After months of development we’re happy to announce that MoneyWiz now supports investment accounts (introduced in update 2.6.0)! You can find some screenshots at the bottom.
For full release notes please go here: //wiz.money/kb/release-notes/

Connecting to your brokerage firm

MoneyWiz supports over 4000 brokerage firms worldwide via the Online Banking feature. Just search for your broker and if it’s supported you can connect to it (requires subscription). MoneyWiz will then automatically download new trades, dividends payouts, interest fees and any other account movement that happens.

Alternatively you can set up your investment account manually and keep the trades & transactions tally by hand. People who want to manage investment accounts manually can enter buy and sell transactions as well as expense, income and transfer transactions. Each buy/sell transaction contains information such as the ticker, type of security (stock, ETF, mutual fund, currency etc), number of shares, price per share, total price, commission, date and description.

Automatic Quote Updates

MoneyWiz integrates with Yahoo Finance to automatically monitor the price of your securities. Have in mind that MoneyWiz is only able to retrieve quote updates for securities that are listed on Yahoo Finance. It will automatically update the prices once per hour.

Notice: many non-US securities are listed like that: TICKER.COUNTRY_CODE. For example, Facebook stock listed on the US exchanges would have a ticker “FB”. Facebook listed in Mexico though would be “FB.MX”. You need to input it as you see it on Yahoo Finance, otherwise MoneyWiz may not download the proper quote.

Convenience Features

MoneyWiz will automatically calculate and show your total market value, total cash value, how much your market portfolio changed (in total) as well as how much each position changed since you bought it. In future versions of MoneyWiz we plan to expand the statistical information and reporting capabilities. You can also click the Details button for any security and MoneyWiz will open more information about it on Yahoo Finance, presented in a browser within the MoneyWiz screen.

Securities & Trading

MoneyWiz supports all available securities, such as stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds etc. You can also have all types of trades such as buy, sell, sell short and buy to cover. Investment accounts can also transact like regular accounts, meaning you can have expenses (fees, interest paid etc), incomes (dividends for example) and transfers (when you move money between an investment account and another account).


Once you create an investment account you will be presented with a straightforward and easy to understand screen. In the upper part you can see a graph representing your portfolio movements over a select period of time. In the bottom part you can see either your portfolio or your trades/transactions.

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MoneyWiz Premium

If you want to take full advantage of everything MoneyWiz has to offer, consider getting MoneyWiz Premium.
This is our subscription based version of MoneyWiz where one subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited use of MoneyWiz on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC and Android)
  • All updates are free, always
  • All features are unlocked, including Online Banking
  • Faster sync & Priority support

To celebrate the release of investment accounts, let us offer you 20% discount for MoneyWiz Premium.

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  • abdullelah aldhobaie
    July 25, 2017 10:35 pm

    Dear support

    can i try this tools as demo for 2 weeks after that i can decided if i will buy or not ?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for introducing the investment accounts, a long waited for feature especially for Mac as no other good investment tracker available yet.

    My question is, what is the best way to import my transactions to the newly created accounts? I have transactions from 2012 and to add them to the account manually will take for ever.

    Will we have the option to “Import” directly to the account?


    • Hi,

      Do you mean importing transactions into investment accounts or non-investment accounts?

      • Investment accounts specifically

        • Hi Abdullah,

          Unfortunately there is no manual import for investment accounts yet. We’ll make it in the future, but now the best option would be to simply link MoneyWiz to your broker for automatic downloading of trades. It will download some of your past trades but it will also reflect proper balances, and anything happening from there on will also be downloaded.

          • The issue is I use a broker that’s not available and not easy to make it too.

          • Ah, I see…in this case perhaps the best case is to simply set it up in MoneyWiz from scratch without past trades, only the current positions (and their trades). In the future we’ll probably do import too, but it’s not coming anytime soon (not this year most likely).

  • Андрей
    August 5, 2018 6:32 pm

    Не работает импорт Interactive Brokers – ни US ни Australia

  • Добрый день. Не могу настроить автосинхронизацию с моего брокерского счета в Tinkofff Bank. Программа WoneyWiz видит только дебетовые и кредитные карты, но не видит брокерского счета. Возможно ли надеяться на исправление данной ситуации? И в какие сроки?

    • Здравствуйте и извините за использование Google Translate! Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу [email protected] и получите более подробную информацию о том, какого провайдера вы используете – Yodlee или Salt Edge? Мы сможем разобраться в этом по электронной почте. Спасибо!

  • 中国国内销售的基金是否支持了,现在我只能手动更新价格,不是很方便

  • 1. isn’t Investment feature support Saudi Stock Market “TADAWUL”?
    2. can we have a clear guidance on the usage of this account, in case our market couldn’t be synced with the app?

    • 1. TADAWUL is not supported online, in Saudi Arabia we support Alinma, Amex and SABB. if your stock can be found at Yahoo Finance, its rate will be refreshed in the app automatically.
      2. in case it’s not supported by neither online-banking nor Yahoo Finance, you can update stocks manually.
      you can contact us at [email protected] for more details.

  • Dears,
    one little help:
    In the Investment Account, what are the differences between “expense” and “buy” ? which one should I select if I’m buying a stock?
    If I select “buy”, the expense is not appear in the Report as “expense”, so I cannot track the cash flow in the “Expense Categories Report”?
    thank you very much!

    • sorry, I got the wrong question. I know now “expense” is not for buying a stock.
      so my issue remains: in the Investment Account I buy 10 shares of APPL for 10kUSD, how can i be able to track this 10kUSD cashflow in the “Expense Report”, as it’s not appear in the “Expense” category?
      thanks !


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