Here’s our big autumn update (just released on iOS, Mac, Android and Windows)! Thank you for your patience, we hope you like what we’ve done.


● Tags – tag transactions for additional reporting power. Budgets also support tags.
● Receipts sync – sync your attached transaction receipts across all devices (enable it via the SYNCbits menu)
● 14 new reports.
● Ability to add filters to reports by categories, payees and tags.
● New type of reports visualization – spreadsheet report (Categories vs Tags report uses it)
● Offset categories – MoneyWiz now allows you to enter transactions with minus sign, which you can use to offset categories (both income & expense) in case you want to handle reimbursements for example. Remember that MoneyWiz still has built-in Refunds functionality!
● Budgets can now be created with 0 amount, which can help those of you who prefer envelope style budgeting.
● Improved SaltEdge online banking
● Much improved online banking auto-categorization. Really, it’s like a whole new experience there!
● Auto-completers for manually entered transactions are now account independent.
● New currency added – BYN
● Ability to disable auto-categorization for online banking accounts (it’s individual setting per account. Access it by editing the account and then go to the Extended options).
● Ability to set MoneyWiz to not create new categories when they come from online banking (it’s individual setting per account. Access it by editing the account and then go to the Extended options).
● Over 100 bug fixes


This update changes the data format, due to the Tags functionality. That means that you need to update MoneyWiz on all your devices to assure that SYNCbits continues to run smoothly.


If we get reports of any critical issues we’ll release updates to fix them. Once we’re done with that we’re focusing on implementing the Investment Accounts functionality which will come in MoneyWiz 2.6.

If you run into any issues, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you for using MoneyWiz!


For a preview of MoneyWiz 2.5, please check this blogpost: Preview of MoneyWiz 2.5 – Tags, Receipts Sync, New Reports & more…

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  • Gerard O'Reilly
    October 26, 2016 9:22 am

    Can you tell me when I can expect to receive the update as my current version is 2.3.3 in the Ireland store

    • Hi Gerard,

      The update must now be available worldwide. Please give it a try and let me know if you still can’t get it. Also if that is the case please tell me on what devices you are not receiving the update.


  • Hello. After updating to iOS using 3D Touch widget shows “Buttons”. If it be possible to remove it?

    • Hi,

      I believe this is native iOS 10 functionality actually… we didn’t add it there, it just shows up for some apps, and not for others. I am not sure what the logic is, but this started in iOS 10.

      • Hi iliya,

        3d touch is now quite annoying, because it’s cluttered. If you can’t figure out how not to show the widget, maybe just disable the quick action from the 3d touch.

        • Marek, it’s native iOS 10 functionality. We didn’t do it like that, it just automatically happened after iOS 10 was released.
          We’ll check if we can explicitly disable it though.

  • Hey – I cannot see how to include a tag in a transaction. Have added two new Tag Names in settings, but was expecting when creating a new transaction that there would be a tag entry, like a payee or category entry – but I don`t see it, transaction layout is just like before hasn`t changed.


  • after update from my iphone, it can’t sync with my windows desktop moneywiz, how do i update my windows version moneywiz?

  • Teddy, I was having the same problem. The solution is that you have to turn on the tags function in preferences->transaction layout->advanced then check tags

  • just wondering, isn’t it possible to edit several entries and then apply same tag to it? Would be so much helpful otherwise it takes me days to add a tag to each transaction 😉 and if it should be possible…how to?

    • Hi Michel,

      Yes, it’s possible but only on MoneyWiz for Mac and Windows… if you have it there, go to spreadsheet mode (the button near the search bar), select multiple transactions, right click – Edit.

  • updated my MacBook. No data present so tried 4x to use sync bits but system keeps freezing up. Any solutions? Update worked great on my iPhones

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes we know what is causing this. Please email our support for more info on how to get the data back (it’s there just misplaced).

  • Graham Wright
    October 29, 2016 1:05 pm

    2.5.1 is not showing for Windows

    • Hi Graham,

      We’ll release 2.5.1 for Windows next week. There are no critical bugs on Windows (none that we know of at least) and that’s why we didn’t do an emergency update there.

      • Graham Wright
        October 30, 2016 5:33 am

        The budget balance is incorrect as reported elsewhere on the other platforms

      • Hi Iliya, I’m surprised you say that the version of Windows does not have critical bugs !!!! I’m using MoneyWiz on iOS, MacOS and Windows. The problem I have is only with the Windows version. Everytime I imput a transaction the application is frozen for about 12 to 15 seconds. It’s really annoying to work well. I sent an email to support and this was the answer

        “We are aware of possible slowness issues on Windows version. We will be addressing them in future updates. Moreover you have a very big database, which also affects on the performance.”

        So MoneyWiz knows the app has serius problems and do not fix it !!!! In addition, the fault is mine because the database is big !!! An application like this should not have such problems. I wonder if you plan to fix the version of Windows to run well or I have to find another solution.


        Jaime Lira

        • Hi Jaime,

          Over the next several weeks we’re focusing on bug fixing and performance improvements on Windows, so expect this to be improved a lot!

  • This issue still does not appear to be fixed. To replicate the issue, set up scheduled transactions. After the transaction occurs, edit it in iOS (change the value, description, whatever). Open up the Windows version, and while it’s syncing, the scheduled transactions happen. The edits to these transactions made in iOS do not carry over properly. Windows then syncs the incorrect values and ruins EVERYTHING. The only solution is what you said before:

    “Hi Steve,

    Wow this should totally not happen! Please e-mail our support so they can investigate and forward this to the dev team for a fix.

    Also, if things are looking OK on iOS but you are afraid they might not be on Windows, you can delete the MoneyWiz database file on Windows and then make a clean sync there. The database is located here:

    You can delete the entire folder.”

    This works, but it’s getting very annoying having to delete the folder and re-login every time I want to use the Windows version.


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