We’re working on update 2.0.5 for iOS and Mac.

The update will bring some more bug fixes and improvements, the Apple Watch app and one other cool thing – inline field search for transaction entry.


Please, check out the video above, to see a demonstration of the feature. Here’re the highlights of how it works:

  • It’s iOS only (both iPhone & iPad)
  • There will be a next button even on the numerical keyboard, so you no longer have to tap on the field you want to select
  • Once you start typing in a field (such as Description or Payee), MoneyWiz will filter out suggested entries based on your previous entries
  • Tapping on the arrow will still open the additional view if you prefer that
  • You can tap on the filtered results in the bar above the keyboard, and MoneyWiz will auto-fill it, as well as anything else it’s associated with…for example, if you previously created a transaction with description “Monthly Internet”, payee “Comcast” and category “Internet Bill”, then you can go to the description field, type “mon”, MoneyWiz will suggest “Monthly Internet”. Tap on it, and MoneyWiz will pre-fill the description, the payee and the category. All you have to do is enter the amount and save.
  • The list of previously used descriptions & payees is scrollable, and sorted in chronological order, so you can just swipe it left/right to search for what you need, instead of typing.

This feature comes in response to multiple requests to:

  • Put a Next button everywhere, the numerical keyboard included
  • Make the transaction entry even faster

Now, with the ability to customize what fields to use in the transaction entry form, as well as in what order + the new inline field search feature, we believe the transaction entry will be as fast as it could be.

We hope to submit update 2.0.5 to Apple by the end of this week.

If you like how we are doing with MoneyWiz, please consider rating us on the AppStore! It helps a lot!
Thank you!

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  • Any news on 2.1 and the advanced reconciliation?

    • & WHi Markos,

      Please check this article:

      There, we explain the reason behind the delay of major new features…it’s because if we keep doing them the Android & Windows versions can’t catch up…so we’re focused on small features while the porting for Android & Windows is finalized, and then we’ll move back to the big features such as reconcile, tags, investment accounts etc…

  • How about “tag”??? I bought the app just for that, and until now nothing… It was promised for february (2.0.2). Thanks!

    • Marcelo, as explained in the March Status Update article, we will be adding tags and the other major functionality as soon as MoneyWiz for Android and Windows is released. If we added them now, it will only delay Android & Windows as we’ll have to port them there as well. So right now, for iOS/Mac we’re focused on stability improvements, performance improvements and small features that we don’t need to port to Android & Windows.

  • I’m really disappointed again and still holding on with the update to v2. I feel like you let your existing users down in favour of the Android and Windows version.
    I understand the business background of it but frankly, what it means for us – OSX and iOS users – is that you didn’t deliver nearly any of the promises that you planned for v2. It’s basically the same app as v1 only the design is ruined. The big “feature”: online banking is not really supported in Europe anyway.
    Feature improvements seems to be put on halt for over 2 years now.

    • Hi Jozsef,

      I am sorry you feel disappointed, but what you say is quite incorrect actually.
      First off, MoneyWiz 2 brings over 130 new features. Online Banking is the one you see as big. Also, we support countries like Germany (1200+ banks), UK (all major banks), France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal… unless you think these countries are not part of Europe, then your statement that the Online Banking does not work for Europe is quite incorrect.

      Let me just point out a few of the new features that came in MoneyWiz 2:
      * Dashboard
      * Customizable transaction entry screen with in-keyboard auto completions
      * Loan Accounts
      * Grouping of accounts
      * Custom reports (spreadsheet like power, in easy to understand UI)
      * TouchID
      * Local backups
      and the list goes on and on… here’s more info:

      Now, about Windows & Android – while they may not matter for you, they do matter for many of our clients. So we’re doing our best to deliver asap. As explained in a blog post though, we can’t do major new features on iOS/Mac before releasing for Windows/Android because this way we’ll never catch up with Windows/Android.

      You can rest assured though that features promised for MoneyWiz 2 will come in MoneyWiz 2 via free updates. We have a delay, not a change of heart.

      So, Jozsef, please take all this into consideration before blaming us.

      Thank you!

  • Why build the windows app as a desktop app instead of the new universal windows app that would work on both desktop and mobile?

    • For many reasons:
      1. We started building it 2 years ago, when the new universal windows app was not available.
      2. Desktop & mobile experiences are very different. It’s silly of Microsoft to believe differently. On desktop, people mostly use mouses. On mobile they use fingers. These 2 things make the world of difference when it comes to UI/UX.
      3. The new platform Microsoft introduced will only be compatible with Windows 10. Historically Microsoft had very poor new OS adoption, meaning that we’ll be greatly limiting our market if we don’t support anything below Windows 10. Check the stats – Windows XP is still the most popular Windows OS.


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