have to regularly check every online-banking transaction by myself. Also the auto-categorization feature is far from perfect (german language). Furthermore, I wanted to quote the following of Daniel’s requests, as they are important for me as well:
    * Split transactions
    * Faster UI (it’s still slow, when opening and closing the transaction edit dialog)
    * Merge payees. Prune payees without transactions
    * Search payees in preferences/payees. (Unlike English: always a,b,c,…, in my language, the character ordering does not make sense at all.)

    I also agree what Hitesh said about new functionality of banking (web-)apps. I see the same development for Austrian banks. Nowadays they provide good functionality out of the box and might soon be a serious contender, as they can already integrate accounts from other bank as well. They are regulated under European data and privacy law and thus more trustworthy as US-based service providers. Also keep an eye out for the new payment services directive (EU) 2015/2366.

    Keep up your good work. Very much looking forward for V3.

    • Thanks for the feedback Emanuel, just to comment on the transfers issue – this happens because there is no standardized way to communicate that a transaction is a transfer between two specific accounts. There is a way to communicate it’s a transfer out or a transfer in, but no details as to ‘out where’ or ‘in from where’. Anyways, technological pitfalls aside, this is one thing we plan to address soon and do our own handling of it.

  • Hi Iliya. Thanks for your support and kind responses to all questions.
    I think by the moment I´d prefer not to purchase the v.3 Premium. Do you think I will be able to continue using MW2 normally? I mean with SYNC and my current preferences. I’m not user of the naming issues, just personal finance.

    • Hi Matias,

      Absolutely, MW 2 will continue to work. We will not make it not work, we don’t want to force anyone to migrate. I hope we manage to pull such a great product with MoneyWiz 3 that people will naturally want to migrate, but I can assure you that we will never limit our software. Also MoneyWiz 2 support & updates will continue throughout 2018 (although only bug fixing updates and no new features).

  • Dear Iliya,

    First of all, thank you for creating one of the most useful apps that I have ever purchased. I am currently using both MoneyWiz 1 and MoneyWiz 2 (with online banking and the Windows desktop app). I use MoneyWiz 2 as a back up and manually enter all transactions into MoneyWiz 1, as I prefer its user interface + colour scheme and like the increased detail (like exact times of transactions and specific payee names) that is not available from downloaded online transactions.

    After reading the posts in this thread, I would strongly suggest that you focus on implementing features and functionality that *you* feel will benefit the *majority* of users, rather than trying to implement obscure feature requests that most people won’t care about. As an aside, I find it amusing that often individuals with the longest, most obscure feature requests are also those least willing to pay for an app.

    With limited development resources, focusing on user interface, speed and stability should be prioritized. Elegant, stable software that works for 99% of “normal” users is always a better compromise than buggy bloatware crammed with dozens of non-intuitive features that will appeal to only a few dozen (or hundred) paying customers. If you can add extra features without affecting the overall functionality, then great, but please don’t wreck your fantastic software trying to appease a vocal minority.

    I miss the UI of MoneyWiz 1 and hope MoneyWiz 3 will look more like the original version, or at least add in the ability to use themes including one that can replicate the look and feel of MoneyWiz 1. There’s something about the design of MoneyWiz 1 that makes it even more of a pleasure to use compared to MoneyWiz 2.

    To be honest, most of what I need in personal finance software was already in MoneyWiz 1, so if you can maintain the simplicity of MoneyWiz 1 while gradually adding useful *stable* features, I will continue buying each new version and paying for the back up of having online banking. I suspect that MoneyWiz will continue to occupy one of the four spots for favourite apps on my iPhone dock indefinitely.

    Congratulations to you and your team for building such great software.

  • Will you be able to match transfers between accounts in MoneyWiz 3? One thing that drove me crazy about MW is that when I changed a transaction to a transfer it made a duplicate transaction on the other account. I would then have to go to the other account and delete that transaction. It was tedious because I have daily transfers setup automatically between accounts. YNAB and other apps will automatically recognize and match transfers between accounts.

    I don’t even care if MW 3 does it automatically, I just don’t want the transaction duplicated on the other account.. If I change something to a transaction between accounts, let me manually select the matching transaction on the other acct and I would be happy. MW was great besides that, but it was enough to make me leave.

    • Hi Colin,

      I can confirm that it’s one of our high priority tasks to make MW 3 handle transfers in different situations (like the one you described) automatically.

  • Will Moneywiz 3 available on iOS, Windows and Android devices if we are using Moneywiz thru Setapp?

    • Hi,

      MW 3 will be developed on all platforms. As for Setapp users – we’re still working on figuring out the best way to handle MW 3 and Setapp in such a way that will allow people to use MW and not be forced to pay something they didn’t expect.

  • Ubiratan Vieira
    January 8, 2018 4:17 am

    Vcs saberiam informar se esse aplicativo possui essas 7 funcionalidades?

    1º) Criar mais de 4 níveis de Subgrupos ou subcategorias ou Subníveis (subnível)

    O objetivo é analisar as despesas ou gastos forma extremamente minuciosa. Por exemplo:
    Quanto nesse mês na categoria “cartórios” (nível 1) eu gastei? E com cartório de
    registros de imóveis (nível 2)? Para uma análise mais criteriosa se eu quiser por zona
    ou cidade (nível 3) ou por solicitações de registros, matrículas atualizadas e
    averbações (nível 4), ou se eu quiser segmentar mais ainda e ver dentro de
    “averbações” (nível 5) como casamento, óbito, divórcio ou baixa de

    2º) Pré-cadastrar as tags ao invés de digitar no momento do registro das receitas/despesas evitando erros na hora do preenchimento ou duplicidades?

    3º) Realizar o cadastros das despesas e receitas geolocalizados (através do mapa)

    4º) vincular receitas e despesas com contas de bancos e cartões de créditos

    5º) Plataforma multiusuário (uso familiar ou empresarial)

    6º) Armazenamento dos dados na nuvem

    7º) Exportar as transações em qualquer formato

    • Olá,

      Deixe-me responder suas perguntas:
      1. Sim, você pode criar mais de 4 sub-níveis de categorias.
      2. Sim, você pode pré-registrar tags. Basta acessar Configurações / Tags e você pode pré-registrar-los.
      3. Nenhuma localização geográfica para despesas / rendimentos por enquanto
      4. As despesas e os rendimentos estão sempre ligados a uma conta específica no MoneyWiz. Significando que você registre as transações em uma conta.
      5. Multiusuário é possível via SYNCbits (para ter várias contas SYNCbits), mas mudar entre contas é completamente manual no momento. Em breve, tornaremos mais rápido e fácil o fato de muitos de nossos usuários usar o MoneyWiz com vários conjuntos de dados e isso será um recurso muito conveniente. Então, isso é possível, mas não é convincente agora e em breve também será conveniente.
      6. Sim, o MoneyWiz trabalha com SYNCbits para armazenamento em nuvem e sincronização de todos os dados do MoneyWiz, exceto recibos. Os recibos podem ser sincronizados via Dropbox.
      7. A exportação está atualmente em CSV. Nós planejamos adicionar QIF no futuro também, mas atualmente é apenas CSV.

      • Ubiratan Vieira
        January 8, 2018 5:22 pm

        EU consigo criar até quantos sub-níveis de categorias?

        Eu sou despachante de imóveis e muitas vezes antecipo os gatos para o clientes. No meu controle atual de despesas eu crio minhas contas principais e a conta clientes para controlar individualmente as despesas e receitas que eu tive com eles, para tal análise e controle eu necessito mais mais de 4 níveis (subgrupos ou subcategorias) onde o principal objetivo é analisar as despesas ou gastos de forma extremamente minuciosa. Por exemplo: Analisando as contas de clientes separadamente, quanto neste mês eu gastei na categoria “cartórios” (nível 1). E com cartório de registros de imóveis (nível 2)? Para uma análise mais criteriosa se eu quiser saber por zona ou cidade/município (nível 3) ou por solicitações de registros, matrículas atualizadas e averbações (nível 4), ou se eu quiser segmentar mais ainda e ver dentro de “averbações” (nível 5) como casamento, óbito, divórcio ou baixa de hipoteca?

        Através da análise de despesas do seu relatório de eu consigo separar e subcategorizar as despesas de cartório e ele separar pelos clientes (contas clientes) me dando os custos gerais mensais e pelo cliente de forma extremamente minuciosa (como descrito acima acima), quanto desse custo é efetivamente meu e quais são os dos meus clientes. Quem me deve e de quem eu recebi e qual foi o meu lucro e o que eu ainda vou lucrar pelo valor cobrado. De onde veio a origem dos gastos, da minha conta ou de adiantamento do cliente? De quais contas eu peguei o dinheiro e transferir e realizar os gastos dos clientes? Quanto nesse mês gastei com averbações de devolução de processos?.

  • Will Crypto tax reporting will also be part of MW3? Since you’ll be handle all the different trades, I guess, it should be easy to generate the tax reports?

    • Hi,

      Initially you will be able to get basic reports for G/L. Tax reporting for crypto is highly unregulated at the moment so initially there won’t be tax-dedicated reports as nobody really knows what those should be. And they will likely vary by country.

      • Thanks Iliya. Can you comment on what basic reports are planned for Crypto?

        • Hi,

          We’re at the stage of handling crypto operations like exchange of different currencies, transfer between exchanges, looking into options for integrating with exchanges etc. So to be honest we haven’t gotten to the reports part at all, but that also means we’re open to suggestions.

  • Tried Csv import. No transactions showing at all

  • Ubiratan Vieira
    January 15, 2018 1:02 am

    When I buy MoneyWiz3 and other versions (such as MoneyWiz4 or higher), who automatically purchased MoneyWiz3 can I migrate to MoneyWiz4 without having to pay for a new app? Or who gets version 3 and is released version 4 I have to make a new purchase to have access to the new features of version 4 or higher?

    • Hi,

      MoneyWiz basically has 2 different variations – MW Standard and MW Premium. If you go for MW Premium (this is a subscription service) you automatically get all updates, your data is automatically migrated etc. Basically you always have the latest version and you don’t need to do anything about it.
      With MW Standard though, you purchase it once (no subscription unless you want to use the Online Banking feature) but you purchase it once per platform (iOS, Mac, etc) depending on which platforms you need it. Then if you want to upgrade to new major version (i.e. from 3 to 4) you have to purchase it again. Of course, you can just keep using the version you have, we will not cut access or make it unusable after releasing a new major version.

      • Ubiratan Vieira
        January 17, 2018 2:08 pm

        ThanksI understand the difference, but let’s say I get the MW Standard (Currently available in version 2) and in February release version 3 and I get it again, can I automatically migrate my data from version 2 to version 3?

        Where can I check if the financial banks I operate are available for the online bank synchronization feature (if you opt for MW Premium subscription)?

        • Ubiratan Vieira
          January 17, 2018 2:24 pm

          Another question that came up after the above posting is: Let’s say I purchased the Standart MW purchase for IOS and MAC access in version 2 and released version 3 and I only bought the access for IOS (but not for MAC). How is access to the data? Would you access the information via MAC in version 2 and via IOS accessing the same data in version 3?

          • Hi again,

            Actually for SYNCbits to work properly you need to have the same version on all platforms. If you don’t, platforms with older version will auto detect it and disable the sync (it will work in read only mode). This is to prevent data damage that can be caused due to the fact that new versions often modify the data structure after we add new features or optimize existing ones.

        • Hi,

          Yes you can easily migrate your data via SYNCbits. Just log into your SYNCbits account (created in MoneyWiz 2) in MoneyWiz 3 and it will auto migrate you. But we won’t be releasing MoneyWiz 3 Standard so soon (just fyi).

  • Ubiratan Vieira
    January 15, 2018 1:22 am

    MoneyWiz Premium through the website has a warning that if I buy through the site I can only activate it using MoneyWiz for WIn or MAC and the subscription will synchronize with other types of devices. Does this mean that if I buy I can only access via website or I can also access via IOS and Android app since it mentions the sync but does not mention access? In the Store app have MoneyWiz 2 Personal finance, is it also monthly or yearly plan? Can I access via website and app? Doing a comparison, what would be the differences with the premium version? I searched here for specifications and characteristics of Personal finance to compare with the Premium but I could not make this comparison

    • Hi Ubiratan,

      If you buy it via the website you can only activate it via Mac/Windows downloaded from our website (after you buy it you receive email with instructions & download links). But once activated you can use it on iOS and Android downloaded from the respective App Store, that’s not a problem at all, since the subscription (once activated) syncs to all your devices via SYNCbits.

  • I’m a MoneyWiz 2 Std user and would willing to go premium with version 3 if we can get solid commitments to regular bug fixes and feature requests.

    The experience I have had with version 2 was poor, both Windows and Android applications, syncing and support. I have never really transitioned from Microsoft Money because of the slow feature request and issue resolution. I mean, it took over 2 years to get investment accounts added and it is still disappointing, difficult to use and lacking features.

    Some basic features I would like to see in version 3:
    1) Better filtering for reconciled transactions. I currently treat cleared as reconciled because there is no filter for reconciled transactions. What is the point of the advanced reconciliation mode if I have to keep looking at the transactions?
    2) Transfers between account currently appear without a payee and None for the category. The money went somewhere, but I don’t know at a quick glance where the transfer was unless I go to edit mode.
    3) Better bulk editing for Windows. Changing the status of an item shouldn’t give me the same warning dialog every single time. Give us a check box to never show this warning again.
    4) Performance is horrible. With just a few months of transactions in a about 20 odd accounts, the application crawls and struggles to keep up with me. Never had this with MS Money on the same computer and 15 years of data in 50+ accounts.
    5) What type of application is the Windows version? It does not act or respond like any other app or program installed. Resizing the app is not consistent and left and right screen pinning does not work.

    This may sound like a lot of complaining, but I feel like I was a beta tester for Version 3. Better communication and transparency from the company would go a long way to rebuilding trust.

    I want a better experience for what I paid for (or will pay for) and this is honestly the best cross platform personal finance manager out there.

    • Hello Matthew,

      I’m very sorry for the issues you’ve been experiencing with MoneyWiz application on different platforms. I can assure you that our goal is to make them very solid and pleasant to use. We are doing a lot of things internally to make sure that this will happen in the near future such as re-organise our work to make sure less bugs slip through as well as invest in expanding our team to make sure we can push out new features faster. Those changes require some time to show the results but we believe that our customers will see them in the near future!

      I have noted all of your feature requests and comments. I’ll be sure to let our team know that you’re experiencing problems with speed, performance and not-very-native “feel” of MoneyWiz for Windows. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

      • Thanks for the reply Pawel. Looking at the team in the about us section, you don’t have a UX interaction designer or Product Manager. My recommendation to Iliya would be to hire the best he can find and they will become the Voice of the Customer to drive a higher quality product. This is now a requirement for modern software development.

        Some other suggestions for the Windows version.

        1) Move away from the modals that are used to perform every action. They hide too much. And everyone hates popups. It is far easier to inline add and edit transactions much like an Excel spreadsheet than deal with modals. You can also reduce user frustration when (not if) a modal becomes non-responsive, and keep the code base leaner with out the calls.
        2) Improved transaction importing. When a payee is not matched, the list to match the payee neither allows you to search, sort or filter. And the default sort appears to be based on the date the payee was added to the system, but I’m not 100% for sure. Most of the time, I just give up on the import and eyeball match what is in my accounts to MoneyWiz.
        3) Reconciling regular checking accounts is still painful. The dates are not static and the balances jump around too much if you pause. This is another instance that if there is too much resistance to being simple, I give up and eyeball reconcile by balancing accounts in MS Money, then matching up to MoneyWiz.

        In all honesty, once you have a UX and Product Manager, the whole team should really download the last version of Microsoft Money (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20738) and see how they handled reconciling, transaction matching from imports, transfers, including cash accounts as a separate account for investments and the account register layout. Yes, the UI is very dated and it is clunky to use. But, your UXer should be able to distinguish design from function and see how a user would interact with the features of the software. Love or hate MSFT, they really had this down pat and it still works much like a credit/debit accounting system better than any other PFAS on the market today.

        My fear is one day, MSFT will send out an update to Windows 10 that finally kills Money altogether.

  • Personally I am a regular user of online accounts. I appreciate certain reports that allow me to project myself into the future.
    The software Linxo your competitor is cheaper but does not allow to project more than 30 days in the forecast.
    I hope moneywiz 3 will bring a better interface. For me the most interesting is the update in the background of the accounts. I hope that the delay between 2 updates will be reduced (every 4 or 5 hours for example). In addition I still think that the subscription is a bit expensive compared to the competition but I understand the need for cash.
    By cons, do not go too fast on accessory options. It may be better to make the versions more reliable, to improve the time of updating of the accounts, to work the good categorization.
    Congratulations for the work done and the patience of the team.

    • Thank you very much Thomas! We’re always very happy to hear your feedback and comments, both praises and critique. Thank you again!

  • hi
    when will mw3 release ?
    is there any option for having multiple syncbit accounts in this version ?
    is there any option referring to shared accounts in this new version ? if yes, when will be released ? Q1 or Q2 of 2018 ?


    • Hello. You can see the estimated MoneyWiz 3 release date in the blog post.

      You can have multiple SYNCbits accounts even in the current version – just sign out of one and into the other one.

      By shared accounts you mean shared accounts among different SYNCbits accounts? Apologies, this is not currently planned or developed. We might do this in the future but it’s not being actively worked on.

  • Just wondering is there a way to credit an expense account? For example I have a budget account where I transfer a lump sum into every fortnight, I need this lump sum separated into the different expense accounts.

    • Hello Natasha! Can you please contact us at [email protected] please? It’d require a longer answer and we’d need to make sure that we’re on the same page regarding what we refer to as an “account” and “budget” in MoneyWiz as we use those for very different things. Thank you!

  • Hi,
    In his blog we can see that the release of MW 3.0 is in this month of February.

    It will be this month, or there will be a delay, as in the past, those who are already accustomed?

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Please share screenshot of new version UI. If it like v2 i’ll not wait release time and bay another product.

    • Hello, we are not yet ready to share screenshots of the new design but rest assured that we’ll make an announcement as soon as we can show it off!

  • Привет, как работает функция “Возместить”?

    • Тимур, когда Вы получило возврат средств (рефанд), например, Вы вернули что-то в магазине или друг вернул Вам деньги за ланч, то расход нивелируется таким возмещением. можно также делать частичные возмещения.

  • Hi all! Well I for one am very much looking forward to MoneyWiz 3 and will remain a Premium subscriber for the foreseeable future. Keep up the good work!

  • (I’m sure this suggestion has already been made, but the comments thread got too long to comb through it)

    I never cared for the online banking features and I don’t think I will anytime soon, so for me the Premium version is not something I am interested in. Ditto for cryptocurrencies.

    What I would like and I would gladly pay is the MW3 standard version that contains 2 things: Envelope budgeting and income budgets (goals) and background syncing. Add also the new UI and improved reports and you have a version that a lot of users would be interested in buying/upgrading to.

    Would you consider doing that?

    • Hi Panos, we plan to add Income Budgets and other features you have mentioned. Thanks for interest in new version!

      • When will income budgets be added? You’ve been promising this for years now. So many users have been asking for it but nothing happens. I want to be able to plan my income so that the total of the expense budgets are equal to the total of the income budget/goal.

  • We are at the end of February 2018 and no news on release date yet. I have purchased a subscription to premium just to have new release faster and not to wait a year + you have lured me in with 40% discount at the time. I feel conned and tricked into buying premium subscription for a product that is not even fully developed yet. Very un-transparent behaviour and a cheap shot tactic to gain more subscribers.
    Just to be fair, I have been using MoneyWiz for years now and I have paid for it on both, desktop and mobile. I will be asking for a refund.

    • Dominik, thanks for interest in new version!
      MW 3 with forex accounts and cryptos will be released in the end of March/early April. we just can’t release the new version when not all platforms have it implemented and fully tested.

  • Panchovilla
    March 3, 2018 7:05 pm

    I am not sure that this suggestion is already mentioned, but in my opinion, the feature that is preffered on this new version, is to have the ability to export all data in QIF / OFX / TDF. By exporting only in CSV, you are “locked in” in case you want to migrate to another app. I am a Pocketmoney user for the last 7 years and I am planning to move to Moneywiz, I had already tried it and it is a fantastic app, but if I want in the future to move on another app (as Pocketmoney already provides export in various formats), I have to re enter all transactions from the start. Do you really plan to implement this option in the future ?

    • We may add the export to our own format. as for importing data to MoneyWiz, you can use various formats, this was exactly made for migrating from other apps and online-banking statements export that are supported not always in CSV.
      I will note your feedback, thanks!

  • Добрый день. Почему у Вас нет обучения или мануала по программе, чтобы ознакомиться с деталями и примерами использования всех функций?

  • John Paterson
    March 14, 2018 6:45 pm

    I am a very basic user on MW 2 Standard. Really all I need is keeping track of expenses, etc and scheduled items. Online banking is NOT a need and your current subscription offering’s price is way too much. If you come out with a base subscription price (excludes online), then I would consider.

    My purchase date was 4 years ago, and as a casual commentary on your announced and actual feature releases, I think your announcements are hugely premature, getting people all revved up and not coming through for so long. Based on my observations over 4 years, I am mentally adding at least a year to the timeline you have published.

    Sadly to say, I just finished a little project of finding articles along the line of “similar to Quicken for Mac”. Those found were numerous and recent…the sad aspect being not a single mention of MoneyWiz.

    • John, we are discussing in our team whether we can introduce the reduced subscription cost for users who don’t need OB, but only sync between devices. as for 1st update with cryptos and forex MoneyWiz 3 is ready on Mac/iOS platforms but we need to come up with other platforms and retesting. so it should be released this spring.

  • As Matthew above, I have been a MSMoney user since MSMoney 1 came out! Finally deciding to bite the bullet and protect myself against Microsoft Money one day not working , I bought a moneywiz premium subscription. What a nightmare it has been -every complaint Matthew has, I have and a few more… I could not believe that all the basic features of Microsoft Money still don’t appear in Money Wiz 2.0 but will only come in MoneyWiz 3.0.

    I think the helpdesk must be tired of me as I can’t believe basics were not thought of. This is how depressing it is for me .. I have not captured a single transaction in either Money or MoneyWiz since Jan 1 this year (I have hundreds of receipts/etc to capture) because I need to transisition elegantly from Money to Money Wiz due to financial year restrictions …

    Right now, in Money Wiz 2, categories/sub categories cannot be sorted in alphabetical order. How diabolical is this? I have made a RFE. The Desktop Windows app, works in maximised mode only. I have a screen running at 27″ 16:9 screen and I can’t keep MoneyWiz on side and other apps on the other half. It doesn’t support proper windows resizing!

    It appears that MoneyWiz 3 could be the saviour I am looking for … I really do hope it gets the multiple type (expense/income/transfer) in a single transaction right and that if one is using online banking, etc that is smart enough to know that money that leaves one account but appears in another account (same day, amount and reference) is actually a transfer and not an expense in one and an income in another.

    We need to be also to define how ofen the app logs into bank accounts,etc since in South Africa, we get SMS notifications every time someone logs into an account. I would prefer only one a day (at the same time) so that I know it’s moneyWiz doing this and not that my account is hacked. Another personal finance management app in SA does this with great effect.

    In addition, one feature request for receipt copies is to support other cloud platforms like OneDrive or Box.com? I store everything in OneDrive personally, and I hope I could just link to the file in OneDrive, etc.

    • Manish, thanks for your feedback! it’s valuable for us. yes, we plan to add split transactions that you mentioned in one of MoneyWiz 3 updates. Also we plan to simplify transfers as well. if your account is not MFA, auto-refresh is made only 1-2 times a day, unless you refresh it manually more often. if it’s MFA, you can get SMS only after you log in manually as the app can’t refresh without your interference. We chose Dropbox as users from all platforms can use it and our app is multi-platform.

  • Douglas Baron
    March 19, 2018 8:25 pm

    Is the schedule still up?
    Looking forward for MW3…

    • Hi Douglas,

      We should be releasing the crypto update in a few weeks. It will bring other improvements too but the primary focus of that update will be crypto currencies support. Once that’s done we’re moving on to the new UI, and once that’s done too we’re moving on to smaller (but equally important) tasks such as income budgets for true envelope/zero based budgeting, redo of the scheduled section, redo of Reports etc.

  • I’ve been using MoneyWiz for more than 5 years and I definitely like the app for the best functionality it provides. I’ve not seen any other personal finance app that provides the feature set like MW do (I’ve not tried Mint yet as I’m not a US user).

    One thing that I’ve been waiting for long is the UI/UX upgrade. There’s a plenty of room for MW to improve in terms of UX and performance. I, personally, just don’t care about crypto currencies, but will be waiting for UI upgrade that’s coming out in 3.1

  • Hello, I am a user of MoneyWiz 2 Premium. I am looking forward to MoneyWiz 3. When will I update?

    • Hi Ricky! MoneyWiz 3 should be released in April 2018. We’re finishing development of cryptos on Android/Windows platforms as it’s already ready on Mac & iOS.

      • KOUASSI Faustin
        April 1, 2018 6:07 am

        ok Marina
        good luck
        I would like to know what will be the price to migrate from Moneywiz 2 to Moneywiz 3 ?

        • there are no exact prices yet, but you can for sure migrate for free if you have active Premium subscription in current MoneyWiz 2. First the subscription-based version of MW 3 will be released.

  • KOUASSI Faustin
    April 1, 2018 6:03 am

    I am moneywiz user and I am waiting for the version 3 to enhance my accountings

  • I would like to see a subscription without the online banking features. Most of the banks in Switzerland are currently not supported so I’m not able to use it. But I would like to be always on the most current MoneyWiz version.

    • Marco, we’re discussing in our team the possibility of cheaper subscription without OB. also you can export transactions from your online-banking site and import it in MoneyWiz.

      • Marina, any updates regarding a subscription without online banking ?

        • Hi Marco,

          We’ve decided that there are too many issues with doing this for MW 3, instead we plan to do it when we release a web version of MoneyWiz (announcement on that in a couple of months) but the web version will not come this year for sure. So in the near future we won’t have a non-OB premium subscription I am afraid.

  • Hi all,

    It would be a great feature to see in upcoming version : when we select multiple transactions lines, we see the sum and average of the selected lines amounts, just like what Apple sheet applications Numbers does !

    Thanks for the great job so far.

  • Maurice Gosling
    April 7, 2018 2:09 pm


    The biggest problem for me is not being able to edit transactions that have been cleared by my bank but remain pending in MoneyWiz for 3 days. My wife and I work to very strict budgets and it is a major issue not being able to categorise these pending transactions.

    I have tried the “Auto-categorize transactions” option but had to switch it off because it more often than not got it wrong – which made things worse! Because we are always 3 days behind it is very easy to go over budget and being able to control budgets was the main reason I purchased MoneyWiz!

    I can’t be the only person with this problem and hopefully you can address it in Version 3. Many thanks.

  • Maurice Gosling
    April 11, 2018 8:24 am

    Thanks Marina, do you have an estimated delivery date for this feature?

    • Hello Maurice! We’re not sure yet – it might be that it won’t be included in the next immediate update but the one after that.

  • Hi…are there any plans to offer a proper backup facility in MW3? I use MoneyWiz 2 and there is no back option which, considering how important this data is, is amazing. If my iPad data got screwed up but still got sync’d there is no way to restore your data easily.

    At the moment I export to CSV and out of interest I thought could I restore this data easily? So I got an old iPhone, installed MW then tried to import my CSV data. It was not easy. To start with, you have to manually set up all your accounts (in my case 18 of them) which took an age. Then it didn’t seem to bring in the opening balances on the accounts. In the end I gave up.

    I feel that there should be away to either back up the Syncbits file or export a proper backup to Dropbox or somewhere.

    I know you can get at the files using a PC an some external software to access the iTunes backup but that is presuming your clients have a PC.

    I feel strongly that a full and proper backup option should be included in MW3.

    Apart from the backup facility, MW is really excellent.

    • Hello! MoneyWiz for Mac and Windows already have automated backups feature. On Android, there’s no automatic backup but you can easily export your database with just a few taps. The same feature is coming to iOS very soon! We’ll of course push for bigger improvements in this area but we’re happy that we can finally bring iOS to the same level as mobile Android.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I don’t have MW on PC or Mac, just iPad and there is no backup facility as you know. I’m guessing that the iOS backup is going to be part of MW3. Like many others I am not interested in the banking sync or crypto-currencies so will not likely get the backup feature until the end of this year based on your current plan.

    Great shame as personally I think backing up your data is of prime importance.


    • MoneyWiz 3 beta is already released for Mac & iOS. easy export of the iOS database is already implemented there.

      • I pays my subscription directly to MoneyWiz instead of to iTunes Store. Do I still need to sign up with an Apple ID?

        • Hello! Yes. The beta is distributed via Apple’s TestFlight ecosystem so we need your Apple ID to get you onboard.

          • I have received the invitation for MW3 beta fro iOS. When will I receive the one for Mac OS?

          • Hi Nikita,

            We send both at pretty much the same time, so you should have received the macOS one as well. Please check your spam/junk mailbox and if it’s not there, email our support so they can email you the link for macOS beta download.

          • I have checked and haven’t found any the one for MacOS. Can you send it again?

          • Hi,

            Please email us at [email protected] for the download link. We’d rather not publish it publicly to avoid people downloading it accidentally and ending up with MW 3 database and no sync on non-Apple devices.

  • Hi, that’s great news about the backup….but I guess I will still have to wait until the end of 2018 to get it in the one off purchase price version of MW.

  • Juan Andrés
    April 22, 2018 8:45 pm

    I`ve been using MoneyWiz for 6 years or so. I think it would be great to be able to forecast reports based on budgets and scheduled transactions; i.e. future P&L.

    • Hi Juan, you can go to calendar of Scheduled and tap & hold on any future date, you will get the forecasted balance as if all transactions are paid by this date. as for Budgets, you can add a Scheduled with the Budgeted amount to see balance as if its expenses are done.

  • Ubiratan Vieira
    April 23, 2018 1:14 pm

    Olá, mais uma dúvida surgiu. É possível eu ter várias contas e conseguir escolher qual delas eu vou querer compartilhar o acesso conjunto com a minha família? Ou quando eu der o acesso a minha família eles vão ter acesso para todas a contas? Eu sou despachante imobiliário e quero controlar as despesas da minha família e as despesas e receitas dos serviços que presto para meus clientes, sendo assim quero encontrar um meio de manter as contas dos meus clientes sob sigilo e por privacidade é possível?

    • Ubiratan Vieira
      April 23, 2018 1:29 pm

      Olá um complemento a pergunta anterior, acredito que o tradutor não foi generoso deste vez. Eu quero controlar as finanças pessoais da minha família de modo que as despesas e receitas possam ser cadastradas pela a minha esposa e por mim em usuários diferentes. Como profissional autônomo também quero criar contas por clientes e controlar as receitas e despesas dos meus serviços e por uma questão de privacidade eu quero limitar o acesso para estas contas para a minha família. É possível? Eu consigo tirar fotos ou escanear os cupons e recibos de compras?

      • Olá! Desculpe pelo meu idioma – estou usando o Google Tradutor. Se você conceder acesso à sua conta do SYNCbits para alguém, eles terão acesso total a todas as contas da sua conta do SYNCbits. Não é possível limitar a privacidade, desculpe.

        Você pode configurar suas contas de freelancers / empresas como uma conta separada do SYNCbits e fazer login / logout.

        Sim, você pode digitalizar seus recibos e sincronizá-los usando o Dropbox, se necessário. Para mais informações, por favor entre em contato pelo e-mail [email protected]

        • Ubiratan Vieira
          May 5, 2018 6:19 pm

          Hello, within the same subscription can I control my personal finances and that of my corporate services? Is it possible for me to assign a user (as an example to my wife) to register and consult my personal finance data? With regard to my expenses for my corporate services, is it possible for me to assign access only through my access or user? In summary I can create 2 access passwords and decide that one will be the master obviously and decide what I want the other to view and register?

          • Hi Ubiratan, when you share your data, it syncs with all accounts and data. you can’t restrict it. but you can create separate SYNCbits account (with other e-mail) for corporate services and share the password only to this SYNCbits account.

          • Ubiratan Vieira
            May 10, 2018 6:17 pm

            To create a separate SYNCbits account (with another email) for corporate services and another for residences expenses and share the password only for the SYNCbits residential account is it necessary to make 2 signatures?

          • you need to create 2 separate SYNCbits accounts with 2 different e-mails. you can use one subscription.

          • Ubiratan Vieira
            May 18, 2018 2:18 am

            How it works? I have how to record expenses and revenues in the 2 syncbits accounts without necessarily having to disconnect and then reconnect to the corporate and personal syncbit account? If I want to add a corporate expense and I’m logged into the personal account, do I have to change syncbit accounts or just choose which ones I want to post identifying by e-mail?

  • Can I get on the beta program?

  • Наймите таких программистов, которые не будут надеяться, а смогут точно делать всё в сроки и заплатите им, всё равно это деньги пользователей. Вы дали слово, у нас с Вами договорённость, что будет версия 3.0 в феврале, на Вашем месте я бы компенсировал стоимость Premium или сделал скидку на 3 месяца…У меня спрашивают про Ваш продукт и уже смеются…

    • Добрый день, Тимур! спасибо за интерес к 3й версии!
      версия для Mac/iOS уже выпущена как бета, в то время как мы заканчиваем внедрение криптовалютных счетов на Android & Windows. мы придерживаемся политики, что лучше выпустить доработанный функционал чуть позднее, чем потом выпускать срочные обновления с исправлениями:)
      можете подать заявку на участие в бета: https://wiz.money/moneywiz-3-beta/

  • Hi,

    I purchased your iOS app and now I want to purchase the the standart macOS and Windows version for the sync.

    However When I download the trial version for macOS i see the following message – “Cloud synchronization via SYNCbits requires active subscription”

    So my question is – is the SYNCbits only for the subscription users now or can be used for the standart apps also?

    • Hi, you need to Sign Up from iOS Purchase-based app as you can Sign Up only from paid app (or with active subscription). then you can Sign In on other devices. please note, data will sync if you have subscription on one of devices OR if you have the Standard app on all platforms (app with grey icon).

  • David Lawton
    May 8, 2018 1:22 pm

    Will MoneyWiz 3 have support for start dates on accounts? My only annoyance with MoneyWiz 2 is if i add a loan it effects my net worth in the past.

    • Hello David! We cannot promise anything just yet but we hope we can find a solution in the foreseeable future! We’re actively looking into this.

  • Jeremy Fiscus
    May 10, 2018 8:10 pm

    Then only thing I request is being able to see both the cleared and uncleared balance on every account screen. I use virtual account and having to tap the flag to view certain balance is annoying. Specially because it changes the balance in the main accounts screen so it doesn’t match my bank account balance.

  • neill williams
    May 10, 2018 9:31 pm

    I have a few features that I have not figured out how to do, our its not available in Moneywiz 2. I am hopping I can find them in Moneywiz3. When I run a budget report and find a line item were the category is not correct and need to be change. I have to go to the registrar to change it, rather then have the flexibility of changing it in the report. Also if I have a expense item and I make a return, the return now shows up as income, and the 2 do not sync and show me the net. example, I pull out $500.00 in cash, but then deposit $300. My cash budget still shows $500 rather then $200 after I made a deposit.

    • you can edit the transaction directly in the report. but only in Budget report you can’t change the category to the one which is not monitored by this budget. the return can be counted as income only if your refund is bigger than initial expense. please contact us via e-mail for more details.

  • Edward brewer
    May 17, 2018 9:15 pm

    The prices on the uk website for subscription to premium are misleading, as they are excluding VAT, you don’t find this out till you go to the payment page.

    • Hello Edward! The https://wiz.money/buy/ website displays at the bottom “All prices are in USD. Taxes may apply. Prices may be different in other countries, depending on taxes and app store price tiers.” regardless of the region you are in.

  • Any update on MoneyWiz 3 ? I thought that I read that it’ll be released in Jan and then Feb 2018. It’s now 19th May … Can’t wait to give this a try.

    • Hi Darren,

      At this point we’ve been waiting for Apple to approve the update for around a week. It was rejected multiple times, and currently it’s approved for Mac, but not for iOS. Last rejection from the App Review team was yesterday (for iOS), and we resubmitted again, waiting again. Once it’s approved for iOS as well, we’ll release for all platforms at once.

      • Did I understand you correctly? If Apple will not be approved, then users of other platforms will never see the update, even paying money?

        • Apologies for the confusion! No, it’s not like that. Apple might reject our update for various reasons but that does not stop us from fixing whatever they complain about and re-submitting again. And that’s exactly what we’re doing! 🙂 We hope the update will be out around Monday.

  • Cant wait for the new great update !!!! Will this a free update for MoneyWiz 2 users or a new package?

    • Peter, thanks for interest in MoneyWiz 3! the update will be free for users of subscription as you will need just to log in the new version and subscription will also come through.

  • Edward Brewer
    May 21, 2018 9:24 pm

    Could you please tell me how to manually add a transaction on an iOS device, when the accounts are set up to online banking, as the + turns into a sync symbol.

    • Hello Edward! You can enter the Accounts section (where your accounts are listed) and swipe on the account name to reveal +/- buttons. Alternatively, enter the account and tap the 3-dotted button in the top-right and select New Transaction. Last but not least, check out the Expense / Income buttons at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • Hi, when it will be possible to purchase moneywiz 3? I am interested to adjourn my moneywiz 2 to use syncbits but to pay a subscription for an app seems me excessive. Thanks

    • Hi Federico, we plan to release subscription-version the nearest week, Purchase-based version may be released not earlier then New Year 2019.
      Thanks for the interest in MoneyWiz!

  • Daniel Homem
    May 24, 2018 1:11 am

    hi guys
    what is currently the scheduled to release the new version?
    thanks and wish you all a great success!

  • Looks like I am first to comment for the month of June (in Asia timezone, anyway).
    Looking forward to the release of MW3, but i’m given the impression that use of MW3 will be subscription-based regardless of use? I don’t use OB as my bank is not yet in the list, I am just a standard user thus I paid the standard amount (which was on release date-sale back in 2015 I think).

    Will there be a standard price for MW3? when will it be released btw? 🙂

    • Hello Andrea! Yes, you are correct that MoneyWiz 3 at first will only be available to Premium subscribers. However, you’ll be able to use MoneyWiz 2 Standard (the one-time payment option) for now. Once we release MoneyWiz 4, we’ll release MoneyWiz 3 in the Standard version (available as one-time payment). We’ve tried to find a compromise between Premium subscription payment model which gives us the most sustainable income we can use to reinvest in MoneyWiz development and one-off payments. Therefore we believe that MoneyWiz 3 Standard will be available in around 1 year.

      • what if I don’t really need a subscription, but want to use the app and the last version of it
        I can’t imagine why do I need the subscription actually, is that a big deal to release paid 3rd version for such users as me?
        I’ve been using MoneyWiz for almost 5 years and this is really disappointing

        • Hi Sergey,

          We’ll be releasing MW 3 Standard (non-subscription version) at the end of this year. Until then I am afraid the only way to use the latest version is by using MW Premium. If you don’t need a sync account or online banking you can use MW Premium absolutely free actually. If you want to sync or use online banking though, then you’d need the premium subscription in order to use MW3 now.

  • Sebastian Aliaga
    June 7, 2018 3:35 pm

    hi, can you please explain in detail how to manage credit cards. I think the credit account type has not been specially created for that purpouse since you can set close and payments dates.


    • Hello! Credit cards currently differ from other account types only to how we calculate the balance (since there is Credit limit field). Other than that, they are the same. For now! We hope we can introduce more automated credit card support in one of the MoneyWiz updates but we can’t yet say when this would be coming. What you can do as a workaround is to go to Scheduled section and set up a new Scheduled transfer from your Checking account to your Credit account, leaving the Amount field empty.

      When the payment is due, MoneyWiz will ask you to fill out the amount field and process the payment. You will just need to calculate the amount due and fill it in. I understand that this might not be the most comfortable solution but we are already working on making this much easier and more automated.

  • Is Credit Agricole included in your bank list yet? Thank you.

    • Hello! Can you please clarify to which country you’re referring to? Credit Agricole as a bank is available in many countries. 🙂

  • Christophe DUJARDIN
    June 9, 2018 7:01 am

    I’m a moneywiz fanatic but……
    MoneyWiz3 is now updated on my Windows10, on my Ipad, on my Mac….. and can’t be updated on my Android mobile.
    I’ve lost the advantage of having my counts everywhere with me.
    I can’t now note all my credit cards paiements.
    When will you provide the Android update to MoneyWiz 3.

    • Hello! MoneyWiz 3 for Android is actually available already! You should be seeing it on the Google Play Store. If not, please try rebooting your Android device. If the issue persists, please contact us at [email protected] – thank you!

  • Hello,
    I am a user of MoneyWiz2 Premium. Do i also need to pay again to subscribe to MoneyWiz3?

  • When will the moneywiz plus be released? I don’t need the online banking feature…

    • Hi,

      We don’t plan on releasing additional subscriptions for the near future.

    • if you mean MoneyWiz 3 standalone purchase – not earlier then end of the year. currently we focus on new UI, improved split transactions, budgets logic. if you don’t need online-banking/forex/cryptos you can stay in MoneyWiz 2 format for that time. upgrade is not obligatory. we still update MW 2.

  • Have you managed to allow the archiving of year end transactions, I use money on my Windows platform and I can save away all my transactions for each year.
    In MW I can only filter the transactions out, which means my database just keeps growing. I was hoping this would come in MW2 but it Didn’t and I cannot see it meantioned in the MW3 notes ?

    • Steven, if you worry about the database size on the server, you can create 2nd SYNCbits account (with other e-mail) for new data and keep the previous for archiving purposes.

  • How close are you to releasing the new UI design?

    I am eagerly awaiting this as it will determine whether I give MoneyWiz another go or stick with YNAB.

    • Hi Matt,

      We’ll do private focus group preview this week, then public preview in 2-3 weeks and we expect the actual release to happen in early August.
      Have in mind though that the new design will be just that initially – a new design. It’s not going to include income budgets for zero based budgeting. That’s a separate feature that will come later.

  • Very disappointing to see that you are still not planning on offering a different subscription tier, I.e. a Moneywiz Plus without online banking. When the original post came out many people (myself included) said they would pay a subscription, just not the quite expensive one including online banking.
    Personally I love Moneywiz and want to pay for it, but I’m not willing to pay so much for features I do not want or need. However I would definitely go for a lower priced subscription without online banking.
    It feels like you are leaving money on the table here, and potentially pushing customers away.
    As I said, very disappointing.
    Guess I will stick to the standard, and buy the occasional new versions when they arrive.
    Though I fear sooner or later you will no longer offer those

    • Hi Nic,

      We actually did not dismiss this option lightly… given everything we plan and all that we know about how confused people get about payments in MoneyWiz (i.e. the difference between Standard and Premium, the difference between different subscriptions etc) we believe the best of course of action is to leave things as they are until we introduce a web version and then move all payments to the web version. Announcements about this are coming in a month or so.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I will await that announcement with interest.
        Meantime I’m using Moneywiz constantly, and am aware I haven’t paid you anything since Moneywiz 2 came out 2 or 3 years ago.

  • I’m OK waiting for zero-based budgeting.

    My main issue with the current design is the way it deals with/presents split transactions, so a better accounts view would be appreciated. This and the reports – even though reporting is fairly limited in YNAB, the layout and design is very well polished (style over substance perhaps) – I’m optimistic that MoneyWiz can be both very analytical and easy on the eye.

    The other problem I had was that the Windows desktop app in version 2 was a bit buggy and crashed sometimes, so I’m also hoping this has been resolved.

  • Vincent Maas
    July 2, 2018 7:37 pm

    Hello iliya,
    I am using many years MoneyWiz. Two years ago I had some requests. I asked for the actual status. Paula merges them into Request Ticket #20247.
    I ask your attention for this now long-standing request of my. Thanks

  • Ricardo Molina
    July 17, 2018 8:27 pm

    I have Moneywiz 2, will the sync (syncbits) still work? i have recently forced log out without reason and cant do anything on it

    • Yes, SYNCbits will still work in MW2 forever… but you can’t mix MW2 with MW3…i.e. you have to use the same version on all devices.

  • On June 17, I bought MW3 on your website, to install it on my Mac. That same day I downloaded the APP for my iPhone. Everything seemed to work fine until today I found that I can not synchronize between my Mac and my iPhone. In my iPhone there is a message that tells me that it can not be synchronized since I must buy the App for a month or for a year to be able to complete the synchronization between the two devices. But I am not willing to pay a new subscription since my credit card was charged for one year. Any comment?

    • Hi Mauricio,

      It seems that your subscription info is not syncing to the iPhone… there could be several factors to that. Please email our tech support at [email protected] and they will help you figure it out. Don’t worry there is no need to pay second subscription!

  • Albino Vila
    July 26, 2018 4:33 pm

    We have waited (and waited) for a long time for new updates because you apply the same changes to several operating systems at the same time (Mac, Windows, Android …)
    I understand that maybe it is because of their synchronization system (Sync Beats) but they must understand that it is very painful to have to wait, operating only with one system.
    Anyway I want to thank the work they do and I encourage you to continue, since the application provides many necessary data for a good home accounting system.
    Excuse my english.
    Best regards

    • Hi,

      I couldn’t agree more… these delays are something that not only bugs you, as our customer (and other customers) but us as well. That’s one thing a lot of people don’t realize and it is that we don’t delay things on purpose…they get delayed because it’s just a lot and lot of work. For that reason we have a plan how to change it and that involves a complete re-write using web technologies so we develop once and distribute on all platforms as a native app. Announcement about this with more details will come in a month or two.

  • i know at the end of last year income budgets was a feature for MW3 that was being worked on. Just looking to see when we might expect that feature?

    • Hello Joe! The 3.1 update coming very soon will bring many improvements and completely re-designed mobile user interface and refreshed desktop UI. Once that is released, we’ll be publishing out updated outline for the next versions!

  • Just wanting to know when income budgets we’ll be here.

    • Hello! We’ll be sharing an updated outline and more information about upcoming versions once 3.1 update is out (very soon!)

  • Владимир
    November 9, 2018 10:20 am

    MW 3.1 На iPhone6 (iOS 12.1) иногда ужасно тормозит при создании транзакции, особенно при редактировании даты-времени. При этом созданная транзакция (и несколько предыдущих) может пропасть – ошибка синхронизации с облаком?

    • Привет и извините за использование Google Translate! Это очень странно! Но, пожалуйста, убедитесь, что вы также установили версию MoneyWiz 3.1.1 – большое обновление обслуживания. Если это не поможет, свяжитесь с нами по адресу [email protected], чтобы мы могли посмотреть!

  • Hello, the developer of MoneyWiz3, I am a subscriber of China. During the process of using it, I found that the software is not very friendly to Chinese users. There is no Bank of China supported by the online banking account in the software. For the wealth management account, there are no funds in China. It is not very convenient to manage and can only be managed by the current account in the software. I hope that you can support it later and facilitate Chinese users, thank you.

  • Вячеслав.
    November 13, 2018 9:47 pm

    К великому моему сожаления не могу разобраться с виджетами MoneyWiz3 Premium. Более двух лет пользуюсь программой и вдруг при обновлении до MW3 Premium пропали) виджеты. И еще, если можно. Не планируете встраивать планировщик покупок со списками и группами?

  • Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8(495) 230-10-78 Виктор

  • Milen Grigorov
    November 26, 2018 7:12 pm

    Multi-user collaboration

    Hi there,
    I’m premium user, however Bank syncing with the Bulgarian banks and especially mine is worthless so far because it is showing me wrong information.
    It’s showing me the TOTAL I have currently but this isn’t correct – when I login to my e.bank account I can see half of the money are blocked because they’re not yet accounted…. however the app shows me this as my current balance… incorrect.

    And the major drawback for me as a small business owner is the lack of multi-user collaboration… wether to be with a client or with my wife I’d like to be able to share specific budget or account.

    Will it be possible in the future (and when if yes) to have multi-user collaboration, or I should look into another solution?

    Thank you!

    Besides these issues overall is great software.

  • Desde la última actualización. muchas de los movimientos que ingreso en mis diferentes cuentas, aparecen como “PENDIENTES” (En los dispositivos:iPhone y iPad) o como No liquidadas (en mi MAC). Existe alguna forma en que por defecto las nuevas transacciones que se introduzcan se entiendan como liquidadas?

    • Mauricio, hemos introducido nuevos filtros en la versión 3.1, ahora estamos en la sección, probablemente algunas de sus transacciones son antiguas y están pendientes. por favor, simplemente borrarlos y se volverán a sincronizar.

  • No, Marina. Cuando ingreso una nueva transacción, esta aparece como “pendiente” aunque la haya introducido con fecha anterior. Esta transacción aparecerá siempre en la parte superior en cualquier plataforma: Mac, iPhone o iPad. aún cuando la fecha que haya introducido se más antigua. Por lo tanto siempre tengo que hacer un paso extra que es marcarla como liquidada. Esto no pasaba antes de la versión 3.1. Debería existir en las preferencias una forma de que por defecto las transacciones se introduzcan como “liquidadas” o “pendientes” según el gusto y necesidades del usuario.

  • Ha sido verdaderamente tormentoso el lidiar con las subscripciones de esta aplicacion. Soy un cliente frustrado y no recomiendo este producto en lo absoluto. Lo utilice por espacio de un mes y encuentro falencias en el manejo de presupuestos tiene mucho que mejorar. Por 15 annos he utilizado Microsoft Money y apesar de que ya esta fuera de soporte, MoneyWiz esta annos luz de este software.

    • Hola y lo siento por usar Google Translate! Lamento mucho que haya tenido malas experiencias con MoneyWiz. ¿Se contactó con el soporte de MoneyWiz? Estaremos encantados de ayudarle a hacer la transición de MS Money a MoneyWiz, ya que muchos de nuestros clientes satisfechos han migrado en el pasado.

  • Rouer Jean Louis
    December 23, 2018 8:05 am

    Je viens de passer a MW3 premium, la transition c’est bien passée.
    Mais je ne retrouve pas le fonctionnement (point Vert/Rouge) ligne par ligne dans les cases “statuts”
    SVP pouvez vous m’expliquer.

    • Nous avons modifié les filtres dans MW 3.1 update.now. Si les suspensions sont désactivées, elles ne sont ni affichées ni calculées. Si vous avez besoin d’effectuer une transaction en attente, appuyez dessus, le point rouge signifie l’état en attente.

  • When will MoneyWiz 3 Standard will be available ? It’s mentioned above that it’s planned for end of 2018 at latest..

  • Bonjour,
    Sur MW3 Pourquoi le solde disponible ne change pas lorsque je passe une ligne en “non r”conciliée ou suspendue” ?? comme cela fonctionnais sur MW2.
    Merci de votre réponse.

    • Bonjour,actuellement, les filtres sont en haut, vous pouvez passer à afficher et calculer uniquement effacé. ou si vous activez l’attente, les suspensions seront affichées et calculées.

  • Maurizio Amadei
    February 3, 2019 5:10 pm

    Vorrei sapere se è possibile far eseguire il backup in automatico su un disco esterno, poiché su MW3 non riesco a cambiare il percorso di salvataggio. Grazie

  • Простите, а чем отличается MW3 от MW2
    По функционалу?

  • I recently switched to Moneywiz 3 and I’m seriously considering downgrading back to Moneywiz 2. I hate that I can’t see what is scheduled in the calendar. I know I see it in the list. But, I’m paid biweekly and my partner is paid monthly. Having the due dates in the calendar helps me figure out what to pay with each check. The forecast the calendar currently provides is useless to me.

  • j’utilise MoneyWiz 3 pour la première fois, je ne connaissais pas MoneyWiz. L’application me semble intéressante et prometteuse. Je voudrais savoir comment obtenir le tutoriel en français mode d’emploi de l’application. Merci

  • Pedro de Isla
    March 23, 2019 11:35 pm

    Compré la versión de paga del MoneyWiz3 el viernes porque hace años usé el Money Wiz 2 de modo gratuito y me gustó. Ese día se sincronizó uno de los bancos… y luego el segundo banco no se sincronizó, incluso me bloqueó la tarjeta. Ahora, el primer banco tampoco se sincroniza.

    • ¡Hola! que bancos ue ue Si recibe algún error al actualizar, envíenos una captura de pantalla. abra las cuentas problemáticas para editar y copiar y envíenos el texto bajo la frase “desconectarse de la banca en línea» (Yodlee # / SaltEdge Acc #) a [email protected]

  • Peter Massingham
    July 1, 2019 8:46 pm

    I’m currently using Money Wiz 3 on an iPad and would consider using on my iPhone also, however, I would also wish to sync with the windows application too. Having downloaded the latter, it has repeatedly failed to install on my Windows 8.1 system, sometimes with an error message but more often with a system crash and blue screen. I have reported this to the helpdesk and await a response. Given that the online banking list covers most of those in the UK that I would use, it is likely that I would become a premium user. Sadly, unless the windows installation issue is resolved, I am unlikely to become a paying customer. In addition, although future developments seem attractive, a stable cross platform implementation is vital if new users are to adopt and existing users are to remain loyal. I also thinks that a free trial of the online banking system could be offered, even it is limited to only a few syncs, so that prospective users could determine that it woks and fulfils their expectations.

  • It is english language possible to write? Sorry for my proor eng

  • Hola, Tengo MoneyWiz 3 en Windows y en un Celular Samsung y estoy muy contento, me encanta su aplicación..!! Solo tengo una pregunta.¿Es posible en una cuenta bancaria establecer Fechas de Corte? Es decir,la fecha de corte de mi tarjeta no es mes natural, no es el dia 31, ¿es el dia 6.¿Se puede configurar de esa manera? Saludos

    • MoneyWiz no admite el cálculo automático del monto de la tarjeta de crédito y el reembolso automático de ese monto por el momento.
      Lo que puede hacer como solución alternativa es ir a la sección Programada y configurar una nueva transferencia programada desde su cuenta de cheques a su cuenta de crédito, dejando el campo Cantidad vacío.

      Cuando vence el pago, MoneyWiz le pedirá que complete el campo de cantidad y procese el pago. Solo necesitará calcular el monto adeudado y completarlo. Entiendo que esta podría no ser la solución más cómoda, pero ya estamos trabajando para hacer esto mucho más fácil y más automatizado.

  • Hola buenas tardes ,soy usuario de MoneyWiz3 desde hoy a la mañana la aplicacion dejo de abrir ..no puedo acceder a mis datos seria de gran utilidad recuperar la informacion de mis cuentas

  • En iPhone 6 con 12.4.1 no funciona la edición de los asientos. La pantalla de opciones (editar) se muestra en blanco. Gracias

    • Este problema solo ocurre si tiene habilitado “Aumentar contraste” en Configuración del dispositivo> Accesibilidad> Tamaño de pantalla y texto. Sin embargo, lo arreglaremos en la próxima actualización 3.6.1.

  • hello everyone thanks for approve

  • hi 🙂 bross 🙂

  • Albino Vila Pérez
    October 31, 2019 10:17 am

    Es muy conveniente, a mi juicio, que actualicen MW3 para Mac, la aplicación se bloquea frecuentemente. Parece que está un poco olvidada.

  • Подскажите пожалуйста, как в программе MW3 открыть депозитный счет с автоматическим начислением процентов?

    • Сергей, у нас нет конкретно такого типа счета, но Вы можете создать инвестиционный (или любой другой) счет и добавить запланированную доходную транзакцию, указать сумму, если уже знаете и период повторения (каждый месяц или год), и это даст возможность видеть предполагаемый баланс в прогнозируемых отчетах.

  • Il manque une option que tous les logiciels de finance ont, sauf MoneyWiz 3
    La possibilité de créer une transaction comprenant dépense et revenu
    Quand pensez vous libérer cette option

    • oui, pour l’instant, vous ne pouvez fractionner que les dépenses avec les dépenses, ou les revenus avec les revenus. Je vais ajouter votre vote à cette demande de fonctionnalité!

      • Merci
        Cette demande je l’ai faites depuis plus de 2 ans. On m’avait déjà promis de le mettre en développement

  • i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

  • Quando vcs vão adicionar mais bancos brasileiros…. O banco do brasil está com problema e precisava conectar com a Caixa econômica federal

  • Albino Vila Pérez
    December 30, 2019 10:25 am

    Hola a todos y Feliz 2020.
    Únicamente me gustaría saber si MWP 4.0 anunciada por vosotros en 2019, y que espero venga en 2020 (je, je) va a venir con la tan solicitada “unificación de categorías”, es decir que las transacciones puedan incorporar ingresos y pagos a la vez.
    De esta manera, pueda verse el saldo de una categoría sin necesidad de ir a ingresos y luego gastos (restar manualmente) para saber el neto.
    Gracias por vuestra paciencia, que también la necesitáis.

    • ¡Hola! todavía no hay ETA para MoneyWiz 4. Puedo aconsejarle esto:
      Si tiene algún proyecto (es decir, alquilar un piso a alguien) y tiene tanto ingresos (alquiler) como gastos (renovar el piso, proporcionar muebles) y quiere ver si está ganando dinero o perdiéndolo en este proyecto, usted debe etiquetar todas las transacciones con esa etiqueta, luego generar un informe de pérdidas y ganancias con el filtro de etiquetas.

  • Albino Vila Pérez
    January 1, 2020 6:29 pm

    Bien Marina. Pero lo que más me interesa es si (a más/menos medio/largo tiempo) MW4 puede traer lo que pido.
    No quiero ser pesado (je, je) pero agradecería, (si es posible) una explicación de su parte.

  • Já possuo uma Licença Premium que comprei pelo computador, mas gostaria de Habilitar está licença no meu celular android, mas lá só consigo achar a opção de fazer uma compra, gostaria de saber onde fica o campo para inserir uma licença, no meu caso que já possuo.

    • Tobias, neste caso, você precisa apenas acessar sua conta SYNCbits no Android e a assinatura será concluída. Caso contrário, no Windows, vá para Configurações -> Licença -> pressione Restaurar compra e, em seguida, Entre no Android. se houver algum problema, envie um email para [email protected].

    • Hi!como não há código para o Android inserir, sua assinatura comprada no Windows deve ser sincronizada com outros dispositivos de uma só vez após o login de outro dispositivo. se houver algum problema, envie um email para [email protected] o mais rápido possível.

  • Bonjour je m’intéresse à cette application j’ai cependant quelques questions :
    – Est ce que MoneyWiz peut se synchroniser entre Mac et Android ?
    – Quelle garantie y a-il en matière de sécurité avec la synchronisation de l’App. au compte bancaire?

  • Добрый день!

    Подскажите, пожалуйста, возможно ли добавить еще одного пользователя в программу, чтобы он мог просматривать мои движения денежных средств?

    • Добрый день, Алена!
      можно расшарить только все данные, нельзя скрыть какие-то счета/бюджеты. или же Вы можете создать 2 SYNCbits аккаунта, один для личных счетов, второй (с другой почтой) для общих и дать доступ только к нему.
      также для просмотра данных можно генерировать отчет и отправлять его в CSV/PDF.

  • Estimados, buenas tardes.
    Mi nombre es Gregorio Irarrázaval, les escribo desde Chile.
    Soy usuario Premium desde hace unos días, con la intención de permanecer por mucho tiempo si de verdad esto resulta.
    Les consulto por 2 situaciones.
    1.- ¿Cual es el Timing, para que respecto de Chile, puedan cargar otras instituciones Financieras?.. Hoy sólo aparecen 2, en circunstancias de que son muchas las instituciones que son necesarias utilizar, a fin de poder contar con toda la información financiera.
    2.- Mientras ello no ocurra, he intentado importar los archivos xls, convertidos previamente a CSV, sin embargo, el software no los lee bien, y termino ingresando las transacciones 1 a 1, lo que es muy tedioso y lento.de que forma pueden ustedes ayudarme?

  • Татьяна
    March 23, 2020 6:53 pm

    Здравствуйте. Когда появится возможность переноса данных из старой верних на новую принудительно. С приложения на приложение. Имею ввиду без использования внешних серверов. Спасибо!

  • Добрый день! Спасибо за приложение. Есть ли в нём функция автоматической подгрузки транзакций из российских банков? Например, расплатился картой в магазине, и эта транзакция появилась в приложении. Если да, то как найти, есть ли инструкция?


  • Сергей
    April 12, 2020 7:50 am

    Подскажите пожалуйста, как в программе открыть второй аккаунт?

  • Андрей
    April 13, 2020 5:12 am

    Оформил подписку премиум на МАК.
    А как ее активировать на Виндовс ? (там просит Ключ, где его взять – мне его не присылали.

    • Андрей, Вам нужно создать аккаунт SYNCbits с Mac устройства, потом залогиниться в этот же аккаунт с Windows и данные с подпиской перейдут. если будут вопросы, обращайтесь на почту [email protected].

  • Виктория
    April 23, 2020 4:01 pm

    Добрый день! Как можно восстановить вход в программу, если забыт пароль и ответы на вопросы безопасности?

  • Albino Vila
    May 7, 2020 3:57 pm

    No leo nada sobre Money Wiz version 4, a pesar de haberla anunciado ya en 2019. Tampoco he visto nada sobre una suscripción a Money Wiz para lo que no usamos conexión a bancos en linea.
    Me pueden informar acerca de estas características que han quedado un tanto marginadas?

  • Albino Vila
    May 7, 2020 4:13 pm

    No leo nada sobre Money Wiz V. 4 a pesar de haber sido anunciada su actualización en 2019. Tampoco veo, salvo error, nada sobre una suscripción de menor importe para los que no utilizamos el acceso a Bancos en línea.
    Pueden informarme sobre estas cuestiones?

  • Albino Vila Pérez
    May 7, 2020 4:18 pm

    No leo nada sobre Money Wiz V. 4 a pesar de haber sido anunciada su actualización en 2019. Tampoco veo, salvo error, nada sobre una suscripción de menor importe para los que no utilizamos el acceso a Bancos en línea.
    Pueden informarme sobre estas cuestiones?

    • Puedes comprar MoneyWiz 3 Standard, que es una licencia para toda la vida sin ninguna suscripción (y sin de banca en línea). Por favor nota que la licencia Standard es una compra separada para cada plataforma. Cualquier pregunta o sugerencia por favor no dude en contactarnos a traves de [email protected]

  • Hello, I am using app in free version for few years (on my phone).

    Let’s say I buy MW3 Windows version with lifetime access. I can see that this is for 5 computers.
    1. Do I have to have connected the same account on those 5 computers? Or my wife and brother can use my license with their accounts?
    2. The same question for paid lifetime license for Android.

    Best regards,

    • John, your licence is tied to your SYNCbits account that should coincide with the e-mail used for purchase. You may try to create another SYNCbits accounts. As for your phone where you use the app already, if you don’t use SYNCbits, please e-mail the database to yourself from time to time (from Settings -> Export -> E-mail database) as your backup as in free version data doesn’t sync to anything.


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