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Organize all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place. With bank sync and multi device sync, powerful reports and seamless import, MoneyWiz is the world’s most advanced financial software.

World’s most advanced bank sync…
now with Open Banking / PSD2 support!

Traditional finance apps use a single data provider to allow their customers to sync with real banks. With MoneyWiz we’ve decided to challenge that so we’ve made MoneyWiz the first and only finance software that uses multiple data providers for bank integration. That allows us to support more banks in more countries than any other software.


…and highest quality data.

Unlike traditional apps that categorize transactions based on the payee, MoneyWiz uses its own sophisticated algorithms that also monitor how you categorize transactions and aim to repeat that behavior. For that reason, the more you use MoneyWiz the more accurate it becomes. MoneyWiz also does many optimizations that normalize the transaction data to assure its high quality.

Connect & sync multiple devices

MoneyWiz uses its own cloud sync platform called SYNCbits. It’s secure, free and fast. With SYNCbits you can connect any number of devices, so whatever happens in MoneyWiz on one device automatically goes to all other devices. It’s great for anyone who has multiple devices and for families who want to have access to their financial data together.

Accounts & Transactions

Have all of your accounts in one place. MoneyWiz supports cash, bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments. Enter transactions manually, import bank statements or connect to your bank for automatic updates. The choice is yours!

Investments & Crypto Portfolio

MoneyWiz allows for seamless visualization of your investments and crypto currencies. It supports all world stock exchanges as well as CoinMarketCap.



Setup your budgets and MoneyWiz will automatically detect the transactions and assign them to the proper budget. Transfer money between budgets allows for envelope style budgeting. Smart progress view shows you how you’re doing based on allocation, expenses and time until the budget ends or renews.

Transaction Entry & Import

If you prefer to enter your expenses & incomes manually, MoneyWiz has a lot to offer. You can customize what information you want to enter and in what order. You can also import bank statements from OFX, QIF, CSV, QFX and MT940 file formats.

Customizable fields
Customize which fields and in what order you want for the transaction entry screen.

Touch Bar Support
Use the Touch Bar to navigate between accounts, enter transactions and fill in the transaction fields.

Multi-level categories
MoneyWiz comes with default set of transaction categories which you can edit or delete. You can also create your own categories with sub-categories.

Powerful import
Import bank statements from CSV, OFX, QIF, QFX or MT940. With automatic duplicates detection and automatic categories & payees assignment for subsequent imports.

Keyboard shortcuts
MoneyWiz supports a wide variety of shortcuts that speed up manual transaction entry.

Bulk editing
Select multiple transactions and edit or delete them at all at once.

Split transactions
Split transactions between multiple accounts and/or categories.

Advanced reconciliation
Reconcile bank statements quickly with the advanced reconciliation options that MoneyWiz provides.

Bills & Scheduled Transactions

Never miss a bill payment again! MoneyWiz will notify you when a bill is due. Wondering how much will you have to pay by any given date? Just tap & hold on the desired day on the calendar and MoneyWiz will give you an instant forecast based on your scheduled transactions.


Reports & Forecasting

Need to know something about your spending or income? MoneyWiz features over 20 predefined reports as well as a custom report that you can tailor to your needs. Get a future view of your finances with the forecasting feature!

Always up to date

We constantly release updates of MoneyWiz, adding new features and improving on the existing ones.
MoneyWiz is always up to date with the latest technologies.

Touch Bar

Use Touch Bar to navigate MoneyWiz, speed up transaction entry, bulk edit transactions & more.

Retina display

Pixel-perfect graphics, 100% Retina display optimized.

macOS Catalina

Optimized for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
Requires macOS 10.13 or higher.

Touch ID

Unlock MoneyWiz with Touch ID or a 4 digit PIN code.