We’re very excited to show you what we’ve been working on for the past 2 months. MoneyWiz 2.2 brings some great improvements that we hope you’ll love.

On Monday, we’ll be submitting update 2.2 of MoneyWiz for iOS and Mac (both free & paid versions). Keep in mind that it usually takes 7-10 days for Apple to approve updates.

Here are the features highlights:

  • 3D Touch on the home screen icon for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPad Split screen support (for iOS9 devices only)
  • Visual effects (blur & vibrancy) on both iOS and Mac
  • Redesigned transaction entry screen
  • Much improved Advanced Reconcile
  • Ability to set scheduled transactions in online banking accounts to auto-skip
  • Min & Max values on reports graphs
  • Currency sign will now appear in front of amounts for currencies which have a single character symbol (such as $, €, £ etc.)
  • Ability to search for online banks by country code
  • Warning indicator if an online banking account hasn’t been refreshed for more than 24 hours
  • Hungarian translation
  • Improved online banking auto-categorization and duplicates recognition
  • 30% faster loading on iPad. 3 times faster accounts switching on iPad. 20% faster loading of accounts on iPhone.

On top of these features, we’re also bringing more than 110 other improvements and fixes.

Here’s more info about the new features.

3D Touch


3D Touch will work for the MoneyWiz icon in the home screen, to allow you to quickly access the New Expense / New Income functionality. In future updates, we plan to add peek & pop 3D touch functionality inside MoneyWiz too. Here’s how it looks in 2.2:


iPad Split Screen



If your iPad has iOS 9, MoneyWiz 2.2 will support the native split screen feature in both 1/3 and 1/2 modes. All functionality will be accessible, with the only difference being that the menu will automatically close when you select something from it for space-saving reasons. You can always re-open it with the dedicated menu button in the top left corner.

Visual Effects


We’ve added some vibrancy, transparency & blur visual effects to make MoneyWiz feel in line with iOS 8 and 9 and Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11 in terms of user experience.

On iOS, you will notice that the bottom bar is now with visual effects. On iPad all popups will also have visual effects. The greatest change can be seen on Mac though, where we’ve added visual effects to the menu bar, the bottom bar and all popovers.

Redesigned Transaction Entry Screen


You can configure what fields to see in your transaction entry screen via Settings / Transaction Layout. Previously the “Extended” fields were shown on a second page, accessible via a swipe. But that was causing issues for people with large devices who use the pull-down-to-save gesture. For that reason we’ve redesigned the screen to fit everything in one page with a Show/Hide button for the extended fields. That was also applied on Mac for consistency and will come on Android and Windows in the near future.

Improved Advanced Reconcile on Mac

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve greatly improved the advanced reconcile feature on Mac. Most notably you will see that it no longer appears as a drop-down sheet, but instead it splits the screen. That allows you access to your transactions so you can easily add, edit or delete them.

Min/Max Values in Reports

A much requested feature was to add Min/Max values in reports. We’re happy to say that this feature is now done!

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  • Will the new Mac Desktop version also support split screen? That would be really useful.

    • Yes, but without the menu hiding…if a lot of people request the menu to hide, we will do it on Mac too though.

  • Will the iPhone and iPad versions have some form of advanced reconciliation?

  • Native WatchOS 2 app?

    • Not in this update, but it will come soon. We want to redesign the WatchOS app to make it not only native but also enrich its functionality.

  • That’s great but what about the pc desktop version ?

  • enrique zapata
    October 10, 2015 1:59 pm

    I Hope it stops crashing in iOS 9. Nice you added min/max on reports, you should’ve never removed them.

    Good app.

    • Hi Enrique,

      Yes, lots of fixes coming in this update + compatibility with iOS 9.
      As for the min/max – we did not remove them for the sport of it. The removal in the initial release was due to the fact that we switched from natively drawing the graphs to using a library so that we can provide more reports and UI consistency across platforms. It took us a while to catch up entirely but now we’re done 🙂 I just wanted to make clear why the min/max disappeared for a while.

  • Patiently waiting for the update, thought I would search the app stores and found this:
    – MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance (Version 2.1, Updated 12 August 2015)
    – MoneyWiz 2 ~ Personal Finance (Version 2.2, Updated 25 October 2015)

    – MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance (Version 2.1, Updated 8 August 2015)
    – MoneyWiz 2 ~ Personal Finance (Version 2.2, Updated 25 October 2015)

    Hyphen / tilde seem to make a difference, how can I upgrade?

  • Marcelo Maciel
    October 31, 2015 12:06 am

    Until today nothing about “tag”. You have promised it to march.

    Fortunately PocketMoney is back.

    • Hi Marcelo,

      As we explained in a previous blog post, new features that require change of the data format will not be implemented until we release for Windows, because implementing them now would mean we need to port them to Windows for MoneyWiz to sync, and that will only further delay the already delayed release.
      Once we release for Windows we’ll focus on those sorts of features… until then we’re doing updates to improve UI, performance, stability and updates that introduce platform specific features such as split screen, 3D touch etc…

  • When entering a transaction for November 1, the day we switch to daylight savings time in Canada, the transaction entry screen does not set the time of the transaction correctly. I have tried to set a specific time but in some cases it allows you to set a specific time however, after selecting the check mark to enter the transaction it pushes the time back one hour. The iPhone and iPad automatically adjust for daylight savings time however money wiz recalculated the time for this day. The issue is specific to this day and all other days after appear to be fine.

    • Hi Ed,

      This is a bug in iOS actually…during the period of daylight savings, there is a 2 week timeframe when specific hours cannot be set and iOS automatically changes them regardless of user input. No idea why they haven’t fixed it by now (iOS9) but this has been around forever. There is nothing we can do about it though, as it’s native iOS behavior unfortunately.

  • Hi:

    I bought the Android app as soon as it came out and I’ve been using it for quite a while. However recently I switched to iOS and I believe I have to buy the app again. I saw that there is a free version of the app on iOS. What are the main differences between the paid app and the free one for iOS?

  • how about a darn Windows version? Past several months, nothing but COMING SOON on your site. the android version is worthless if I don’t have a way of more advanced entry on Windows.

    • Hi Ricky,

      The Windows version is currently in beta (already released beta 2, and about to release beta 3 at the end of this week). We’ll release it to the public when we’re ready.

  • Great…. Sorry for my english… But i need to say that ios version is great!! Thanks!!!

  • Can I know when will be the investment portfolio make available? I have been waiting this feature for long time.

    • Hi Chow,

      As soon as we release MoneyWiz 2 for Windows (which we hope will happen in a few months), we’ll start working on investment accounts and tags.

  • In the Scheduled Transactions window in the Date field select the date that you d like this scheduled transaction to first appear in your register.

  • Rizwan Shamsi
    June 4, 2017 10:34 pm

    how can i attachment image in expenses i can’t see any option at add menu even sign in Dropbox.


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