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O programu

We, at SilverWiz, are aware of the trust that you place in us and our responsibility to keep your data secure. MoneyWiz is built with industry-standard security practices and employs strict policies to protect your data. Please, read on to learn more about our security and privacy practices.

Long privacy policies make it look as if the company has something to hide. However, for legal reasons, we have to provide a certain amount of information. Just like everyone, we hate long and boring legalese language. So we'll be upfront and say this: we're ne in business of selling your data or creating a financial profile of you. We support our business with the money you are paying us. You are our customer, not our product.

Still, we are legally bound to provide more detailed information about how your data is processed, which is why we are sharing the policy below.

The use of your data

MoneyWiz website

We do not store any financial information on our wiz.money website and we do not use customer profiling. We use Google Analytics to gather anonymized data which pages within wiz.money are the most popular, how accessible our website is, etc. We do not sell or share this information with other parties. The data is anonymized and we're unable to identify a particular customer based on it.

If you post a comment under one of the pages, the information you've provided (name, e-mail and comment body) will be saved in order to make it possible to display the comment. Please contact us if you wish one or more of your comments to be removed.

MoneyWiz application

MoneyWiz is designed to save your aggregated financial data on your device (mobile or desktop) locally, so that you can access it, even if you are offline. Protecting your local data (as for any other software application installed on your device) is in your own hands. Consider protecting your device with a passcode as well as using services that allow you to erase the data from your device in case it gets lost or stolen. As an additional measure, we've provided an optional PIN protection (and Touch ID/Face ID protection, for Touch ID/Face ID enabled devices), that you can enable to protect only the data inside MoneyWiz. You can also configure it to erase your MoneyWiz data, after the 10th wrong attempt to enter PIN. We suggest you enable this option if the privacy of your financial data is important to you.

Due to how local storage works on different platforms, in some cases removing MoneyWiz is not sufficient to remove local data. If you want to be sure that your MoneyWiz data is removed from a device, please perform steps outlined zde.

MoneyWiz application also collects non-personally identifiable (anonymized) data through Google Analytics. It does not collect information about your finances though. The purpose of this is to be able to tell which features are most popular and which features are not being discovered by customers and which errors are bothering our customers. Knowing the scale of a problem allows us to react with priority to the most pressing issues.

This data is completely anonymized and we're unable to identify a particular customer based on this information. Also, no personal information (such as transactions, amounts, account, names, payees) is being collected.


By using the SYNCbits service you consent to SilverWiz processing your data for the purpose of providing you SYNCbits syncing service.

SYNCbits service will process the following information:

  1. the e-mail address supplied as the SYNCbits login,

  2. any information entered into MoneyWiz and/or MileWiz application on any platform that you have signed into your SYNCbits account in.

SYNCbits service will process the information above for the following reasons:

  1. the e-mail address supplied as the SYNCbits login - as an unique identifier of your SYNCbits account, enabling basic functionality (allowing you to sign in and use the service),

  2. the e-mail address supplied as the SYNCbits login - if you requested, to send you occasional e-mail newsletter (more on this matter further below).

  3. any information entered into MoneyWiz and/or MileWiz application on any platform that you have signed into your SYNCbits account in - this information will be uploaded (encrypted) to the SYNCbits server from where other devices can download this information. This process enables you to sync your MoneyWiz and MileWiz information among all devices you own and keep your devices synchronized.

The above reasons are necessary for us to provide you with SYNCbits functionality which is to allow you to sync your MoneyWiz/MileWiz data among your devices. The above are THE ONLY reasons for using the data supplied to SYNCbits service. It WILL NOT be used for actions such as selling to third-parties, advertising, profiling, etc.

Inactive SYNCbits accounts are deleted. Any account which did not receive any change to the data for 1 year is considered inactive.

Your data is stored on SYNCbits servers in heavily encrypted form which means that no one is able to access it without the password you set or without resetting the password (which requires security answers you set).

SYNCbits servers are located in United States which means that depending where you live, your data might be transferred outside of your place of residence (that includes the European Union). However, your data is transmitted in encrypted form at all times and we've verified that our server provider is GDPR-compliant which ensures they are using all necessary safeguards to keep your data secure.

You have the right for a copy of your data. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the information that SYNCbits server has on you, please use MoneyWiz or MileWiz application to export a CSV file that includes your information. CSV (Comma-separated value) files are widely recognized format that can be opened and imported by many applications.

If you wish to delete your data from SYNCbits servers, please contact us and we'll assist you with this process.

Agreeing to the data processing described above is required for basic SYNCbits service. If you do not agree, please do not use SYNCbits service. If you change your mind after agreeing, please contact us about deleting your SYNCbits account.

Our partners

When choosing companies to work with, we take great care in ensuring they respect customer privacy as much as we do.

Yodlee (funkce online bankovnictví)

MoneyWiz uses Yodlee as one of the providers for the online banking feature. MoneyWiz does not store your online banking credentials at any time. Please, refer to Yodlee's Privacy Policy for more information about how your credentials are handled by Yodlee.

Salt Edge (funkce online bankovnictví)

MoneyWiz uses SaltEdge as one of the providers for the online banking feature. SaltEdge uses asymmetric cryptography so that private keys are on different servers. SaltEdge is also PCI DSS compliant.

When connecting to your bank via MoneyWiz, MoneyWiz will provide an embedded web interface to SaltEdge. In that interface you have to enter your bank credentials. These credentials are then sent to SaltEdge and the SaltEdge service will establish a connection for your account and return the data to MoneyWiz, for visualization. MoneyWiz never stores your online banking credentials.

If you connect to a PSD2/Open Banking-enabled bank, we’ll use your SYNCbits e-mail to create a Salt Edge Dashboard account for you, where you can manage your data processing consents.

Další informace viz SaltEdge's Privacy Policy a End User License Terms.


When you send a support request to one of our support e-mails or from within the application, your entire e-mail message and your e-mail address is parsed by our help-desk software which is Zendesk in such a way that allows us to reply to your e-mail quickly and efficiently. For more information, please refer to Zendesk's Privacy Policy.

Mailchimp a Mailgun (Newsletter)

We use the above for our newsletter system. We'll use your e-mail address only for the purpose of sending you MoneyWiz-related news and announcements that you've signed up for. You can opt-out and request to be deleted from the newsletter e-mail database at any time. Either use the “Unsubscribe“ link at the bottom of each newsletter or contact us.

Další informace viz Mailchimp's a Mailgun Privacy Policies.


MoneyWiz can be purchased through Apple and Google app stores but also via our website. We've partnered with FastSpring to help us gather and manage the payments you make to us. For more information, please refer to FastSpring's Privacy Policy.


On iOS platform we use Amplitude to anonymously check how MoneyWiz is used among our customers to understand how we can improve our application further. For more information, please refer to Amplitude’s Privacy Policy.


We use GitHub to track issues, feature requests and reported bugs. If we need to escalate a problem you've reported to our internal teams, we'll use GitHub for this purpose. By default, we'll describe the problem without including any personal information and will use the Zendesk help-desk ticket ID (which by itself does not contain your personal information) to maintain a link between the two systems.

If we need to access your personal data (MoneyWiz database or SYNCbits credentials) in order to investigate the issue, we'll ask for your consent (as we cannot otherwise access the information due to encryption). This information will then be present in our GitHub repository for the period of time needed for us to investigate and fix the problem. Our GitHub repositories are only accessible by our employees who have received appropriate security training and clearance on how to work with sensitive personal data. Furthermore, you can request a removal of that data at any time.

For more information on how GitHub itself works with data stored on their servers, please consult GitHub's Privacy Policy.

Google Drive

We use Google Drive to store any files that we need to exchange internally. If we need a MoneyWiz database file from you in order to investigate and escalate to our internal team via GitHub, it'll be placed in Google Drive. You can request removal of your files at any time.

Our Google Drive directory is accessible only by selected employees who have received proper training on how to work with this information. Files that are no longer being investigated are permanently deleted.

Pro více informací prosím kontaktujte Google Drive Privacy Policy.

Google Firebase

We use Google Firebase for anonymous analysis of how MoneyWiz is used in order to figure out areas where we can improve for the next updates. For more information, please see Google Firebase Privacy Policy.

AdMob integration

If you’re using MoneyWiz Mobile without an active license, we’ll display advertisements using Google AdMob integration. For more information on how your data might be used, please check Google AdMob Privacy Policy.


There are also other services that you might encounter during your use of MoneyWiz however those are not working in the background so you need to actively engage with them before any of your personal data is passed. Those include: our Twitter account, Naše YouTube channel, Naše LinkedIn profile. Please consult the privacy policy of those services before you engage in usage of those.