This is Iliya, the founder of MoneyWiz. While my team is focused on the next few updates with bug fixes & other minor improvements, I am already thinking about MoneyWiz 3… I wanted to take the opportunity to ask for your feedback, so you can help me shape the future of MoneyWiz 3, that we’ll soon start working on.

If you can, please take the time to fill in this quick survey (shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes). As a thank you, I will randomly select 5 winners to get the following gifts:

#1 (one winner)$50 gift voucher for whatever platform you want (Amazon, Google, Apple etc) or a payment via PayPal for that amount
#2 (one winner) $25 gift voucher for whatever platform you want (Amazon, Google, Apple etc) or a payment via PayPal for that amount
#3 (three winners) – Free license of MoneyWiz Premium for 1 year. That means all you can use MoneyWiz, on any platform, with all features, for 1 year – free.

Take the MoneyWiz 3 Survey >

Thank you in advance for participating!

PS. I will do the winners drawing on Aug 15. Winners will be announced via our Facebook, Twitter and blog.


Update: And the winners are…

Thank you all for participating! We’ve collected close to 6000 responses, which is of tremendous help for us! Here are the winners:

#1 – Juan Escri ($50 reward)
#2 – Patrick Gabriel ($25 reward)
#3 – Davide Tessero (1 year free license for MoneyWiz Premium)
#4 – Vardan Sandhu (1 year free license for MoneyWiz Premium)
#5 – Alexey Nikolayev (1 year free license for MoneyWiz Premium)

All winners have been emailed already.




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  • I would really love sub accounts. What I mean is I save up for various bills such as car insurance, car tax, home insurance, water rates etc. etc. etc. – all in one account. If i could break this one account down into sub accounts to show how much I have saved for each upcoming bill, that would be fantastic. I could do it with tags but that’s clunky and just doesn’t work for me. Apart from this one thing, I love MoneyWiz. Keep up the good work, onwards and upwards.

    • Hello Gary, why don´t you create an account for each individual item, and then put them all in a seperate folder? Another way would be to have an account, and there, you add each individual item as a category. Or even with tags as you mentioned. I really dont see why you would need subaccounts. If you wish to track each account you could do this with categories. You can also do it with accounts/folder setup I mentioned… there are a lot of ways to use MoneyWiz and it just depends on your creativity. Dont forget you can also create your custom reports to show exactly what it is you want to see…

      • Hello,
        I like the idea of creating an account for each individual item, and then putting them all in a seperate folder. I’m going to give that a try. Thanks for your help.

  • Pratik Rawal
    July 24, 2017 7:48 am

    I forgot to mention 2 imp features
    1. Can we have option to define data directory ? i.e. let us define where & which folder / drive we want the moneywiz data to be saved …
    2. Can we split data year wise i.e. 1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017 or define the custom dates for splitting the data and start with blank data file with accounts & closing balances of old data carry forward.. to new data file ?

    • Hi Pratik,

      1. This is not possible…it has been this way for several years now. This is due to Apple’s sandboxing requirements.
      2. We plan to do this in the future with archiving and custom fiscal year setup.

  • Hello.
    Me too I would like to see sub accounts. But what I mean is to have a main account that can access all accounts (So this may be a master account) and be able to create sub accounts that can access only certain accounts (eg a sub account that my employees use without having of course access to all my accounts!!)
    This would be awesome since now this is the main reason I cannot use MoneyWiz as a professional application

  • Can you have the application behave like normal in Windows 10? I cannot use any of the shortcuts to resize the window such as + arrows to snap it to a side or double clicking the top or bottom edge to expand to max height but not width, etc.

  • Hi,

    1-Ability to include budgets for forecasted reports.
    2-Bulk operations. A must.


    • Hi Gabe,

      1. Noted.
      2. We already have this on the desktop versions (Mac & Windows). Mobile versions will follow too.

  • Would it be possible to search the banks by country?
    For us not having an account in a US bank it would be easier.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Isabel,

      You can do that even now by entering the country’s 2 letter code…that would give some false positives though, where these two letters match a bank name. In the future, we plan to make countries search easier though + also put it on our website.

  • Anthony DeHart
    August 3, 2017 1:52 pm

    Here is my list:
    1 – Allow manual entry with online banking and reconcile either automatically or manually. How do I enter a check when I’m using online banking?? How do put something unexpected into the check register that isn’t being withdrawn for a week?
    2 – Show scheduled transactions on the check register as a FUTURE item – user defined future time period
    3 – Allow running balance but only show balance each DAY not every transaction and use something (esp. in IOS) to differentiate – it all runs together.
    4 – Allow me to enter TIME but NOT DISPLAY IT. I like this to keep the trans sorted and know when entered but don’t care to clutter up my display esp. with IOS.
    5 – SCHEDULED – how do I see what my TOTAL of expenses and income is over a time period in the future? Right now it only shows EXPENSES so if I have pay checks scheduled to be entered or other income items I can’t see how the income/expenses work out over time. Worse I have no idea how this impacts my totals in the future based on what I have in the bank without using a calculator.
    6 – Allow UI font control to let us bold what is important and not the other stuff.

    Honestly, I don’t really know now how to use this to track my bills and make sure I have the right amount of money in the bank without a lot of calculator time. When I signed up for the subscription I thought the scheduled would easily help me predict my bills going forward and show them against my bank balance so I knew I’d always have the proper funds. This is from someone who used BILLMINDER and IRECONCILE for many years with no issues. I don’t want those apps and know I can’t have it exact but wow, I really expected more from current tech and all the praise this app got online. Honestly, with some tweaks, it would be perfect but it is almost useless to me as it stands.

    • Anthony DeHart
      August 3, 2017 2:12 pm

      FYI – I realize you can PAY a scheduled bill and have it added to the register but once that is done its off the scheduled and now committed. I want to see what things look like BEFORE hand although I’ll grant you I did NOT have that functionality before with either of my previous apps. Just wishing for more integration between SCHEDULED and CHECK REGISTER.

    • I used IRECONCILE for years and absolutely loved it until iOS 11 killed it. Would love to see future scheduled transactions in the check register in MoneyWiz!!

      • Hi Shane,

        I can confirm that this is on our to-do list 🙂

        • I too find the way that Scheduled transactions are displayed makes life really difficult. I’m busy setting up multiple accounts in MW, categorising the transactions, and setting up schedules for all my regular transactions, and I’m struggling to see which regular transactions in each account have been set up as Scheduled payments and which haven’t, because I have to keep switching between views, and because all of the scheduled payments are mixed in together, and I can only see a very small number of them without scrolling.

          I would find it much clearer to
          a) have a way to view all scheduled transactions as a simple spreadsheet-style list, rather than in boxes under a calendar
          b) in the account view, allow the user to show FUTURE scheduled transactions for their preferred amount of lookahead time (1 month, 3 months, etc.) for that account. This could be done using Filters (do/don’t show future/scheduled transactions).
          Differentiate between future and past transactions by one or more of
          – shading the background
          – using text of a different colour
          – using a different coloured ribbon – maybe add a purple upward pointing arrow for future transactions, to go with the green downward pointing ribbon for completed transactions, and the red/salmon ribbon tail for pending transactions?

          So I specifically hope that the comment “this is on our to do list” means that points 1, 2 and 5 of Anthony’s suggestions will all be implemented. (And I’m sure that Anthony would like to see all 6!)

          • Julie, Scheduled are already marked with grey ribbon when you generate the forecast report. as they’re not cleared nor pending, they are just in future. but sure, I will add your feedback to similar requests so that more votes will be for it.

  • Hi,
    When will the beta of the new version be available?

    • Hi Marcelo,

      We will be releasing each new functionality in MoneyWiz Premium. When we’re ready with all the features we’ve planned for the major release, then we’ll make that major release available for MoneyWiz Standard too. Given that, there won’t be a beta but if you want early access you can subscribe to MoneyWiz Premium.

  • Hi,

    I really like MoneyWiz but the only frustrating feature is budgets. Every time I use it I hate it then delete all budgets. I need the following to make it perfect:
    1- Define income budgets so I can distribute the money to other budgets
    2- When increasing or decreasing a budget, all previous months are affected so I have to deal with it somehow.
    3- I would like to share the budget information as read only with all my family members.
    4- Ability to view transfers between budgets from the budget view for past months (no need to go to reports to view them)
    5- An “all other categories” budget option for categories that where not covered by other budget

    Other than budgets, I would also like the following enhancements:
    1- Scheduled transactions with variable amounts. For example, my electric bill in summer is different than winter. So why not schedule the same amount as the same month last year. At least, when I see the amount of scheduled items this month it will give a closer approximation. Or many take the average amount of past 12 months for bills like cellular phone.
    2- Online bancking is great idea but I don’t use it because it messes my category structure. If online transactions come in a separate area and then allow me to edit them before saving into an account (especially if I implement the concept of virtual accounts) it would make me use it more often.
    3- Give me API access to my SyncBit data so I can satisfy the geek within me by playing with it and implement my own apps – even if it is read only.
    4- Improve the Apple Watch app. Probably if I have the ability to quickly add something then later on I complete the remaining the data on the phone instead of having it saved permanently with missing category or payee.

  • Dear developers of Moneywiz,
    Moneywiz truly help me a lot in managing my money and my life. There are 2 points I hope to be improved in the future.
    1. Options to set accounts dead. In the recent version, all related transactions will be removed once an account is deleted. One way I apply to solve it is to set a group for those discarded accounts and pretend it were invisible. But that’s really annoying.
    2. Options to save the custom period length in Saved Forecast Reports. There are only 7 period options for forecast reports. Six options are certain periods. The last one is custom period. When the custom period reports are saved, what are really saved are the start dates and end dates. That means these reports cannot update automatically as we want to see our future financial condition regularly. E.g. If I’d like to see how my financial condition will look like 2 or 5years later, I have to set the report once and once again. This report should be opened by only one click from the saved report.

  • Pedro García Vigil
    August 9, 2017 10:07 am

    I would like to see this feature in a future version:

    Count only a certain % of an account to my net value.
    This is useful if you have a shared account with your wife, or if you own part of a company. In this cases, you don’t should count the whole of the amount of the account in your net value, because you only are the owner of a %. In case of the shared account with my wife it is 50%, in case of the shared ownership of a company could be, for example, a 25%, etc.

  • I would like to have profiles.

    That means that I could share the whole of my categories, accounts, online banking syncing, etc., including my own but also my shared accounts, and mi wife could use the application but only viewing our shared items.
    So far this moment, if I use my account in her phone, she would have the whole of the accounts.

  • I would like to make predictions based on several scheduled transactions.

    So far this moment, I can use reports to see how my accounts will progress based on scheduled transactions. But if I wanted to see variations, for example a wage variation, an unexepcted income, or a big expense like buying a car, I need to change all the actual transactions to adapt to the new forecast, and then create a new report, and then return to the original actual position. That’s a lot of effort and it could causes errors.

    I’m thinking if it would be possible to have different, separated, scenarios, that I could vary by my own without touching the actual one.

  • Categories linked to particular accounts.

    I would like to link a category, or a whole sub-tree of them, linked to a particular account. That means that these categories will appear only if I am using their linked account, and not in the others.
    This is very useful if you manage accounts based on different roles, like shared accounts with other people and your owns.

  • I would like MoneyWiz to have more options while creating scheduled transactions:
    – Finish date as a date, instead of number of repetitions.
    – Flexy scheduling like the iOS Calendar events: all days, only weekdays, only weekend days, only selected days in a week …
    – Templates or something that allow me to copy/paste or reuse scheduled groups of scheduled transactions. Imagine that I have scheduled transactions with several conditions and that group of scheduled transactions repeats but not in pre-known dates, but on demand, for example self employees payments only when there are customers to get paid of.
    – Select a bunch of scheduled transactions and apply some changes to all of them at a time. Also copy/paste/remove in batches.

  • Dear Moneywiz,
    I operate several accounts under my Premium subscription. I use 3 different currencies. Accidentally I put the wrong currency on one account. I could not find a way to change this. Ended up deleting the account and setting up a new, but a lot of time were wasted. Maybe this could be addressed under “editing”?

  • Hitesh Kotecha
    August 12, 2017 5:12 pm

    MoneyWiz Version 3 – Wishlist
    I view MoneyWiz as the ‘Centre of my NetWorth’ and as such it should try and achieve full Life Cycle regarding money management.

    Basically it needs to track: Petty Cash (or Pocket Money for children), College Debt, Incomes/Expenses, Asset Ownership (including property, stocks, funds, art, CDs/DVDs, vintage wines etc), loans (both lending and borrowing), budgets / forecasts and finally insurance and term life products.

    Having said that, the major categories are already in the app but some bits needs improvement and some need to be added as follows:
    – Mortgages and loans – it needs to cope with variable and 0% interest rates, interest only payments (with no monthly capital payments, additional payments, missed payments and needs to link to investment (i.e. Same concept as portfolio in investment).
    – Investments – the multi-tab option for trades and portfolio is good idea but is desperately missing invested amount. Any loss or profit should be against the invested amount and not just the movement of listed stock price. Profits/Losses includes dividend incomes, interest, buying / selling expenses, profit / loss, capital gain / asset sale gains etc. Right now it only seems to calculate against listed stock price. But to get true asset valuation it should include general expenses and incomes – remember a lot of investment assets have monthly / yearly charges against cash and properties have rental incomes etc.
    – Reports – whilst I understand the need to separate incomes and expenses from an accounting principle point of view, I do not see why the majority of reports are also separated. Even the “Custom report” is restricted to either expense or income. I’ve resorted to using CSV export and using Excel but this is not ideal.
    – Investment “Buy” transaction should include ability to add share certificates image and/or a field for certificate number
    – Credit card account should somehow have ability to show both Balance and Available Credit. Editing Account to change is a bit cumbersome.

    Missing features:
    – Property and leveraged asset investments are against a borrowing but I cannot see how this can be achieved properly in the current implementation of loans and/or investments.
    – API – I was in two minds about this but I think overall it makes sense to have a 2-way API. Some want it to satisfy their inner geek but I think it could be used to open up other financial apps / services to enhance MoneyWiz – I’ve seen some pretty amazing examples of cross-selling with micro apps and services. Examples include allowing Lawyers or estate/trusts to create “Living Wills and Testaments” and keep instructions more dynamic; Update specific portfolio or asset with current valuation (e.g. Art galleries could provide guidance or update current artwork value).
    – Insurance and term based products – should it be counted as expenses only or as a form of investment. Particularly to do with tackling end of term benefits and/or payouts?
    – Shared database (for family members, partners). It should include asset transfers / gifting, inheritance. It could also be used to settle arguments about who bought what and when.
    – Spilt ownership percentage – this should be at account level to ensure that incomes, profits, expenses and any net worth calculations are shared properly. The only issue I see is how to handle transfer from 3rd parties for their share of ownership-it should be a transfer type and not an income.
    – Tax liabilities – but this could be handled by micro services using API.

    • Exactly what i was thinking. This is what needs to be done to make this app jump from “Good” to “Perfect”.

  • I’d like to see reports split by group. I use MWP for both our joint accounts and my own personal accounts. I’d like to produce reports for just my data, or just our joint data.

  • I am a freelancer and my income has his Ups and Downs.
    —-What I want to see is:
    Budgets by percentage of my previous month income or current one’s prediction because I want to spend less on entertainment or investing when I make less.

    I think moneywiz is all about money management and saving so I also want a scheduled transaction from my checking to my savings account also by percentage of last month income.

    I agree with a user said about ordering transaction by the order I put them in the system or add nondisplayed time. I don’t want to see time but I want to see them by during day ordering


  • Needed Budget Feature:
    We should be able to change the budgeted amount without a retroactive effect.
    e.g. Let’s say my food budget for the past 3 months is $500 per month. Starting today, I would like to change it to $600.
    This should not change the budget for the past 3 months to $600. Currently, the effect is retroactive; hence, prior period reports are inaccurate.
    The $600 monthly budget should only be prospective; such that if we run a Balance Over Time budget report, we should see the budgeted amounts (color green) as $500 for the past 3 months, and $600 for the current month.

    Better if in the Edit Budget screen, this is a tickbox option: Set retroactive changes? Select from what date the change begins.
    In this case, prospective is the default.

    Why the current setup is not working?
    Because currently, if I plan to increase/decrease my budget prospectively, I will have to create a new budget altogether. So I will have 2 budget items for Food, which is not good for people who change budgeted amounts frequently. If I delete the old one, I will lose the ability to run historical reports.

    I hope you find value in this suggestion. 🙂

  • It would be Great to make add the option of a hashtag so I can later for example I can see how much my holidays cost and plan for the next one

    • Hi,

      We have Tags functionality actually…you can enable it via MoneyWiz / Settings / Transaction Layout.

  • Undo.
    Please, add undo option for every change.
    Several undo momevemnts will be great, but at least one is mandatory.

  • Would really like a “pull down refresh” option for mobile syncing, and a refresh button for desktop syncing. I have one bank account that I manage manually between two devices. And often move between my MoneyWiz on iPhone & Mac several times a week, but the sync is rarely up to date. It’s not until I reopen the app that a sync will occur. I’m quick with my entries and immediately close the app, which I know is why the update isn’t reaching SyncBits, but I’m a tidy guy and close all apps I’m not using. I’m aware that always closing apps on iPhone uses more battery than just leaving them open, but I don’t use a lot of battery overall (end of the day I’m at 50%). That and it’s less efficient for me to scroll through a number of open apps to find the one I’m looking for, versus tapping on the app icon of the app I need at the moment. I think making the MoneyWiz icon on the Mac app a sync button makes sense, as well as a pull down refresh for iPhone.

    • Hi Nathan,

      I hear you!!!
      What we plan to do soon is background sync actually…so that MoneyWiz will automatically sync even when it’s closed, so the next time you open it – everything is there, you don’t need to wait for sync and there is no lag soon after opening, due to large sync coming in…

  • Add the ability to click on the category to list all transactions related to that category, regardless of the account.

  • Would it possible to see what’s currently being considered for V3? Also a vote on the features might help with prioritising

    • Hi,

      We’ll do that within several weeks after we’re done with the 2.x development. Still working on the schedule and list of features and higher priority for us is to release the final 2.x update.

  • I would love to see when making a payment from one bank account to a credit card to automatically show it as a transfer or something else other then seeing it as two separate transaction.

  • I would like to ask below for release 3
    #1 Add import /export of Quicken QIF format.
    #2. Roll up function. It can consolidate (Compress) the multiple transactions with different payees and different categories into one transaction with one dummy payee and all the categories in a designated periods (Such as monthly or yearly)
    This can significantly decrease the transaction volume since I have over 30K transactions in past 18 years. I only care about monthly amount for each category but not payees for historical data.
    #3. In a transaction with multiple categories., if I changed the total amount or add /deleted any category, the original amount for each category will lost and updated by fair share. This bring lots of extra work if you want to change some old data, is it possible to keep the original amount let user to adjust the amount in each category manually. The software only check the consistency (summery of each category should be equals to transaction amount).when user clicked the OK button.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for the suggestions… here are my comments:
      #1 We already support QIF import actually 🙂 Check it out: http://wiz.money/knowledgebase/import-ofx-qfx-qif-csv-mt940-files-banks-applications/. As for export – it’s on our to do list but not with very high priority right now. We do have CSV export though.

      #2 We have this for categories and plan to add it for Payees too… for categories if you try to delete a category that is currently used, MW will automatically detect this and ask you if you want to merge/consolidate these transactions to another existing category.

      #3 This is actually not possible because the sum of all sub-categories must equal the total amount. If you change the total amount there is no way the sum of all sub-categories can match the new total amount and for that reason MW restarts them. I hope that makes sense.

      • Hi iliya

        Thank you for the prompt reply.
        #1 , sorry for my mistake, yes import QIF is ready, I am currently using it, But I mean the export to QIF format. It is good to hear it is on your list.
        #2. yes, I know this merge function, but what I mean is mass process for a certain period for all transactions. For example I usually have 130-140 transactions in my 3 accounts per month, If I can roll-up (consolidate) it to 6 (Credit/Debit for each 3) transactions per month, it will be very help to decrease the total volume and increase the performance.
        #3. Thanks for feed back, what I mean is you no need to check the inconsistency for every action (change total amount , add / delete citatory etc), you can check the inconsistency when user click the OK button.
        For example, I have a expense transaction which has 6 categories, later , I found I need to add one category and add 10$ to the total amount.
        As of now, either I add the category or I changed the total amount, fair share adjustment overwrite the amount of all existing 6 categories .I have to correct them one by one manually. But what I want to do is just add one category and plus 10$ to the total amount, no need to change other 6 categories……
        Maybe it is technically difficult, but I just raised by opinion, I used another personal money soft called “Pocket Money”. for couple of years,
        They can handle this very good.

  • Great Work! When do you plan to release version 3 by?

    Looking forward to using it!

    • Hi Mohammad,

      MW 3 Standard will be released sometime in 2018. For MW Premium users, any feature we do for MW3 will be released immediately. We’ll soon make a blogpost explaining how that will work.

  • Hi!
    Using MW around 1.5year now. And want to say thanks for such a great app!
    I feel it can be even better, so I have few ideas on how to improve the app:
    1. Features:
    1.1. To have «Send date» and «Receive date» not only in different currency transactions. Can be used to indicate wire-transfers or other “long-time” transactions.
    1.2. (Android) Auto-backup of a database(or just export to Dropbox or so(up to 10 copies like in windows app)) every day/week/month.
    1.3. One-tap transaction templates.(Maybe in a look of widgets). Like a cup of coffee bill, that I buy sometimes(but it’s not regular to do it scheduled).
    1.4. (Windows) Expenses/Income/transaction shortcuts.
    1.5. Ability to “hide” accounts and categories. Example: I traveled to another country, created an account with local currency, then moved to another country, created new and so on. Is some time it could be a lot of accounts that I do not use, but deleting those will affect other accounts.
    1.6. (Windows) Add internal calculator like in the Android app
    1.7. Scheduled transaction pop-up notifications. I remember those a while ago, and it was very helpful. Now, sometimes, I forgot about some transactions.

    2. Interface improvements:
    2.1. (Android) Ability to swipe between expense/income/transfer entry menus. (Tap-tabs not really nice to use, especially, on big screens.). By the way, pull-down action is awesome to have here, thanks.
    2.2. (Android) Ability to swipe to change month in the scheduled screen
    2.3. (Windows) Ability to snap the window to the sides of the screen(Current version do not work in 8.1). Or the ability to size it down to half of the screen.
    2.4. (Android) Semitransparent main menu. (Just a general thought)

  • Hi iliya
    I would like to see the in the reports section a choice of being able to print out the memo part as well as categories, accounts, tags etc. the reason being say you have a project to repair a car or to spend on a house project you could print out the actual items bought and noted in the memo section, this together with the individual and total costs the print out would provide could be a valuable asset. Even if it was limited to one or two lines it would make the reports much more flexible.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Noted! Have in mind that if you do a CSV export of the report, the Memo will be included there (as a workaround).

  • Hello, thank you for creating such a well-designed app. I have been using MoneyWiz since version 1 and actually prefer the user interface of that version over MoneyWiz 2. Would it be possible for you to add an option to skin MoneyWiz 3 so that it replicates the user interface (colours, fonts, etc.) of MoneyWiz 1? I would be happy to pay extra for a skin that is able to reproduce the look and feel of MoneyWiz 1.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Skins (or Themes as we call them) are one thing we are considering for MW 3, but for now we don’t have a specific decision whether we’ll do it. The reason is purely technical – MW has a lot of UI elements & screens (several thousand) and making themes support will just take a lot of time for us. But I personally would like to see it too, so let’s see if we figure out a way to make it less time consuming for us to adapt MW to work with themes. The least we want to do is support white/dark modes.

  • Since money wiz 2 has been launched, I am always having to send and report issues, from sync to online bank issues. I think that you need to re-assess moneywiz 2 before going on the moneywiz 3.

    The thought running before been able to walk comes to mind

    • Hi Kevin,

      That’s what we are doing right now actually…hence the delay in MW3. More updates coming over the next 2 weeks.

      • That’s great, it would be good for more updates in your blog and may I suggest a known faults page, so people know what you are working on.

        • Hi Kevin,

          I agree. We’re actually planning to add such a page soon, we just haven’t had the time to prioritize on it yet as what we want is not only to write down known issues but also the status of each server (in case there is some outage, so people can know it’s not a bug in MW but just a server outage).

          • Hi Iliya,

            Since my last message in this forum. My online banking subscription has been stopped. After several long emails with the help desk, my issues and attempt to resolve my issues have been unsuccessful.

            The principle of the moneywiz subscription is very good but recently with myself I find it not worth the hassle.

  • Using MW for what seems like ages. My wish is simple. You enter a purchase on the app on 18th and it gets pit on your bank statement on 21st. All MW will do is tick the item and not even change the DATE to that of the bank I would like to see this. The register would then replicate exactly the entries on the bank statement making looking back items easier if there is an issue

    Your entry 18/11/2017 Sainbury’s Supermarket Groceries £15.89 MATCH * DO NOT CHANGE DATE

  • Change Font Size in Tranactions, thus helping older people like me to see transactions better within Moneywiz.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Raymond! It’s something we want to do too, more specifically to make it adjustable.

  • Apply different tags to split transactions, so that the whole transaction amount isn’t applied to both tags. Also, reports for transfers so you can track things like savings goals where there isn’t an expense or income associated.

    • Thank you Blaire!

      • I also forgot to mention the split feature for transfers. For example, when I’m paying off my credit cards at the end of the month I can make one transfer from my checking account to four different accounts instead of four individual transfers.

        • Hi Blaire,

          Do you mean that your bank actually allows you to make one outgoing transfer to 4 different accounts at the same time?

          • No, it would just make for a more efficient way to transfer money across multiple accounts. It’s a feature I miss from quicken.

          • Hi Blaire,

            Thanks for the clarification. I get what you mean now. Noted.

  • Hello, please for MoneyWiz 3 it would be fantastic if you make it multi-user.

    Me and my wife have many bank accounts, savings and credit cards together for family stuff. If these accounts could be edited by both, instead our personal accounts will been seen only by the owner, it would be perfect.

    • Hi Stefano,

      We plan to make it very easy and quick to switch between SYNCbits accounts in MW 3, which will be the first step towards what you propose.
      We also want to make it possible one day to share accounts/budgets with a specific person, but I don’t really have an ETA on this one.

  • Hi Iliya,

    I have been using MW for a couple of weeks now and I noticed that it is missing few features that I believe will be helpful. Also, I have few suggestions based on my experience with other apps & my specific usage.

    – Setting Saving Goals. i.e. if there is a section in MW (such as accounts, budgets, Savings etc.) that you can set within that account a different saving goals such as (a goal to save for my next device ($400) , me next trip ($1,000), etc.) and then you can transfer or schedule transactions to these specific goals until you achieve them. This can help in tracking your savings towards certain goals and help you visualize them. – It can be shown similar to budgets but serve a saving goals purpose.
    – Mark transactions as Necessity or Complementary. This can help in analyzing expenditure patterns.

    – Transaction recording shortcut in Main screen that the app opens up to. Currently the dashboard comes up when I open the app and I have to swipe from left to right to open up the side menu to log a transaction. This reduces my willingness to use the app because of this extra steps. (I know that the side menu opens up automatically when I open the app for the first time, but if the app is still running and opened it again, I have to swipe for the side menu then).
    – When creating a new category, the icons must be categorized based on their usage, such as (Travel, buildings, food, etc.) and each category has icons related to that subject underneath them. Also, the icons color makes it hard to identify icons easily.
    – The dashboard to show more beneficial widgets such as mini reports.

    This is all for now, I hope this is helpful and look forward to benefiting even more from MW


  • Hi guys

    I think there is one critical feature is missing in MoneyWiz 2, which I hope we’d see it in v3.
    Ability to customize start date of a fiscal year and fiscal month. Not all of your users live in countries with Gregorian calendar 😉

    Also it would be great to see the iCloud sync in MoneyWiz 3.

    • Thanks Kayvan,

      Noted! We might squeeze the fiscal year in at some point. iCloud sync is not something we’re looking to do. iCloud is very unreliable and not multi-platform. SYNCbits in the other hand is rock solid.

  • Hello

    I was just wondering if merging payees is something that’s being considered for MW3?


  • I would like all unreconciled transactions to appear in the date defined reconciliation box even if they have a date later than the defined reconciliation period. This is to make transactions that I’ve entered with an incorrect date to still be available for reconciliation. This was the case with the old Microsoft money. Its the only feature I really miss. Otherwise I love moneywiz!

  • Now I am using money-wiz-2. I am happy about it. Only thing I want to see in MW-3 that is without any symbol of accounts and categories. The format can be; Date & time, payee, Description, Category, spending, Deposit and Balance. So that when I will present to others it may make clear every details. I am waiting for the new version. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Francis,

      We plan to allow this when the UI redesign comes, as it’s been requested by quite a few people actually.

  • Hello,
    I would like to ask you if it is possible to introduce in Moneywiz the management of the expiry date (with the start date) of the payment cards (credit / debit card).


    Credit / Debit Card # 4023 xxxx xxxx xxx1

    Starting date of the card: 03/2014;

    End of validity of the card: 03/2016

    In the program I can insert with the credit card No. 4023 xxxx xxxx xxx1 only purchases between the start date and end date.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Esse,

      We actually had that functionality and disabled it as it wasn’t popular. If it becomes a popular demand though we’ll re-enable and re-do it.

  • Hi,
    I have a specific use case – I am getting one transaction charge (monthly) which amount I have to split into two separate investment accounts as transaction transfer.
    It will be good to have a SPLIT option similar to split the transaction into different categories but split the amount into separate accounts. In general – splitting a transaction into two or more transaction into the initial account would give us (users) much greater flexibility. 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nikolay,

      Currently you can split income/expense into multiple accounts and/or categories. It’s not currently possible for transfers but it’s something we plan to do indeed.

  • Hi Iliya,

    I am coming back. I use finance programs since the time of DOS (Ms Money) and I have use it since then. I stopped with it to use MW, I came back to MS and now I’ve finally decided: There is no better finance program than MW Premium!
    I, please, ask only a single thing: Change the split transaction. It will be paradise if you offer something like the split transaction of MsMoney at the version 3.
    Please, consider that I’m a MW customer since your face was a drawing, not a photo…

    • Hi Eduardo,

      That’s on our list of things to do in MoneyWiz 3. It’s one of the high priority tasks actually so you can count on it 🙂

  • I am super stoked on getting MW on my iPhone. Currently only using it on Mac. But I will only purchase MW 3, since I prefer the 1 time payment over than subscription model. I hope you’ll release MW 3 soon. Would you be able to share an estimate month of release? Thank you very much. Country: PH

    • Hi Niq,

      I really can’t tell when MW3 will be ready. It’s not that we want to keep it secret…it’s that we can’t anticipate unpredicted delays.

  • Hi Ilya
    I a already a subscritor, love the app but I am having small problems managing transactions and these are my suggestions:
    1 – include, an option to show only uncategorised transactions (in the transactions window), like the other status Moneywizi already allows for filtering,- pending, clear and all; I know that I can use the search field and write “none” but I need to use it for a second filter, for example, search for specific payee with uncategorised transactions
    2 – Filter between customised dates, from xx-xx-xxxx to xx-xx-xxxx
    3 – Merge payees
    4 – Renaming pages with rules (like quicken for windows)
    Thanks and keep the good work in Moneywix

    PS: Already a ETA to launch the version 3.0?

    • Hello Antonio. Thank you for being a Premium subscriber and your suggestions! I’ll be sure to pass them on to our design team. Please remember though, that you can also find uncategorised transactions by generating a categories report – there’s a special >Uncategorised< "category" available to pick.

  • Juan Romero Romero
    February 19, 2018 11:27 pm

    When is going to be released MoneyWiz3?

  • Hello! nice App. It works well and I do like it.
    About graphic design… I suggest to allow the the display or not of icons in the category windows. They are too big and not really useful 🙂 Moneywiz is friendly enough without making it fancy.
    My Best

  • What about samsung gear s3 watch?

  • I know I’m late to the party, but here’s my wish list.

    1. Android Shortcuts
    On Android, I’d like to be able to set up Homescreen Shortcuts (NOT widgets) to quickly record new transactions on the go, without having to first open and unlock the app.

    Ideally, I’d like to be able to create multiple shortcuts and pre-populate as many of the fields as are appropriate, but just being able to quickly add a transaction would be a good start.

    I see that templates within the app have already been suggested, and seem to be coming, so this is really just a way to get home screen shortcuts to those same templates.

    For adding transactions, I’d argue it’s OK to (be allowed to) bypass the PIN / fingerprint lock, because I’m not READING data about my finances as a whole. I just shouldn’t be left IN the open app after I’ve added the transaction if I’ve bypassed the lock.

    With multiple shortcuts, I could collect the ad hoc ones that I need most often in a Home screen folder, or on a separate Home screen for quick access.

    Not all fields need to be pre-populated when I create the shortcut. I could just have a shortcut for Personal Credit Card, where all that’s pre-populated is the account and a tag (all my personal non-business purchases have the same tag); or I might have everything pre-populated for a pot of tea in Costa – the amount, the account, the payee, description, category, tag. Obviously, I could then change the amount if I decide to have something to eat too.

    Extra brownie points if I can create a Smart Shortcut, that uses my location to determine which retailers are nearby (based on the transactions I’ve previously entered in the same location), and suggest suitable payees based on my previous transactions. Once I’ve chosen a payee, also auto-populate other fields accordingly. (Mobile devices are good at knowing where I am, but really not great for typing lots of info.)

    2. Default Tags for an Account / Reports by account Group
    I’m using MW to track a number of different areas in my life, e.g. Personal, Business, Expenses on behalf of my elderly parents, etc., I have separate bank and credit card accounts for each of these, and it doesn’t make sense to report on all at once, since only some of them are really my money.

    For reports, I can deselect all, then expand the group I’m interested in, and then select each account in the group one-by-one – which is tedious. It would be great to be able to select “all in group”. At the moment I’m working around it by tagging transactions, and reporting by tag, but there’s always a chance that I’ll forget to tag something, which will skew the figures. So a default tag for every transaction on a given account would be another way to approach this.

    3. Reconciliation
    Please have a proper reconciliation: ask for a statement date and statement balance on that date. As long as my categories have all been entered, reconciliation should be very quick.

    Only show me unreconciled transactions up to that date. If the statement balance I entered matches the running balance in MW, give me the option to quickly mark all the transactions reconciled. If not, let me select all, and then de-select anything that I can quickly spot as being after the statement date, or recorded on the wrong account. If the remaining selected transactions then tally with the balance I entered, mark the selected transactions reconciled, and again, the job is done.

    If it’s a real mess, give me the chance to cancel reconciliation, and get my records up to date before trying again.

    4. Android Tablet-friendly interface
    I’d love to see a responsive UI that allows for tablet layout as well as phone layout. (I understand the Android developer tools make that much easier these days.) That would have the side-effect of making MoneyWiz available in a desktop form to users of Chromebooks. I’d also like to see features from the Windows app (such as bulk editing of transactions) in the Android app.

    • Hi Julie, 1. I’ve noted your request. geolocation as well was already discussed but no ETA if it will be implemented.
      2. Default tag indeed sounds interesting.
      3. Advanced reconcile is on Mac & Windows where it asks for start and end date. and you can tick to show only reconciled or unreconciled.
      4. yes, new UI is planned after we finish cryptos and forex accounts on all platforms for MoneyWiz 3.

      • Thanks Marina

        Since posting, I’ve found reconcile in the Windows app, thank you, but I’d dearly love to see this (and other “desktop-only”) functionality in the mobile apps too, so that those using large screens on tablets or Chromebooks don’t HAVE to use a Windows or Mac computer for certain things such as reconciliation or bulk editing.

        I really love the “spreadsheet” view on Desktop, and would never use the “normal” view there. I’d like to be able to see it on other devices too. In fact, although the abbreviated view is more appropriate for a small screen in portrait mode, detecting orientation, with an option to automatically switch to “spreadsheet” view on any device when in landscape would be great.

        • Julie, thanks for request! for now in priority is performance, envelope budgeting, complex split transactions, crypto, new UI/UX, bug fixes etc. Things that affect many people. but bulk-edit on mobile may be added in one of updates.

  • Ooh – and I agree with Hitesh Kotecha that I’d rather not have to artificially separate my Income categories and reports from my Expenditure categories and reports. That prevents me from reporting on whether income from a particular source / for a particular purpose covers expenditure on certain categories.

    e.g. I COULD have a category of Expenses, with various subcategories that covers both expenses and income. When I spend, I use the subcategories to get more granular information on what the money was spent on; when my expenses get paid, that is allocated to the top level Expense category. If I run a report, filtering for the Expenses category, I should easily be able to spot which expenses haven’t been paid / claimed, because they don’t balance. But if expense categories are considered separate from income categories, and if I can’t run reports that cover both income and expenditure, that’s not possible.

    As it is, I have had to spend time duplicating some categories that are expenses in some scenarios and income in others.

    • Julie, if you have some project (i.e. renting a flat to someone) and have both incomes (rent) as well as expenses (renovating the flat, providing furniture) and want to see whether you’re making money or losing it on this project, you should tag all transactions with that tag, then generate Profit and Loss report with tag filter.

      • True, but “Profit and Loss” is not a concept that most normal users would associate with simple out of pocket expenses – if I go on a business trip and put expenses on my own credit card, and then get them reimbursed, for instance.

        Also, it makes it impossible to assign a Refund to the category that the original spending was for. (I know there’s a method to specifically create a Refund against a previous expense, but that doesn’t help with existing refund transactions synced with an online bank / credit card account.)

        • yes, I shared the workaround that suits most of users.
          if you don’t want to find the initial expense for refund, you can add a negative expense with a category (add minus in front of amount), it will offset the category.

  • Bonjour,
    Bon programme facile d’accès et très clair mais une chose me manque dans la saisie des opérations d’un compte bancaire c’est la possibilité d’enregistrer le mode de paiement (CB ou n° de chèque ou virement etc…). comment remédier à ce problème,
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse

  • Janko Lupša
    May 22, 2018 2:33 pm

    Please show negative income in the Incomes column with a minus and also negative expense with a minus in Expenses column.
    Now you just switch over the Expense/Income side which is not showing what I have entered. Also if you make an error it will be seen clearly.
    Sometimes I want to enter a refund as negative expense, because it actually is not income and I don’t want it to mess with my income categories and reports. That goes for incomes also. If I transfer an income and don’t wan’t to mess up expense reports.

  • Janko Lupša
    May 22, 2018 2:58 pm

    Another feature is needed: quick entry of transactions from Clipboard or from SMS Text Message. Right now there is no way to import a transaction with a timestamp (HH:MM). I can enter the time by hand but not import. The SMS text message would be a great timesaver. I know that you want to sell your Premium Sync service, but some of use don’t have banks on that list, but we do get a text message for each transaction.
    Instead of manually entering the transaction I could copy the text message to clipboard and you give me a “Enter transaction from Clipboard”.
    Paste text from Clipboard to plain multi line text editing control. In the editor, each line gets imported as a separate field in transaction.
    I just edit and split the message to different lines and they get imported as a transaction.
    Every new line (CRLF) has a setting of which field it will fill, for example:
    1st line: expense value (perhaps you automatically find the value in for example: 25,83 EUR),
    2nd line: date & time,
    3rd line: description,
    4th line: Memo.
    Next step is the regular transaction entry where I can change Account (last used gets remembered) and set other settings before saving the transaction.

    • I’ll be sure to pass this suggestion to our team, thank you Janko! We’d need to find a way to make it convenient to use for both power and casual users.

  • Janko Lupša
    May 22, 2018 6:19 pm

    I really love attaching images of receipts to my transactions, but iOS app sucks at it, because it forces you to cut out a square image. Receipts are usually narrow and tall. There are tons of great scanning apps that can scan a receipt and save it as PDF or as JPG to the gallery. You just need to import the picture from Photos in any dimension (for example 737 x 3763 pixel). If it is too large (in KB), you can offer a recompression.
    In the Mac App I can usually paste PDFs of store receipts (narrow and tall) and they turn out just fine. But larger PDFs, like A4 get unreadable. I have to export those to JPG and drop that picture. That works OK for me, just can’t do anything on iPhone, except preview receipts entered on Mac.

    • Completely re-designing the image attachments feature is on our to-do list for the future. We know it’s quite uncomfortable to use it at this time on mobile!

  • I would like to see in the MW3 a way to have a better control about credit card expenses and payments. Today is difficult to do that, since there are expenses that will not be charged at the same month of the bill payment.

    So it would be great if we could define the “bad time” for the credit card transactions, I mean, if my bill is due every 15th day and the last expense to be considered for this bill is 5th, all the expenses after the day 5th may be shown separated of the others. This way would be simplier to match my credit card statement and do the adjustments (expenses missing). Today is confused because the both expenses appear together and I never find the balance of my credit card.

    The other suggestion I saw someone told already before. That is a way to pay the credit card and clear the transactions at once.

    Thank you.


    • We don’t support custom fiscal months yet unfortunately.

      MoneyWiz doesn’t support automatic calculation of credit card amount due and automatic repayment of that amount just yet. We will be introducing this feature in one of the future updates to MoneyWiz.

      What you can do as a workaround is to go to Scheduled section and set up a new Scheduled transfer from your Checking account to your Credit account, leaving the Amount field empty.

      When the payment is due, MoneyWiz will ask you to fill out the amount field and process the payment. You will just need to calculate the amount due and fill it in. I understand that this might not be the most comfortable solution but we are already working on making this much easier and more automated.

  • Hi.. I would like to be able to create sub-subcategories, is there any way to do it. if not would you consider adding it in future updates.
    thank you.

    • Hello Shady. It’s already possible to create sub-subcategories. 🙂 Just start creating a category as you usually would and when selecting the parent category for that category, choose your existing sub-category. Your new category will become a sub-sub-category. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Ich würde es gerne sehen, wenn es verschiedene Datenbanken gäbe. Damit ich eine Datenbbank für private finanzen und eine für die geschäftlichen finanzen meiner frau führen kann.

    • Marcel, Sie können 2 SYNCbits-Konten (mit verschiedenen E-Mails) anlegen, eine für private und eine für geschäftliche Ziel. dann müssen Sie sich nur abmelden und das andere anmelden. In zukünftigen Updates werden wir die Möglichkeit hinzufügen, schnell zwischen mehreren Accounts zu wechseln.

  • Silke Schwarz
    November 7, 2018 7:12 pm

    Hallo, ich brauche dringend Hilfe…nachdem das Programm mehrmals abgestürzt ist, hab ich es heute Abend wieder probiert. In der Zwischenzeit gab es wohl ein Update und plötzlich stimmt mein Passwort nicht mehr, ich komme nicht mehr in das Programm!! Sehr schlecht, ich brauche es dringend, was kann ich tun?

  • Hello! I would like to see the act of classifying the tables content always respecting the last one you did. Like on excel when you first classifie by value and then by date. It arranges by date and if there is more then one transaction on that date, it’ll arrange those by value.

    That makes all the difference to see data fast and without too much work

    • Hi, thanks for feedback! I will note your request. for now you can sort by one column at a time and generate reports by needed filters (f.e. Compare expense categories report+filter by tag/payee/account).


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