There’s a lot going on here, so we’ve decided to write a status update to inform you of what to expect in the near future.

MoneyWiz 2.0.4 for iOS/Mac
  • Expected submission to Apple: ~10 March
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Integration with one more Online Banking platform – Yodlee. This integration will add support for more than 12,000 new banks (mostly in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India)
  • A few small features (such as – swipe an account in the list of accounts for quick access to expense/income buttons)
MoneyWiz 2 for Android

We’re working over the clock to finalize the Android version. There’s still work ahead though, largely because for compatibility reasons we also have to add the Yodlee integration to MoneyWiz for Android as well and this is taking time. We’re hoping to release MoneyWiz 2 for Android by the end of this month, although we might see yet another delay, but it won’t be by much. Later this month we’ll have a beta for sure. We’ll announce it when it’s open.

MoneyWiz 2 for Windows

Porting MoneyWiz 2 for Windows is taking longer than we ever anticipated. We’ve just recently added more developers to the team to speed it up even more. At this point we’d like to think that we can release it by the end of March although it’s still quite uncertain. We’ll keep you posted on the subject. Also, a UI preview of MoneyWiz 2 for Windows will come later this month.

Trial Version

The trial versions of MoneyWiz will be released later this month. The iOS version will come first (via the AppStore), and then the Mac will follow (via our website). The reason for the delay is that for the Mac Trial we have to implement the payment platform behind the subscriptions for online banking and this is taking time.

Further development
  • We are holding on implementing the tags & investment accounts functionality as if we did that right now, it would mean further delays to the release of MoneyWiz 2 for Android and Windows. The reason is that all platforms must have the same functionality for the sync to work correctly. Imagine having tags in MoneyWiz for iOS and the Android trying to figure out what this piece of data is… Tags & Investment Accounts will be on top of our priority list as soon as the Android & Windows versions are released though!
  • In the meantime, we’re committed to giving more and more value to our customers and we’ll be working on adding new features that we don’t necessarily have to port to Android & Windows. To name a few – more Today extensions, the Apple Watch version of MoneyWiz which we previewed recently, Advanced Reconcile and more.

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  • Thank you for the update… sorry about the delay of Android version and really looking forward for the MW2 beta.

  • When we will support of online banking in Spain

  • Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to MoneyWiz 2 for Android and Windows. Great app by the way.

  • Waiting for Android/Win version… I hope could replace my ancient MS Money.

    • Keith Etherington
      March 12, 2015 7:23 am

      I still use an ancient MS Money too. Sadly MoneyWiz 2 just isn’t as good. So much lacking it’s a shame. I run Windows on my Mac just to keep MS Money alive!

      • Hi Keith,

        Can you give examples? Where do you feel MoneyWiz is lacking?
        In my experience, the case is often that people use MoneyWiz for a day or two, without spending the time to learn the product or read the guides and don’t even realize how powerful it is.

        • Keith Etherington
          May 30, 2015 3:55 pm

          There are lots of weaknesses with MoneyWiz compared to MS Money. The most obvious is the reconciliation feature. With MS Money, my future bills would appear on my account automatically depending on the period that I set (so for example my water bill appeared 7 days before the due date) and when I downloaded my data from my bank, I would be taken to a reconciliation page. MS Money would automatically identify as many of the transactions as it could either from those that had been auto entered, ones I had entered manually or (if neither of those applied) would let me give a transaction a category. I could then reconcile each of the bank entries with the entries on the software just by ticking the line entires. This saved so much time when multiple accounts were being operated.

          Transactions listed on my account which were not downloaded would remain unticked showing me the items still to clear my bank.

          When I downloaded an entry from a bank, say CN-Mcr, this would mean nothing if I left it on the software as that. If there were several downloaded transactions in that name, if I altered the first to “Caffe Nero, Manchester” and selected categories for it, MS Money would automatically change all of the other transactions (waiting to be reconciled form the bank download) from CN-Mcr to Caffe Nero, Manchester. Again a great time saving facility.

          I downloaded the first version of your software (in hope) but was disappointed. I am still disappointed with version 2. I know you are working hard on it but it is still nowhere near as good as a twelve year old, obsolete, version of MS Money. As soon as yours catches up, I’ll be happy to use it. But for now I will keep paying for Bootcamp and Windows to keep the MS Money sunset version alive.

          • Thank you for the feedback.
            A few comments:

            1. Reconciliation – advanced reconciliation feature will come later this year.
            2. About the example with editing a transaction and MS Money changing all others…in the example you give, you want to edit the category for all transactions…in this case, you should do this via Settings / Categories and edit it there, and then it will affect all transactions, just like it would in MS Money.

          • I’m also irked at the lack of smarts around categories. The software has downloaded my credit card bill and auto applied categories to maybe 20% max. I have about 10-15 line items on there for one vendor. If I changed the category on one of these – I would expect all current and future ones to automatically change to that category.

          • Hi Claire,

            The auto-categorization is a very complicated matter. While I understand that logic such as “it should do this or that” sounds simple, in reality it’s very complicated.
            In the last updated, we made a hidden relation between between Payee & Category so when a transaction comes in MoneyWiz will match its payee and category given by Yodlee or SaltEdge, to category assigned previously by you, to determine which category to assign.
            Please, let me know if the auto-categorization seems better since the last update (2.0.6).
            Also I encourage you to share the feedback related to auto-categorization in the topic we’ve dedicated to it:

  • Really looking forward to Investment Accounts. I don’t think I can even try out MW2, because of transfers between my investment accounts and a couple other accounts. IBank just keeps on messing up my IRA and 401k accts. can’t wait to see if MW works better.

  • Have fully switched our family to MoneyWiz and it’s been really great for everything. I do look forward to proper account resolution. At least the ability to punch in the amount on our monthly statement and reconcile to it. Checkbook Pro has a great (and simple) account resolution solution. Something like that?

    • Hi Jon,

      MoneyWiz does have reconciliation. Go into the account you want to reconcile (assuming you are on iOS), tap the 3-dotted button on top and select “Reconcile Mode”.
      On Mac, switch to spreadsheet view (via the 2 buttons near the search bar) and the checkboxes on the left side are for reconciliation.

      Advanced reconciliation (with start/end balance of a statement) will come soon via an update.

  • Persevering with MW2 but:

    Following upgrade from MW1 input has become very “clunky” – app skips between input fields, slow, etc.

    Still awaiting combined income & expense reports. Essential to be able to decide if you have spent more than you get.

    Still awaiting split transactions that combine incomes & expenses, I.e. salary less tax, etc


    • Hi Neil,

      On what device are you running MoneyWiz 2 and do you have the latest version which added lots of performance improvements… the skipping you refer to – can you please explain what you mean?

      Reports – the Statistics and Trends report give that. You can also customize the Custom Report to give that information as well.

      Split between income & expense – this will come later via an update.

      • Hi,
        I’m running version 2.0.3 Build 17 on iOS 8.1.2.
        When the small transaction screen comes up it is slow and difficult to select the field you want to input, I.e. date, amount, category, etc. Sometimes despite pressing amount (say) category will be the input item selected.
        Trend report is is the only one that combines incomes & expenses but I can not select date range, categories, etc. This is very useful to enable you to drill down into overall performance.
        Spli income/expense categories are very useful for instance for seeing net incomes in a single transaction.

        • Additional comment – sorry can do customised dates in Trend but not Payees or Categories which would really make it a flexible report.
          Also, it would be good to see an overall incomes minus expenses figure rather than just seeing the individual monthly sums.

  • Neil, about the slowness you speak about – is that on iPad? And if yes, on which generation?

    As for the reports – you can select date range… I am not sure I understand you… also did you try different settings of the Custom Report?

  • Neil, thanks for the info. About the slowness you are reporting – I’ve forwarded this to our dev team. We’ll see what is causing this on older devices and fix it.
    As for the reports – with the Custom Report you can get Categories or Payees within a custom timeframe…
    As for seeing income minus expenses rather than incomes and expenses – we’ll be doing a Profit & Loss report in the near future that will include that.

  • I use our app for a lon time. But it still have useless Budget system. Look at the other app like ours (Money Pro, for example). They organize budget by months (or even better option – choose between years, months, weeks and days). It gives you ability to work with different kinds of budgets like: repeated monthly, or repeated but with different amount each month or single-time budgets. And all they seen in proper time in proper place. When month end they are disappeared or changes.
    But in your apps it complete mess.

    • Alex, all of this is possible with MoneyWiz… I am not sure why you say it’s not. Perhaps you haven’t explored MoneyWiz well enough?
      If you need help please check out our Guides (in the Support section) or e-mail our support.

      • I think I explore MoneyWiz not bad. But I can’t found for example simple thing: to switch between months (because same budget may have different amount from month to moth).
        And if change it, previous amounts diseppear. So I can’t see a progress. Is’t it easy? Is it in MoneyWiz?

        • Hi Alex,

          You can change the monthly allocated budget. There are multiple ways to approach this:
          1. Manual: Just edit the budget -> that will also change it for the previous months indeed.
          2. Automatic: Enable rollover – the budget will re-calculate month to month depending on your spendings.
          3. Transfer: Make a transfer from one budget to another…just go into the budget, tap the 3-dotted button on the top right corner (iOS) and then select the Transfer Budget option. Then you can transfer money between budgets, just like you would do with envelopes (taking money out of one, and putting them into another).

          • It still dasn’t make life easier. Below I post a part of e-mail I sent to your team in December. Try to fit it. Now I also trying Money Pro app. They have even more suitable budget system (however still not perfect).

  • I wrote this to your Support team when tested MoneyWiz 2 beta:

    I think that your Budgets are pretty crude. It’s OK for monthly budgets, repeated and unchangeable, but if I create terminable Budget or what to change my budget in this or next month – it become not so good.
    For example, I made terminable Budget «Vacation» from 1st of Jule till 20th of Jule. The App shows me that «budgeted» amount increased. It’s Ok. But after 20th of Jule it still count «Vacation» expenses in total. Don’t you think it’s not really correct? So if I want to see actual «budgeted» I should delete «Vacation» budget. But if I don’t want?
    Second, about changes. Another example: I spent $1,000 on rent but after this month I’ll go to another flat and should pay $1,500. So I should change my Budget «Rent». And when I did this and go to Reports->Budget Balance, what it shows me? It shows that in all previous months my budget was $1,500! And it’s also not true.

    I saw the solution in other personal finance programs. For example They divided budgets by months so terminable budgets shows only in current month and not affects other months, and changing in a budget shows also only in current month (and future months). I’m not a financier and can’t speak with facts but I think that my (or most) people think their finance by months. I may assume that this system also is’t perfect (for example, if my «Vacation» is from 20th of June till 10th of Jule it can make some mess). But in my opinion it is far more useful and suitable for everyday life.

    • Thanks for the feedback Alex. I see what you mean. We actually have it on our to-do list to modify the behavior of budgets in a way similar to what you described.

  • hi,
    really looking forward for the android beta mw2 version.
    first week of april has passed and mw2 beta is not yet out

    according to the artilce if yoddle integration is taking time, pls release the beta without it and we will be happy to test it and provide necessary feedback for the betterment of the software and meanwhile you can be adding the software.


    may i ask when the beta mw2 for android getting released

  • How do I find out what banks support yodlee, or what banks yodlee supports?

    • In MoneyWiz just go to create new account, then select Online Banking as account type and search for the bank(s) you are interested in. There is no subscription required at this point so you can see if your bank is supported without subscribing.

  • Filter: It would be nice to include in the filter (funnel top left side) the ability to set status to “NOT VIEW” reconciled transactions. This function is only available in the top right (3 dots) but once you exit this mode (Adjust Balance, Reconcile Mode, Edit) the filters (funnel) takes precedence. Looking forward to the windows version.

  • please ing direct of spain!

  • Hi, Is there some more news about the trial version? “Next month” has passed, but I can’t find a trial version on your site 🙁

    • Hi Eric,

      The payments provider that we wanted to use is not yet ready with implementing subscriptions into their platform. We had to move focus from them, to releasing a trial version via the AppStore, but since trials are not technically allowed on the AppStore, we’re working around this to meet Apple’s requirements and release there. While we have no specific date yet, I am hoping it will be very soon. It’s a high priority thing for us to provide a free trial asap.

  • Great work, thanks for the software – I have tried lots of apps to replace MS Money, and yours is by far and away the best out there. I have been using MoneyWiz 2 since it first came out, but still find myself running it alongside MS Money = I’m excited about the windows version. I keep checking back to see if there is any news.

    It would be nice to have a better graph displayed for the forecast. I use moneywiz on both iPhone 6+ and iPad, on both the graph is so small that it is pretty useless. Perhaps an option to zoom into the graph and scroll along (pinch and swipe?)

    I tend to find it a bit cumbersome to change the dates of transactions when reconciling – too many button presses to change the date and mark as cleared. Be good to find a way to streamline this.

    • Hi Lee,

      Thank you for the feedback! About the reports graphs – notice the magnifying glass button… tap on it and it will zoom the graph in full screen. I hope this helps 🙂

  • Hi,
    Yes I was aware of the magnifying glass. It does not zoom into the resolution that I would like. I’d like to be able to drill down to individual days and see the forecasted balance on that day. As it is, it feels like a wasted opportunity and the graph displayed on hitting the magnifying glass is just an enlarged version of a low-res bitmap.

  • I am also aware that you can view a balance by tapping on the graph. However it is tricky to click on the correct date.

  • Fernando Cano
    June 17, 2015 9:22 pm

    Hello guys! Any updates with the Android version? I’m using the app on a Nexus 5 and it’s great! I’d love to use the new version soon!!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Fernando,

      We’re actively doing final fixes and hope to release by the end of July or early August. Apologies for the delay.

  • Hi! I’m currently on MoneyWiz 1.6. I’m planning to upgrade to MoneyWiz 2.0, if the following features have been added:
    – Negative balance rollover for budgets: If a budget is exceeded, will the negative balance will be applied to the next period?
    – Budget tracking for incomes: I know you currently support this thru “Refund” feature, but truth to be told – it’s quite messy – and doesn’t quite let you have a 100% match between your bank statements and the app.

    For everything else, I find the app amazing 🙂 Hopefully you have incorporated these features, so that I can continue to be a customer of yours 🙂



    • Hi Luis,

      Thank you for using MoneyWiz! 🙂
      To answer your questions:
      – Negative balance rollover for budgets is implemented & working. That has been done from version 2.0.0.
      – Budget tracking for incomes will be done in MoneyWiz 3.

      I highly suggest that if you migrate to MoneyWiz 2, you take the subscription based version ( so that you get all future major updates for free. Also I can advise you to wait a week because we are rolling out new subscription model, we’re just waiting for a few final things to be done before we can roll it out, but the subscription version will become cheapear by the end of this week or sometime next.


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