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MoneyWiz Premium FAQ

What is MoneyWiz Premium?

MoneyWiz Premium is the subscription based version of MoneyWiz. One subscription allows you to use all MoneyWiz features (including online banking) on all platforms without any restrictions.

How is MoneyWiz Premium different than the regular MoneyWiz?

In terms of functionality, they are the same. MoneyWiz Premium is free to download on each supported platform (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) and is activated by a subscription. This is our effort to simplify the pricing and distribution of MoneyWiz and make it more affordable for most of our users who otherwise need to purchase MoneyWiz separately on each platform.

What is included in MoneyWiz Premium?

It’s a subscription that gives you unlimited access to all features of MoneyWiz, on all platforms. So with one subscription you can install MoneyWiz on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and you can use all features that it has to offer, including online banking.

If I have MoneyWiz Premium do I get MoneyWiz 3 for free?

Yes, since MoneyWiz Premium is a subscription, all updates, including major versions come within it at no additional cost. 

If I've already purchased MoneyWiz 1 or 2, what should I do?

This is up to you, but you should consider this – if you are yet to buy online banking or MoneyWiz on any platform or if you plan to upgrade to MoneyWiz 3 once we release it next year, then MoneyWiz Premium is probably the better option for you. You will end up paying less for unrestricted access to MoneyWiz on all platforms.

If I already have a subscription in MoneyWiz 2, what should I do?

You can cancel its auto renewal and just migrate to MoneyWiz Premium. There will be some overlap unfortunately, so it’s up to you.

How do I activate MoneyWiz Premium?

Once you purchase the subscription, you will receive an activation code. You need to download MoneyWiz for Mac or Windows (via our website…links are provided in the activation email after purchase). Then use MoneyWiz for Mac or Windows to activate the premium subscription. If you want this subscription to synchronize to all your devices make sure you are logged into your SYNCbits account before activating the subscription.

How do I migrate my data from MoneyWiz to MoneyWiz Premium?

You can migrate all your data via SYNCbits. If you don’t already have a SYNCbits account feel free to create one now (via MoneyWiz / Settings / SYNCbits). It’s free & secure. All data is encrypted while transmitted and while stored on the SYNCbits servers.
Please notice that MoneyWiz Premium is a different app that you need to download. Just follow the links provided in the activation email to download it on each platform where you want to use it.

Can I get a refund if I try MoneyWiz Premium and decide it doesn't suit me?

Yes, we have a 90 days refunds policy.

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